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Understanding Mandala Paintings

Mandalas come up in your life when a person truly follows the principles of leading a spiritual life. mandala paintings come after meditation and for me after doing third degree in the healing technique of Reiki and following daily practices this sacred geometry came about in my healing artworks since year 2007. Why did Kandinsky give meaning to his squares and circles is another question as my self discovery has led to different meanings to these beautiful shapes.

Mandala paintings are mechanics of life and soul. When you get the right mandala painting made for life energy you notice immense benefits and changes in life health wealth relationships. Life flows easily.

What is a Mandala painting? A mandala painting is a device to enable one to learn and concentrate effectively. It is a means to understand geometry and use this for benefit in improving concentration, memory, learning and meditation through the use of appropriate geometric shapes.

Understanding Mandalas- A basic mandala is an auspicious symbol for perfection and balance.  The circular centre shape displaying any where will make way for balance and harmony. It has been understood that the circle shape having no corners indicates the heaven and the earth and the whole universe. It is connected without any breaks and this indicates the completeness and connectivity of the heaven and earth.  It also indicates limitless energy and abundance.

Geometry as we refer to a circle, square, rectangle and a triangle. This is what we have studied since childhood and as we grow we study cylindrical, cubic as well as other three dimensional forms of shapes. During my journey of searching for my identity I loved to paint shapes. Lines, circles, rectangles and squares were an important part of my discovery in art style and these paintings emerged from the year 2000. Spirituality and religion are two different things is what I have understood. A religious person may not be truly spiritual and may keep following rituals blindly where as someone who may not be showing signs of following rituals may be a highly spiritual person leading a more fruitful life.

The mandala paintings have symbolic shapes and visual geometry helps to connect to the individual soul. Each soul connects with their respective symbol and hence we see many people like circles where as some are more inclined to select square shaped objects or triangle shaped ones.

In ancient art people used to make mandala paintings which were a perfect balance between different patterns and shapes. Each artwork begins with a central core or the circle shape and then proceeds using harmonious elements and different images along side and as the width of the circle grows the painting emerges as a beautiful harmonious artwork. These paintings are very effectively used since ages for healing and awakening the third eye.

How does a  mandala healing painting work?  

it works on your subconscious mind or the third eye. It promotes relaxation and visual geometric images involve all your senses. The mind when relaxed focuses on the colours, images and symbols used in these mandalas and therefore promotes learning and increased memory and concentration.

As our two eyes allow vision and the sense of sight so the third eye which is placed on your fore head area is used to see the ethereal and astral level.

There are many mantras which use sound to activate the third eye and sacred geometry paintings do the same with using our sense of sight.

Very often spiritual artists use images and different symbols in these mandala paintings. The famous Buddhist artworks have the eight auspicious symbols, especially the wheel of dharma in many paintings. Artists also use the beautiful circle to unfold various mysteries of the other levels. There may also be use of squares, triangles and rectangles along with various symbols  or objects drawn, all in harmony attached to one another.

In Indian mythology mandalas are used and very often have the 'Aum' symbol at its core. The first primal sound or the beginning of sound 'Om'.

How are mandala paintings done?

The beauty of any mandala painting is that it is always drawn in harmony. Whatever the images used or the symbols used all form a smooth flow and give a feeling of totality and completeness when viewed. It is a very difficult art and need lots of patience and concentration as well as a balanced emotional level in the spiritual artist.

My personal preference has been over the years with sacred geometry and mandalas though a part of my healing spiritual paintings I have never fully painted only circular mandala paintings. The other favourite shapes of squares and circles were more in the early years and as I have moved from circle to square the  phase of Octad  going on in year 2010. The symbol for perfection in heaven and earth. The OCTAD with its eight sides, a truly beautiful symbol!

Choosing mandala paintings brings harmony peace and sense of completeness. These can be displayed in home or office and best in west and north sectors. Spiritual symbol paintings are best in north west sector. Energy is our source of existence and as the energy for sustenance lowers we fall sick and feel tired. We have lower energy levels and also affects our relationships and career. Ki energy is the power source of attracting energy from the universe. As I have studied in Reiki the gruesome years of self training, the sacrifices, the trials and the emotional turmoil , having faced all setbacks we come to an awareness of the working of this universe, our karma. Some luck is attached with us which we cannot change that is our heaven luck and the other earth luck is where there is a wide open opportunity to grow as much as you put effort. Spiritual symbol paintings help uplift life source energy and bring refreshing energy for vibrant future!

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All the Best from Rizwana!

Your's The Red Pilgrim!

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