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What is Art ? Art for Me Symbolism meaning of Art/ Power of Healing art

 Art For Me/What is Art ? Art for Me Symbolism meaning of Art/Healing art

Questions coming up in the mind is a great sign of enlightenment and awareness which is very much essential for progress for every artist. If you are serious on making art just for selling art than this is not for you.

Art with its aesthetic value always touches our soul. I want to bring in energy shift, I want to see immense changes, I want to change lives with my healing art! As I continue to write for in flight magazines on power of wall art and symbols, also my Google blogs the Red Pilgrim and Razarts and Feng Shui-Simple Cures, Art for me has become a vehicle for change. 

Years have gone by, the internal journey, the soul shattered, tattered, cleansed and with every soul layer being thoroughly rinsed. Art chose me, and not the other way. The creative soul in search of expression, Art has always been each artists voice, and artists are always known to be way ahead of their times!

There comes a time in everyone's life when you are/ made to feel alone, when the journey brings out and questions everything in your life, your existence and presence, your relationships , your character and your values, each one comes to stand still. Where love, anger, hatred, jealousy , fear all together make up a space in you and do not wish to leave. Where you are questioned and questioned and have no answers and you begin to doubt yourself and your values and God, when you are all alone against the whole world and still stand alone for the truth, then opens a new door, the one that has  a higher meaning and higher intention and a higher dimension.

Faith takes you to another beautiful level, another realm of higher force.

The shy soul emerges victorious from the strong ego and emerges truly beautifully from the cleansing. Confident about the existence, the identity and the oneness with the universe, there is perfect harmony with the universal life force, that’s when you start being a mere spectator, rather than being actively involved in every situation. You learn to accept the flow, stop being judgmental in every situation and start to give benefit of doubt and go along. Life becomes more peaceful, more happy and more fruitful.

Connect with your true self and live a real life rather than what everyone else wants you to. Search for your identity. It is Ok to cry and it is Ok to laugh and it is also Ok to make mistakes.

The process is very difficult and many may leave before and yes there are many luring stops that will take you away from this step. Solitude makes one stronger.

As a healer I get immense satisfaction while answering your queries and when some one is happy gives me immense happiness. While I strive to be as close to nature as possible and try to keep the thoughts controlled and the social physical contacts minimum (the brain has the capacity to make or destroy you) art comes out as an expression of my simplicity and innocence.

After painting symbols for many paintings each powerful symbol from the eight auspicious symbols in Tibet Buddhism the ultimate powerful symbol , all together eight, enlightened and came upon in my paintings.  The symbols have been an important part of my life and my paintings and as they communicate with me so do they attract viewers from all around who require the specific healing. They will find their rightful place in the world and reach the soul that requires their healing the most.

I must go along with what comes out naturally, unplanned and with positive energy, each work is a part of myself.  Reading and often soul searching  is an important part of my life and reading helps detox the mind from negative thoughts and helps one to be grounded. 

There is so much happiness with every art piece made with innocence, painting with abandon, not bothering about the colors, the themes and schemes. Make art that you are Happy to leave behind, looking back that brings a smile on your face. 

I Thank everyone who have been a part of this spiritual journey and have played an important part in this spiritual progress either in a positive or not so positive way- there  are no mistakes in life there are only lessons. Thank You!

Lines will always be a major part of my art. Beginning of Lines my first oil paintings . Lines that used to be in the form of Dadaism -  Crayons The Dadaism of Year 2002-  but as they got meanings, they got their power - Alchemy Pattern- and they spread their energies to wherever it is needed. 

So while on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim as I continue to make healing art, I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.

All the Best, Do Take Care and God Bless From Rizwana/Your's The Red Pilgrim!



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