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The Mystic Knot meaning Uses and 8 Careful warnings. How to write Tibetan unending knot symbol?

The Mystic knot is a beautiful symbol from Tibetan Buddhism and in feng shui it has been proved to be one of the most effective in promoting harmony, love and happiness in the family. Seriously very harmful when incomplete or abnormal and hung out side the main door. Only if you knew how wall art can change your life, you would take every piece hanging there very seriously!

Bedroom feng shui involves displaying symbols of dual energies, the Yin as well as the yang, only when there is a balance, does life go around smoothly for the married couple.

Most beautiful gifts for newly married couples would be to gift a healing feng shui painting along with best guidelines for displaying in the best locations to attract happiness and harmony in their new life.

Meaning of Mystic knot- Interesting symbol flowing from one starting point continuing with its energy and ending overlapping. the mystic knot also symbolizes a snake that eats its tail. This symbol is one of the eight auspicious symbols used in Tibetan Buddhism. The endless knot (palbheu) is symbolic of good fortune of complimenting every aspect of life in harmony. The earth and the heaven all in harmony and well balanced.

Thus symbolizing reality of life and death a  cycle of life , birth and rebirth. One of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism this one is seen in many forms and art objects. From paintings to be displayed this Mystic knot symbol is seen in feng shui jewelry, gift articles, wind chimes, clothes prints as well as daily use objects with the image of the  symbol.

Mystic knot or unending knot as it is termed has immense chi, and helps to attract happiness , prosperity and peace in any space. This also can be used to attract harmony in office space by making the environment active, and energetic,  between employer and employees in harmony.

Displaying symbols is an important part of feng shui symbolism and the Mystic Knot is one powerful feng shui cure to heal relationships and attract great relations.

Then one will wonder is this Mystic knot symbol always good? No, the mystic knot has to be chosen carefully and also hung in proper direction. You understand that the knot is a loop, connected.

1) Imagine when the artist has painted the unending knot it with negative angry emotions. Then this energy is transferred to the viewers.

2) broken irregular lines in the mystic knot symbolize hurdles and challenges and you unknowingly attract those with such imperfect symbols on your wall.

3) If you are facing negative emotions, depression, anger, stress, too many losses in business and about to close the business or losing a job and you hang such a knot then you will fall into the never ending tarp of negativity. It will be difficult to come out from this.

4) Mystic knot in north west, the energy of this feng shuii sector is air and whatever you place here it flies off. If you hang the couples photos' in north west with mystic knot they will soon develop misunderstandings and separate. This sector is for mentor luck and you need string people support here. If you are an elderly boss in North west using the mystic knot symbol they will get into legal tangles and also health issues.

4) What energy you use when you hang a unending knot symbol painting? if you doubt then you will always be in that loop. If you fear then fear moves obsessively within you. Be careful of your thoughts and always clear your mind before using this symbol.

5) When you use mystic knot symbol for wealth. People get very excited to use this symbol in feng shuii wealth sector. Imagine never ending money supply, isn't it ? That is not so easy. Wealth from the Universe has to drawn carefully and judiciously. If you ever suffer losses or lose a contract then that energy will immediately get embedded in the symbol. Your mind is very very powerful and also remember negative energy gets stuck very easily. it is the positive that takes efforts. I would advice to be careful with wealth sector for this symbol.

6) Many people love to make a tattoo of mystic knot symbol. I personally am not in favor of tattoos. I respect my body as a temple and piecing any part breaks that energy bonds and damages the complete links. Avoid unending knot on any specific organs as you will experience lots of stress and that part of body will feel under pressure of over working which may damage the part fast. You will begin to attract new unexpected diseases of that body part. If it is neck, you start spondylitis, neck sprains, pains. If the lower back you begin kidney issues urinary problems etc. If the heart, that is most dangerous. People having blood pressure must totally avoid this symbol in any form.

7) Office table will benefit from this symbol if you always meditate before beginning each day and talk to the symbol. Yes, they listen and if you give them respect and love, trust me they give you back manifolds! Intentions are most important for the symbol to work for you.

8) Bedroom for love and harmony. Though I much prefer the reiki symbol Yin yang as it brings out best in the couple and also each individual is energy wise healed of yin and yang but even this mystic knot symbol is very good. What you have to do? whenever you have chosen a healing artwork of mystic knot symbol always look at it with love and visualize your spouse or partner happy together. These brain messages go directly to the Universe bringing that in reality for you and soon you will see things happening.

The Mystic knot symbol is very beautiful and one of the most auspicious symbols in the Ashtamangala in Tibetan Buddhism culture. Use it with proper knowledge for your benefits and attract all that your heart desires, into limitless flow!

Thank you for coming by Razarts! Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing You All The Best! A Healing Artist selling original art @ The Red Pilgrim's Razarts , You Tuber The Red Pilgrim. Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading joy, health, wealth, love and success with my Reiki symbol healing Paintings!



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