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Explaining Feng Shui Evil Eye Cure How to Use This?

You see a lot of blue eyes hanging everywhere, these are the feng shui evil eye cures. Around the globe these have universal appeal and are loved by everyone and also very effective as protection cure.

Feng shui evil eye cure

One of the most effective and simple feng shui cures and a very attractive one is the evil eye protection cure available in all feng shui stores and especially Tibet and Manali where Buddhism is prevalent. The colourful show piece available for hanging at the entrance , the living room or in fact any place in your home , office or garden is very effective in protecting the place and individuals from catching negative energy. People very often mention 'buri nazar' or evil eye cast by the viewer which makes the person affected sick, weak, and also leads to loss in business or wealth. I have also mentioned other feng shui cures like plants, feng shui cure paintings and symbolic objects  for protection from evil eye in my Google blog Feng shui -Simple Cures.

The colours in this feng shui cure are french ultramarine blue, cobalt or cerulean blue, white and it has a black dot at the center. The symbolic representation of the eye this feng shui cure attracts the viewers attention immediately upon entering the premises and neutralizes any negative energy they may have come with. this feng shui evil eye protection cure soothes the nerves and balances the emotions of the viewer and creates harmony and peace. Thus neutralizing/dissolving any negative energy and converting it into positive chi which uplifts the environment and energy of your home. This stops negative energy from spreading in your home or office space. The person entering your home relaxes and thus the harmful energy arrows do not affect you and your family. It is very important that every home have this feng shuii evil eye protection cure hanging. People hang religious symbols, mantras, spiritual texts paintings for the same purpose. These symbols of Tibetan origin are seen displayed in many homes all over the world and have universal appeal due to its attractive appearance. The colour of the Third Eye or Anjana Chakra is adapted to be used as protection from evil forces.

This is also effective for negative energy coming from neighbours and surrounding houses. Powerful evil eye cure it neutralizes poison arrows and your mind will not be affected by this.  This evil eye protection feng shui cure can be displayed in any place in your home. Especially at the entrance it will protect from negative energy from outside winds and neighbors and convert it into positive energy while entering your home. It can also be hung in your bedroom to neutralize the energy here or the children's bedroom to create a harmonious environment. People also hang this cure in the garden or car for protection. There are also some who wear it as neck piece or necklace every time for protection. This feng shui cure is also available in form of show pieces, bracelets, ear rings, finger rings or other jewellery forms and gift items. 

In countries and places where Buddhism is followed these cures are seen in every home and also with the eight auspicious symbols for protection, wealth, health and prosperity along with good luck.

Insteqad of buying the machine made bulk manufactured evil eye cures you can choose original power packed evil eye cure paintings that are really effective and also add a lot of art value to your home.

Hang this where the viewer puts first glance over this for experiencing its powers! Have the evil eye cure paintings at home, office, display evil eye Reiki card in your car and also carry one in your wallet /purse!

As wall hangings they are displayed in every home following the principles of feng shui five elements and Buddhism. I have a vast collection of feng shui evil eye cure paintings available as originals for sale. You can email me or contact me for buying them on whatsapp.

Thanks for reading this post ,hope this has been of value to you!

Happy Fengshuing!

All the Best from Rizwana!Your's The Red Pilgrim

Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading Reiki energy with the world through my Reiki symbol healing paintings. @Razarts



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