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How Do my Reiki Feng Shui Paintings Work?

 How Do my Reiki Feng Shui Paintings Work?

Very Large canvas painting absolutely opulent and quiet a style statement piece with absolutely beautiful Reiki energies!

Let me share that it has a lot of research and reading involved and trying out experiments with placement of different cures and some real life challenges risking all to see the effects and then healing them. The Journey with making art did not flow smoothly as any artist who is trained or a healer who gets real guidance proceeds. For me it was a solitude unfolding journey. Then sometimes I feel it was just right, at least I can say I walked alone...on this artful journey...

The first step is awareness that there is a problem and next is self acceptance and then is third to take action. Get some answers here in this YouTube channel video, healing arts meditation what how why?

1) The major problem in many homes is finances and space.

For some one trying for increasing finances cannot commit to major expenses of renovating their house that would go in lakhs of rupees and thousands of Dollars, so it is here that my  beautiful feng shui paintings work. They have all the required symbols for luck and balancing the required energy. Reiki flows to wherever it is needed and for the best of the art buyer.

2) Each painting that you like from my collections can be customized with the required lacking energy in your life. And all in all it is whole package of good luck. That is always done for each and every buyer. I meditate and always ask for assistance from my spirit guides, and this has always helped. Many times buyers themselves are not aware of their issues and simply think wealth will solve their problems-when actually relationships and support is their main issue. or getting married will solve their loneliness whereas self esteem and confidence is their energy lack. 

3) I always offer special guidance for best places for hanging the art. This is the miracle worker. Best place to hang feng shuii paintings will show you amazing results.

4) Space savers and money savers! Going Tiny with my healing art by end of 2019, following the Tiny homes revolution, I feel we must all help in saving the Earth and its resources by going tiny sustainable homes and big living principle.

it becomes difficult to add many feng shui cure objects and cures in any space as it will add to clutter in Tiny homes. Wall paintings take little space and act as great cures to attract luck and wealth. Big Dreams and Tiny Homes with tiny Art check this ebook on Amazon Kindle for sale. Power of symbols and power of wall art in Tiny homes. 

5) My Healing art , is not just a form of abstract art laid on canvas, it is though for in detail with each color each stroke made with the intention of healing. The research and study on Feng Shuii, reiki, symbols, power of wall art, energy transfer, distance Reiki healing, brain power, power of images, dreams fulfillment energies, for more than two decades has been added. 

6) Surrounding your self with my precious symbols gives the brain a continuous message of positivity and makes things happen. Repeating them, viewing affirmations, strong visual power with the flow of Reiki. View and experience live flow of energy in these one minute Reiki healing art meditations for any energy lacks in life on my You Tube Channel the Red Pilgrim.

7) Modern contemporary healing art blends well with modern decor and can be a great conversation piece! That is what I wanted to achieve! Blending with modern decor my healing paintings are a modern take on healing art. You can get a customized painting made according to your room and decor colours, I will do the best to infuse the best energy symbols in the art for your wish fulfillment. 

Sold paintings photos in buyers space
Sold painting photos in Buyers space

My Soul Perk^Up Art Sold paintings hanging in Happy Homes are a blessing from the universe, those the Universe chooses...find me.

Need guidance to understand feng shuii in your paintings?  hidden meanings and symbolism in paintings? what type of energy does your art emit? comment below, share images of paintings on my email for complete analysis. 

to correct feng shuii in your personal costly old paintings, send them to me for as low as $100 (excluding shipping) They will be harmonized, retouched/repainted and feng shiuid! 

Thank you for coming by Rizwana's Razarts website and Experiencing my Soul Perk Art!

Your's the Red Pilgrim!



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