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Buying Feng shuii Water&Fire Feng shui paintings?The Eye of Horus symbolism/Sufi winged heart

Buying Feng shuii Water Art and Fire Feng shui paintings which are so commonly bought today for activating wealth and fame in our lives may actually be doing more harm than good to your life energy. People buy feng shui water fall paintings or display posters of water falls and then wait to see the results expecting loads of money will start flowing in their life. Sharing two exclusive paintings displayed in modern decor room.

In this post I have chosen two most powerful elements water and fire and how this can bring in tons of goodluck or take away all the goodluck coming towards you. Then since the eye keeps coming up again and again explaining symbolism and then my favourite best healing painting which has great vibes, the winged heart, yet again every time I view it gives a tingling sensation in my shoulders and my back as if the wings are spreading and soaring with Prada!  sharing a detailed explanation of the beautiful painting "I honor my intuition I follow my path"

Water Paintings Some important feng shui tips for choosing Feng Shui wealth cure water paintings. Here Every home today we see water paintings , large sized, over powering images of water flowing, because its a Feng Shui cure, they say, and has been put up to attract this loads of wealth! You see every room it will have a water painting!

 Water paintings symbolize wealth and prosperity and have been used since ages to symbolically attract prosperity and wealth. The element of water in Feng Shui is very powerful and as water in olden days indicated growth of vegetation, that is those staying near natural sources water were happy healthy and had regular supply of food.

While you choose to buy and hang water painting go through these 9 points-

1) water must be smooth flowing, gradually and persistently.

2) Water falls in feng shui paintings must not be angry violent scary. Storms and gloomy weather with violent large waves does not mean roe money but in fact create a fearful energy affecting the environment.

3) Water must be clear or natural color and not muddy, as this symbolizes black money or dark dirty wealth from wrong sources. water with mud ( will absorb all the water-wealth- and make it muddy), not good

4) never display huge water paintings, too much water in any form be it river, sea or violent water energy is bad, water in any form is a force that needs to be handled carefully.

 5) water tankers, represent stored water which is not such a good Feng Shui , prefer artworks with flowing natural springs and water falls.

6) Water reservoirs, like a water fall with a base at bottom is symbolically good as this represents accumulation of incoming wealth into your home.

7) waves of water or water fall must be incoming and not going out of the house as this symbolizes wealth going out of the house as large expenses.

8) Never select any type of water or water fall paintings for bedrooms, water has a energy of flowing and cannot be stopped and will affect personal relationships adversely.

 9) Always display water paintings in front of you and not at the back wall where you sit, as here in the back side you need strong mountain support energy. Water displayed behind your back will indicate moving energy and may attract back problems and vertebral column diseases.

Waiting for the festival of lights! Deepavali Paintings of fire lights lamps and lightworks. as you wish the festival of lights brings fire energy. There is immense symbolism of lamps and Egyptian symbol the eye.  Diwali the Hindu festival of lights and auspicious New energy celebrated with fan fare and rituals especially in India. In Feng Shui the symbolism of lamps and fire is strong and this not only purifies the space but also attracts new energy. The Chinese celebrate their New year with fireworks and Awesum display of decorative lanterns and lamps. Firecrackers are burst and the display is Awesum. Diyas , the traditional lamps are beautiful and have loads of spiritual energy. I love this soothing purifying energy, the only thing I love about Deepavail are the lamps and the sweets, besan laddoos!

Every year has gone by creating awareness about global warming and health hazards with loud fire crackers, yet the same continues, Loud bursting of crackers, birds and plants are seriously affected as also senior and sick people suffering from asthma. Yet the festival brings in happy nostalgic sweet memories of childhood, bursting soundless fireworks, have stopped since many years.

Art of fire symbols has to be carefully displayed in South sector and avoid complete burning images in the paintings displayed in your home.

The Feng Shui symbolism of sound and fire- Sound of crackers, is good, (if it is following the norms of the society) . Masters did recommend bursting and a show of fire works to purify the space with loud sound. Fire , as in diyas during Deepavali, are placed in every nook and corner of the house, thus unknowingly you activate each and every sector of your house with spiritual fire, and bring in fresh energy. Use sound and fire for your benefit.

Fire Paintings with symbolism are loved and hung in homes having lamps , diyas, oil lamps, antique lamps are seen painted in traditional figurative lady lighting the diya or carrying a thali for puja paintings.

Sound can purify space and bring in fresh energy. People hence play videos of religious scripts, chanting’s, music and feel relaxed and at peace. Use sound for healing along with visual healing art and feel the difference! Free Reiki healing arts mediation videos on You Tube Channel the Red Pilgrim. 

