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My Art Buyers Collectors! I just remembered you!nostalgia of Sold healing paintings

Time and again these sold art photos do bring a tear in my eye, they are babies who have gone across the globe brightening someone's life with joy and this also brings a peaceful joy to me. My paintings have gone far and wide to unknown people who have purchased my art online searching from google, it is actually a magical I always say.. those the Universe chooses find me! literally yes, Google search!!! I just remembered you...hope you are fine.. Looking at the sold artworks collection. being a healing artist, Reiki Master since year 2000, have to make art and share to those who need my art. Those happy whatsapp messages, appreciative update emails, facebook messengers messages, and comments, Oh, when with a distance Reiki session, they share the miracles, these feelings of immense happiness cannot be put to words. Always I hit all the energies together, Distance Reiki, Feng Shuii knowledge activating home and office sectors and my Healing art, the triple energy is sure shot for any life energy lack and issue. Looking at old photos, Sold artworks, does bring nostalgic moments. Paintings are not like onions and potatoes that you buy in kilos. Art is healing to your mind and soul. Art changes lives, art brings beauty to your life and world. Also art does not sell in tons, we have sales that are special, precious and those that are genuinely connected to the energies. I prefer people who love my journey and processes and symbols, paintings are not sold as commodities, they have my energy, every art stroke has my soul, and I give away a part of me that stays with you forever framed hanging on your walls!

This is the most difficult part for every artist, for, while we make art to sell, but we get so emotionally attached, the paintings are a part of us..our hand painted that..but of course, when I receive their emails of how life is sorting out for them, then it all feels worth it!

The silent chosen solitude, I have selective social contact and selective family outings.

My love for birds and gardening comes along with making art obsessively. I have learned, only the pained heart can produce healing art. My perspective to life and people has changed immensely. When even today I clean and organize the artworks I go deep into the energies and go deep into them which is not so good for the business point of view for any artist. That transformation I have gone through in the past twenty years of being open to accepting the joy of seeing my beautiful paintings appreciated, purchased, framed and hanging in someone's home and office bringing them immense uplifting joy.

My art needs and resources are taken care of but I still do have the wish to make really large healing paintings, and need a large artist studio. I wish to paint and frame large canvasses and hang them, a large artists studio is on my wish list. The step one of organizing my art and numbering them is done.

Shelves racks and folders are organized now the beautiful final art of a large studio where I could paint with abandon not worrying about where the paints drop or the floor messes~!

For making art that heals, one has to go through all that and more...I wished for being for someone in their journey as a support a guide with my art. A symbol of hope and joy with my healing art.

These past seven to eight months have bene very busy in my home studio. Gave energy to all my old artworks by organizing, listing making inventory. special racks, cupboards and folders to save the paintings properly. Varnished many canvas paintings. repainted some to make them fresh. Like usual tore many, will still keep the process of feng shuii clutter clearing, and kept only those in good condition. Preservation is one very important task with paintings. You don't always sell every piece of artwork instantly, you have to keep it online till people view it many times, maybe months, years, and connect with the art. I sold an year 2008 artwork in year 2016. The buyer of course has been following my art and my website and have loved the piece immensely-How do I know-with the detailed explanation I got from her. It was of course very humbling joyful experience for me to read people's interpretations and viewpoints when they look at my art. And many times I am surprised by how viewers view art with so much detailing. Another buyer was so fascinated with my art that her first request on meeting was that she wanted to touch the artworks and I could feel the joy when she spread her hands over the paintings. She purchased a combination of artworks. Yes, no words for that.