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Ashtamangala meaning Detailed Explanation and Eight Auspicious Symbols Symbolism

Auspicious Ashtamanala blessings are complete life luck symbols and have been painted since ancient times , we see these eight symbols in Buddhist temples, prayer halls, prayer wheels, flags and many more. now we have artefacts, charms, amulets made of these symbols separately to activate each specific energy sector. available hanging in The tantric culture and Buddhism is prevalent in Tibet and China.

Since ancient times the monks used to write scriptures on flags and tie it above the mountains or huts. They believed that the wind when blowing would take these symbols to many other places of the world and bring about peace and enlightenment everywhere. The five elements theory of balancing all the five elements when living, that is fire, wood, earth , water and metal , what we know today as the principles in feng shuii existed even before we came to know about this. The basic principle behind this is living in harmony with nature. peaceful existence with nature not harming any element in way for progress. Chanced upon an old interior's magazine and these beautiful symbols were hand crafted onto wooden tables and painted in red golden paints. This was an inspiration ,I read so much, researched, google searched, and the rest is history as they have blessed me immensely and appear in many of my healing paintings.

There are eight auspicious

symbols of Tibetan Buddhism which were traditionally offered to teachers to transmit them to students and in healing rituals. Each symbol represents one of Buddha's teachings and when used all together their power is multiplied many folds. With these symbols appearing in most of my healing paintings along with Reiki symbols and Chinese Calligraphy I would like to give an simple explanation of these eight auspicious symbols.

1) Parasol- The Umbrella, symbolizes royalty and spiritual power, protection from negative energies.

2) Gold Fishes, represent fertility and good fortune. Two fishes help to swim through the ocean of life problems smoothly.

3) Treasure Vase, a vase of inexhaustible treasures, spiritual and material abundance, satisfaction from all material desires.

4) Lotus, denotes mental and spiritual purity and peace. The growing of lotus in muddied water symbolizes the mind and soul growing from disturbances towards enlightenment.

5) Conch Shell represents the call for Buddha teachings, the symbol of enlightenment.

6) Endless knot having twined knots that are inter linked together also termed as mystic knot as the beginning and end of the knot is not visible.

7) Victory Banner depicts victory of truth, peace and harmony over evil forces. Used to bring about victory in career, wealth and health and in fact all areas of life.

8) Wheel, representing the never ending cycle of life learning, its movement in circular direction, never ending indicates spiritual growth and learning of Buddha principles and bringing about spiritual change.

The eight lucky symbols often termed as Ashtamangala are the most powerful symbols used to bring about harmony, luck peace and enlightenment. The qualities of Buddha are represented by these eight auspicious symbols. In some places the eight auspicious symbols are also depicted as symbol bearing Goddesses holding each symbol termed as Tashi-Lhamo Gyal in Tibet an culture, The Ashtamangala Devi in sanskrit. Each Goddess is seen holding a symbol and is decked with jewels and ornaments.

The eight auspicious symbols have universal appeal commonly known as Ashtamangala in Buddhist culture and around the world. Ashtamangalam is very often seen in old ancient artworks and precious Buddhist temple paintings. These eight symbols are very powerful and believed to bring in lots of prosperity and good luck.

The Dhungkar or the White conch symbolizes the awakening of the sentient being from the sleeping state of ignorance and I have used this conch symbol in many of my healing artworks.

The Bhumpa is one of my favorite symbols used in many of my pot and vase paintings, this symbolizes a vase of inexhaustible treasures. Hanging this healing painting will welcome good prosperity and wealth in one’s life and as the name symbolizes the vase of inexhaustible treasures.

Another symbol is Dug, Parasol which signifies the shade under which one is protected from the scorching heat and problems of this life and world. It is used as a powerful symbol for protection.

The Palbheu or the mystic knot is a famous symbol used by many cultures to symbolize harmony and unending life resources. The good fortune of complimenting every aspect of your life the endless knot is merged and intertwined with each other and is very difficult to paint.

Another symbols from the eight auspicious symbols is Gyaltsen, the Victorious Banner which is seen in many Buddhist paintings and flags. the symbol assures Victory and is used to symbolize victory of bad over evil. Many evil forces block and obstruct the success and this symbol is used to overcome this negative energy and invite positive luck.

Pema or the beautiful lotus which is seen in many Buddhist paintings and is also seen in many of my healing paintings is a universal symbol for peace and luck. It is the ultimate symbol for enlightenment and achieving the ultimate in spirituality. This is the symbol for non attachment, how this feeling is great when you are not attached to anything and feel freedom to invite grace to offer you, you are a mere spectator , an actor who just has to act and this feeling is of great achievement, the feeling of non attachment, of not being responsible for everything. This is just what we advice in reiki, to let go of all attachments and free yourself of the guilt of not being responsible for everything and anything! There is a super power who is controlling everything and you are not the center of everything. Trust me this feeling is awesome. The image of lotus in most Buddhist artworks is not painted as our lotus flower because this flower does not grow in Tibet and the people have modified the image according to make it decorative.

Another auspicious symbol here which is the Wheel of Dharma. The Choekyi Khoreo or the Wheel of Dharma. Using these symbols in single , in pairs and also all the eight auspicious symbols together I have made healing paintings that when hung on any wall will continue giving healing for your whole life. Healing is not limited to any one person or any one situation and can heal just anyone and everyone.

The main focus is to sync ourselves with nature earth heaven energies and go with the flow. It is the basic purpose of soul journey and life purpose of every soul here. This is our challenge to tune, rather attune ourselves with the Universe the elements to bring harmonious energy flow and activate our chakras and life luck blessings. My aim here is to bring about transformations using symbols, specific intention codes sigils and colors used in reiki healing paintings to make easy this step.

Harmony of Elements reiki painting
Harmony of Elements reiki painting

The Sernya or the two Golden Fishes is also a symbol that is frequently used by healing and feng shui artists. In feng shui fishes swimming gracefully are a sure sign to welcome prosperity and good luck. painting depicting fishes swimming is considered to be very lucky and hanging such paintings in the north will invite career luck and money luck into your life. It indicates the power to swim in this ocean of life without any hindrance or blockages.

Sernya two gold fishes Vase painting
Sernya two gold fishes Vase painting

The Ashtamangala symbols are considered very powerful symbols of hope, strength, faith, enlightenment and success. These Reiki paintings can be displayed in any room of home or office to attract prosperity. A life full of joy!

Thank you for coming by Razarts!

Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing You All The Best!

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