Experience live Reiki energy flow here with this Sigil healing arts meditation video here for breaking money spells and opening the flow of wealth

The Feng shuii Choice of artworks to buy and Placement care for fire paintings, sharing five points-

1) The energy truly is for fire element. Feng shuii south of your home will benefit immensely with attracting fame and recognition to all family members. Fire will keep the energy alive, yang energy in your home and office. Judiciously you can tap into this energy and attract good opportunities , reputation, and get activated, energized. Best fire paintings will make you feel recharged and bring in good feng shuii for your life.

2) Choosing fire in paintings, avoid large fire abstracts for any space. Too much fire will not attract too much fame, it may affect your mind, also the viewers feel restless and will affect the peace and harmony of inmates. People tend to read on feng shuii elements online and buy fire paintings and feel they will attract good fame instantly. Each painting will effect differently and the intentions the artist has put up while painting these fire paintings may be  like anger, depression, obsession or emotional outburst, this may have an effect on the viewer. Gradually, unknowingly they may destroy your life too!

3) Avoid hanging any type of fire paintings in your bedroom. Feng shuii masters advice to avoid fire in any form in bedroom except for the small candles that can activate relationships, passion and love when handled with care. Paintings of soothing candles will bring good vibes energy in your bedroom, remember the formula of pairs.

I prefer to avoid suggesting any sort of fire in bedroom as the space is for relaxation and rest and fire though is used to activate romance and passion must be very carefully handled in bedroom space.

4) If the south element sector falls in bathroom area, washroom and has more water energy that drains fame and also brings ill reputation and loss of business you can use fire paintings for your benefit. The lack of energy or empty spaces will be filled with feng shuii energy paintings that act as cures to fill the energy lack.

In feng shuii bathrooms are spaces that must be subdued and not with much decoration. You can activate with soft candles here, provided you care for the safety issues. Feng shuii small Paintings can be of immense help here.

5) There are old master’s paintings, about churches and temples. Avoid such paintings in home space sector. There may be characters who full of deceit, backstabbing, or lonely figures. Understand the hidden meanings and symbolism before buying fire paintings. There is tendency to hang paintings of ladies with welcoming lamp at entrance of homes and offices. This is auspicious and just check that the ladies painted in the artworks are smiling and show emotions of joy and not dull or closed eyes.

Old paintings also used to show mills on fire, forest on fire or large woods on fire, avoid these paintings of fire in any space.  

Use fire to your benefit. It can work miraculously on your life energy and will to perform!  water art for attracting easy flow of money and opportunities. North is the best sector to hang water paintings and avoid water art in south.

Acrylic on canvas The Yin yang colours painting Glowing good luck Lapiz Blue color, size 13x14 inches, available for sale.

So also fire is best for south and avoid fire in north sector as water will wash out the fire and  you will lead a confusing life, that will always seem uphill! 

Right Feng shuii Fire symbolism paintings can do wonders to your fame and reputation sector!

Now the fascination with the eye continues as yet again even in 2020 I am guided to impulsively add the eye in most of my artworks.   

The Eye of Horus, Third Eye, The All seeing Eye, protection, The Wadjet or Ujat meaning the Whole one. Egyptian symbol, was used in jewelry made of Gold, and other materials, to bring safety and protection for the wearer and also attract prosperity and bring wisdom.

With the eye seen in so many symbolism paintings and especially the Feng shui evil eye cure paintings it has taken centre stage in artworks.

Here-Zenith the Hand. Protection symbol black and white healing painting acrylic on hand made paper size- 11.5x15.5 inches.

Some history- You will also find the mention of the Eye, as "Eye of Ra" a powerful destructive force linked with heat of sun, termed Daughter of Ra. Horus an ancient sky God whose eyes were said to be the sun and the moon, in a battle between Set, and Horus lost a left eye, Thoth magically restored the eye, and it was termed Wadjet or Whole, healthy.

The restored eye became an emblem of order and form after chaos. It is often termed as the symbol of hope, restoration, life, resurrection and goodluck. each part was given a fraction , totals 63 out of 65, the remaining is the magical element and blessings. belonging to Thoth- in descending order. The right side of the eye -1/2 smell. The pupil-1/4 sight. The eyebrow 1/8 thought The left side of the eye- 1/16 hearing The curved tail- 1/32 taste The tear drop- 1/64 touch. The eye of Horus was believed to have healing powers and all offerings were called Wadjet, to bring in divine element. While the myths and lores go about the many links about the Eye, the symbol no doubt it Strong and powerful, mesmerizing.