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Interesting Ideas to Make Small Sized Art Appear Large!

Great , interesting display options with small sized healing art. Have your own gallery wall, in your budget. If you find buying large paintings too much for your budget ,choose smaller sized artworks and display them together in interesting way for statement wall.

Large wall, and you have a collection of small paintings, they will just get lost on the vastness of the wall. With original art coming at a price it may not always be possible to add up huge pieces of original paintings to your modern decor. Try a collection of smaller paintings and get the impressionable gallery wall!

Budget decor ideas with modern art , with my 24 years of passionately painting art, I have tried so many different combinations with art displays and my home actually is a mini art gallery!

sharing few interesting ideas with large wall and small sized original paintings. Search for old frames, distressed wood furniture and make your own frames. Go with your home decor and choose the metal frame or go in for bolder thicker darker frames for small sized healing art. Make that dream gallery wall with small original art or art prints displayed in interesting combinations and frames.

11)Choose same coloured artworks and hang them together

14)Make interesting combinations with different subject artworks

15)Apply Feng shui elements theory for choosing art so they bring harmony

16)Grey walls bring best looks for colourful small art

17)Black White is Urban sophisticate look. Try white walls for attractive art display

18)Distressed frames, cheap sale of frames can be bought to hang artworks for interesting look.

Thank you for coming by Razarts!

All the Best from The Red Pilgrim!

Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading Reiki energy with the world through my Reiki symbol healing paintings!

All artworks displayed are my original copyright reserved.

Paintings are available for sale.

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