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 All Reiki Symbol Healing art made with
Lots of Love!!

 Large Size Paintings, Medium Size to Art Cards! Affordable original hand painted one of a kind artworks! All art from a single artist! Making Reiki art since year 2000!!
Only those the Universe chooses find me..


You are Lucky to be Here!!

Sigil for money quickly


Healing Paintings

Intentions and Affirmations specific artworks available for sale. All originals only. 


Distance Reiki

You can request Distance Reiki for specific intentions . For Happy occasions, fruitful outcomes from deals and meetings, for disease relief assistance, auspicious occasions, uncomfortable meetings, stressful situations etc. Reiki finds its way to where it is needed.


Reiki Healing Video

Specific intentions one minute Reiki healing art meditation video according to your intention's. Video will be uploaded on YouTube with privacy options so only you can view it. 

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