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What is meaning of an art gallery wall? How do you buy an art wall? How to Choose Art wall 6 tips

In the art field you occasionally hear an art wall or art wall for sale, gallery wall for sale, and wonder what it means. Its a technical term among art dealers , artists, art advisors and art curators.

Buying an art wall means you see a combination of paintings displayed on a single wall and you are offered a price quote for buying those paintings. An gallery wall is also a similar term that means art displayed on that side of the gallery wall. An art gallery is a large space and sometimes curators put up similar or contrasting artworks that are pleasing to the mind and eye on a single wall. This is termed art display. A very creative act the art display can make or mar an art sale.

Art displays are really very important and viewers can feel the flow of art from one to another or a mis-match energy and colour scheme can repel an art viewer from moving ahead in the art show and thus break the sale. Physical art gallery shows have art walls or Gallery walls as they are mentioned for sale. Here the term does not mean you buy the wall, it means you buy all the paintings displayed on that wall. The price mentioned is for a combination of paintings that are displayed in harmonious attractive manner for the viewers to get a final effect and look. This display gives the buyer an idea of how these paintings will look on their home wall and they buy those combinations and display it in the same manner for the WOW effect with art in their home décor.

Art walls for sale have become very common feature now as it is a win win formula for art sellers and art buyers too. For the artists and art gallery owners they get to sell a large number of paintings to one single buyer and for the buyer you save the hassles of thinking about art display to get your focal art wall at home that will blend with you décor. Gallery wall displays are never the same. The creative inputs feeded have direct effect on sales of paintings. There are no rules, any size paintings can be displayed in combination to create interesting thoughts and responses from art viewers. Some times we see one colour paintings with different subjects painted on a single wall art display. Then you see a combination of subjects and bold colour abstracts in combination that interest some buyers.

The price too is very attractive for a gallery wall. When you check individual painting prices it costs much more that what is offered for the gallery wall. There is so much hesitation from buyers to choose art for their home walls because they doubt whether this will look good on their wall? whether the painting will look too small or too large on their wall? And if they buy a single painting for a large wall they have to think carefully of what to display next to this piece of artwork, and whether it will go in harmony syncing with this purchased art piece.

Buying an Gallery wall gives you the advantage to see the combination of paintings displayed together and how pleasing the arrangement looks. As more online art galleries are now offering this options artists too are getting creative in displaying art online with framed look, art in decor look and art combinations-art walls for sale. The famous Saatchiart online Gallery has the option of View art in room and even an app to see actually show the piece will look displayed on your wall. Check my saatchiart/Razartsprofile.

With the visual impacts buyers get the advantage to see paintings displayed on their wall and make a quirk choice, visual impact is so important for art sales!

Some tips on how you will choose Gallery walls!

1) Decide your budget . very important because you will easily get carried away with the artworks visual appeal and may go lots over board with your budget. Art feeds your heart and soul and no doubt the purchases are worth especially with healing paintings, but you must not feel guilty of purchase later on. Artists and Art online Galleries also have the option to pay for original costly paintings and Gallery walls in installments. Trust me on this that keep a tight budget first because I am so sure you will exceed the limits when you see artworks! For my art buyers I already make an emotional reasonable offer they can't refuse for a combination of paintings. (my aim is to see my art hanging in happy homes, my art supplies expenses and website expenses are already taken care off!)

2)Decide your wall first-this happens many times and even for me as a professional artists since two decades I get confused with which artwork combinations to display on which wall. So what happens when you sit online and see the Gallery walls for sale in your budget, you like some combinations but they will not go with your living room decor, and you decide why not add this wall to the Dining room or children's room decor. This tends to happen many times with art buying. And result- you end up buying a Gallery wall for say $four figures and then in end you still have a living room wall to fill up with art! In fact I would suggest decide all walls of your home you need to add artworks. That way you will get some really good concessions and sale offers.

3) Be realistic in Choosing art gallery walls. they are usually white walls and you may not be hanging white walls in your home! Here the app really helps, virtual art display.

4) Check the Dimensions of the Gallery wall! Perspective is very important. Check the sizes and details of the artworks displayed in the gallery's wall for sale.

You will understand that all rooms look same and all paintings look so beautiful displayed here. So don't forget to check whether it is a painting of small size, large size or tiny artwork you are buying in combinations.

5) The MONEY! PRICE! for a Gallery Wall you will find some are so cheap and some very costly and you will tend to save money and go in for cheaper wall. Remember to see that what you are being offered may be art prints for sale and not original paintings. Also you have to check the materials used, the year, which artist ahs painted those-famous artists or new artists- paintings for sale rate depends upon that.

6) Read the details when buying an Art gallery wall! Do you get framed paintings ready to hang? is is without frame? are shipping costs included or extra? is there a facility for installation of these paintings in your home? because some Art Galleries if local provide installation carpenters to hang those paintings in your home, other wise with online art purchases you have to find a person who will make that drilling holes and other arrangements to display those shipped purchased paintings on your home wall.

Sharing above some interesting Art Wall photos with my original paintings that are available for sale on my website. I spend a lot of time trying different rooms to display my art virtual rooms of course, and it also gives me so much happiness to see how my Reiki paintings look in modern decor and this gives ideas to my art buyers to also refurbish their interior decor along with adding my art.

In small spaces also you can choose a plain wall and display paintings and call it a gallery's wall for sale!

Thank you very much for connecting! Share the Reiki Art energies!

Light, Health and Joy to You!

Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

Your's The Red Pilgrim! Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading Reiki energies with the world through my Reiki symbol healing paintings.



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