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Reiki Symbol Se He Ki meaning and Energy!how to write Reiki symbol se he ki correctly?

Reiki symbol "Se He Ki"  is my favorite emotional healing symbol used in all Reiki healing sessions. With the se he ki symbol being written from left to right beginning from top to bottom this is a purification as well as emotional healing symbol.

The most beautiful Seiki symbol for heart healing, emotional healing is Se he Ki.


This is the second symbol used after "Cho Ku Re" and mostly comes up in every healing. This Reiki symbol Se He Ki addresses all emotional aspects of your life. It helps to go deep within your past and karmic issues and helps to bring them on the surface. It is thus mostly referred to as the 'emotional symbol' in reiki. This opens up all your chakras and purifies them with positive energy by removing all the blocks. As we know chakra blocks are responsible for diseases, physical as well as mental and emotional this reiki symbol " Se he ki" addresses all the emotional issues. This helps in releasing repressed feelings and brings them in open with a new understanding. The reiki symbol se he ki helps to accept and gain new means to improve your life.

What does the Se He Ki symbolize? Se he Ki Reiki symbol used in most of my healing paintings as I love the totality of this Reiki symbol. It forms a complete whole of the self. the top layers represent the self body physical from the womb and the lower hollow semi circle represents the individual inside. This symbol is representative of both the worlds physical and spiritual. It works on the psychic ether level as well as physical levels in transforming problem issues and bring about harmony and peace.

As the Reiki symbol Se He Ki is an emotional symbol its feng shui attributes come to feminine energy. With feminine and masculine energy in feng shui Tao symbol Yin yang we always try to link things and energies into these two forms for better understanding and use of energy leading to harmony. This symbol used with feminine female energy can create balance and heal adjustment problems in individuals who have too much anger and high emotional energy or mental energy leading to aggression and anger. The reiki symbol, se he ki will help stabilize energy fields and bring about balance and harmony.

This reiki symbol Se he Ki is also used in purification processes and protection purposes. The symbol can be used to purify places, things, pets, plants, business problems, money problems, negativity from other people (neighbors and colleagues), car, house, and in fact anything which the Reiki master puts intentions to. The symbol can be used as many times as the healer is guided by the spirit guides and this amplifies the power of the emotional symbol.

In my art this beautiful Se He Ki symbol has always come up and it has also spread so much love to my art buyers by gradually healing their hearts bringing them to enjoy a fruitful life with improved joy. With the Cho Ku Rei it is Amazing! Used in healing this Reiki power symbol  can work miracles in curing and healing types of illnesses, mental, psychological, physical as well as karmic. My healing paintings  address many issues which include the earth luck as well as heaven luck. Balancing the two worlds , one of physical and other spiritual , leads to complete harmony and prosperity. As all the energy is focussed in the particular place where the symbol is used the Reiki symbol paintings can be used for many purposes.

Healing health problems ,chronic diseases and psychological problems can be healed faster with Reiki along with medical therapy. Children, plants, pets, home, car, property, garden in fact any thing can be healed from your child's study table to your door mat all can be reiki charged to welcome good luck , good health and prosperity.

It is a personal healing symbol that also works on past lives and karmic blocks removal. 

Written correctly the Reiki symbol Se He Ki has immense healing powers that can be felt by the viewers and live flow of Universal life force. Give it some heartful love and respect, and it will love you back! Try works!!

Your's The Red Pilgrim



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