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Timeless art pieces, stand the test of time! Out of the Box Gifts for Christmas and New Year!

In this glamorous world where graphics rule with colors and designs, lot of bold fancy computer artworks, cheap priced prints,  the time less pieces of original hand painted art will stand the test of time. Unique one of a kind paintings will remain with their timeless beauty and always bring out a special emotion from the viewer.

Enliven re-energize your home with healing art. It may be a single leaf, a figure of a lady or a green landscape, a dot or a line,  just about what you love! You will find tons of art websites on Google and art available at your finger tips from around the globe. Online art buying has become easy and of course you get a vide range of artworks and choosing becomes easy. Art sales happen online and all my artworks have been sold through online art presentations through art galleries or my personal website.

Out of the BOX Gifts! Bespoke art that will never be repeated and you don't risk the same gifts coming from someone else! Read on..

first going about with buying art for your home tips.

Look  out for your wall colors, white, cream, off whites and beige are a great way to invite bright energy feeling of large space and openness. And Dark red, oranges, navy blues and mystical purples bring in some drama. Then there are the ones like turquoise, lilac and pastels that will give energy as well as soothe the soul. Grey walls and even black rule with the opulent sophisticate as they are quite a bold style statement and shout out about the person living there!

Feng shuii each and every space with ART! Even for the darkest gloomiest corners we can have healing art to energize the space and bring in positive energy. Follow the principles of Ba Gua, the elements theory ,it is vast with colors, shapes for every element and then hanging it in the right place, if this is overwhelming you, email me, I will guide and help you make the best choice of artworks for you!

Aim for simplicity,  subtlety and elegance in your décor and go in for timeless art pieces.

Too bold a decor will clash with very colorful paintings, still here again it is your personal choice. Some feel energized surrounded by loads of color (like me! trust me I need to be surrounded by colours and symbols, I cannot live in home with blank walls or white walls! Vibrant Abundance! isn't this energizing!

simply my opinion ..when you can have a life full of colours why choose white?) everywhere and some need breathers with some of bold color and some soft tones in their home. 

Modern Minimalism and Reiki symbol art go hand in hand and instantly increase the vibes of any space. Monochromatic or black and white artworks are timeless and will never loose its charm even after decades.

Simple sophisticated and timeless art pieces are a beauty over the years, charm of your home. A precious, year 2000, spiritual abstract figurative artwork framed in wood. The Spiritual Gateway!

Art , original art will remain in your home and your hearts, the whole process of buying an original painting is beautiful, as you like some piece of art, you and your spouse/ family approve this , or maybe some one suggests an artist or art piece online and you take a look, and then you fall in love with the work of art! There are no words when people fall in love with an artwork. The love story of buyers with connecting to art is a totally vast subject that can be written with tons of pages. I still cannot forget the glint in her eyes when she came for buying art...there was so much joy in her eyes...there was so much drawing energy pulling her towards artworks, so many , all she wanted.. finally burst with her heartful of emotions and asked hesitantly whether she could touch she touched the artwork.. I just cannot explain.. that is the love story buyers feel when they fall in love with an art work! And somehow yes, there is always a strong urge to touch the paintings, to feel the canvas, the textures, the paint layers, as if going into the abyss of energies of the painting. Three Tiny artworks and one medium sized and a Vase painting was sold that time.

When buying do think about this that the art is going to share space in your home and your life. day in and day out you are going to view it and so also your family. While you look at the price tags, original art is costly, and the colours or subjects or abstracts and the sizes do you consider thinking what symbolism is behind the subject the artist painted? will the wall art have an effect on your life as it will take a substantial space on your home wall and your life.

Many a times I have seen people just buy an art piece because it is trendy, or your interior decorator suggests this,  and then after they put this up on their walls it becomes over powering, or may not send out the needed energy to you. Some how then the art piece becomes a mis fit in your home decor and your life how ever costly it may be or from a famous artist. Some paintings that may not work every where, red and oranges are specific colors that not all will love. Then I also see pink as some people are not open to this beautiful color of healing, as their hearts need healing. I personally was a lover of black, a few years back, black and Dark blue was full in my ward robe, decor,  and suddenly after healing Reiki energy,  colors entered. Since then it has become a riot of colors, I love reds pinks and just about wear any colors as it is healing for the specific chakras. And what more we have a red sofa set!  some good feng shui! and my art of course if you have viewed my portfolio has a vast range of colours symbols and energy. Each piece unique has been made with lots of love.

Buying art for your home or office? Don't get too emotional, look at your lifestyle, your preferences, your experiences, your profession, your family tastes with art, Think about what you like, images, scenes, colors and then buy art. Timeless art pieces and large costly original paintings are going to stay with you. A timeless art piece is one that must be a piece of art that even after years give out the same positive vibes and bring a smile on your face!

Surround yourself with symbols of Happiness!

Coming to the Title OUT OF THE BOX GIFTS!

Gifting art this New Year! Choose the best energy artworks that are unique and one of a kind! Make someone's New Year Awesum! While choosing art for someone else as gifts it helps to think about the receivers age and profession or their lifestyle. You can't end up gifting some one a large piece when they live in a small sized apartment. Go in for medium sized artworks that are not too bold with subjects or themes. Colors that are universally accepted Geometric art and abstract paintings rule as gifts because they have universal appeal. There is also your budget that you have to first decide. Gift paintings usually reach the destination on time if prebooked, all framed and gift wrapped! If you are personally gifting someone a painting go in for neutral subjects like geometric or abstracts. Landscapes have lost their charm as many people already have out grown scenery art hanging on their home walls.

Gifting paintings is out of the box idea and stop yourself from choosing the same Christmas New year gifts that are already with your receivers! Nowadays it happens a lot, personally I have noticed too, that you have to think really hard when you want to gift anyone something. You keep thinking but the lists seems endless, and then you know they have it all! Of course clothes, furniture and kitchen ware are out of the list as preferences and choices depend upon personal preferences. Art, especially healing art is unique and of course there is no price tag to your feelings and emotions and the receivers joy! from Affordable Tiny art cards to medium, large sized canvasses go wild with your choices for gifting according to your budget! All Reiki symbol healing paintings are made with intentions of goodluck and happiness and are Unisex energy art works, no hesitation of knowing the receivers sex, or selecting different art gifts for women or men. Each beautiful original hand painted artwork... This Christmas New Year , Aren't you giving them hope, love, health, wealth and exciting energy for their future life? your gesture will bring an instant smile on their face! Think about it!

God Bless from Rizwana! and Have a Great Life Ahead!

painting mentioned here in the beginning of this post  is a beautiful cubism Still life, precious and one of my Best artworks, with tons of Feng shuii symbolism. Urban green spiritual cubism painting for any space at home or office,  goes well with any wall colours, from pastels to dark wall colors, great conversation piece for modern living rooms! sure to bring a smile and attracts loads of Luck, love health and Joy!

If you need guidance in choosing buying my art do email me, I will be very happy to guide you. This is Your Red Pilgrim dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading health wealth love and Prosperity to the world with my Reiki symbol healing paintings!

All content and Images are my personal copyright Rizwana A.Mundewadi. Do not copy for fear of karma!



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