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how to make people not lose their jobs Reiki! understanding why people can't continue on jobs?

how to make people not lose their jobs? and why people can't continue on jobs and work and irregular working timings, loss of work issues and unstable financial life is the topic and you will receive practical guidance here. Everyone has some on close in family or friends circle who are highly qualified, hard working yet they are unable to continue in a fixed job for many years.

People surrounding them get confused and stressed because frequent job changes may increase salary slab for IT sector professionals as they justify-career growth. But too many job changes affect the profile and biodata as to why the person is not stable in their field with one company. With the many emails of how to make people not lose their jobs, and why people cant continue on jobs and work and irregular working timings, loss of work issues and unstable financial life, all these come down to a imbalanced chakra energy. Then also power issues- people complain their partners just don’t understand their view points. They have ego power issues, Too much control, too mush restrictions make a stifled relationship and affects your whole life. Reiki energy will direct you to the cause and imbalance that needs to be filled up. Here I am not indicating physical and emotional sicknesses like schizophrenia and mood disorders that lead to frequent quarrels and job changes as these people have always a list of complaints with everyone surrounding hem and feel that the world is conspiring against them. Of course reiki does guide you with all diseases to a better quality of life. The basic aspect is about imbalance in all chakras and specifically in a few chakras that can be activated with colour, symbols and a few minor feng shuii changes in the environment that can drastically be a game changer in your life.

While people repel with using yellow and many artists also used to avoid yellow paintings , Yellow is a beautiful healing colour, not only does it represent sunshine but it is an important chakra colour. Ten years back people would say yellow paintings don't sell, they have vibes of sickness, something spoiled, yellow was never looked as beautiful. I personally also would repel with the colour until I went bold with a dress having sunflower prints and it brought joy!

The will to survive, the will to act, well balanced life, manners, action, simply putting in Reiki healing the yellow colour is used to heal the solar plexus chakra. The next Sexual chakra has orange so a blending of colours also benefits if you don't like bright yellow. you can add some earthy yellow like Yellow Ochre.

Solar Plexus Chakra healing art by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Solar Plexus Chakra healing art by Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Situated between the naval till the breast bone, Manipura chakra, third chakra, core of our personality. Identity, self esteem, will power. A well balanced solar plexus shows as a well balanced individual with warmth and feelings open to suggestions and others view points.

Imbalance here with the solar plexus chakra is seen as - Indigestion, stomach problems, unable to make decisions, wavering thoughts, low self esteem, other functional problems of body organs, kidneys, liver, bile, acidity, The main centre of strength. If facing with self worth issues, doubts about self, eating less or eating more, frequent stomach upsets then this is the chakra that is demanding your love care and attention. Here all people fall in this category who are over weight as well as under weight.

Yoga and exercise do help in balancing the chakra but the solar plexus often shouts, follow your gut! That’s what I have learned over the years with healing. The knot in the stomach and the increased heart beat is in no way a sickness, it is your soul letting you understand what really is good for you. Follow your passions, try new things, eat new foods, keep the fire in your belly alive and the beautiful Manipura chakra will open and bloom , this will be seen and felt by everyone around you. Citrine and yellow Tigers eye are two beautiful stones that will help heal the solar plexus. Healing art helps to visualize and heal the chakra. Since most times people with self esteem issues have big unrealistic dreams, talk and plan a lot! but don’t take action. Healing art assists in this process and brings the required push in the right direction.

Canary Yellow Joyful Reiki modern healing abstract  art
Canary Yellow Joyful Reiki modern healing abstract art size 11x15 inches

Practice this Reiki healing arts meditation daily for at least two weeks and see the blessings change your life. Personal Power, your own Happy Manipura affirmations! Try it, it works! Happy Manipura Chakra Affirmations Video by the Red Pilgrim

Weight issues, heart issues and progress blockages many times are linked with imbalance of solar plexus chakra and can be healed easily to lead a happy and well balanced life. This affects not only the individual but also those in their surroundings, family, friends, colleagues, neighbors etc. relationships are seriously affected. Family always feels the pressure when anyone asks where their spouse is working? and every time they have a different company name or sometimes are jobless so they avoid social presences altogether affecting mental peace of everyone in the family.

Coming to other causes of why people lose jobs-environment too has a strong influence and so also karmic energies and blocks of other family members too will affect the person. This is such a vast subject and will not have a single magic cure, though many times I advice to prompt things changes and it shows immense benefits. I just have to say that there are many factors and we do healing step by step for all round healing for the person to remove these blocks and open up wealth flow and abundance in life.

Sometimes people are very good but they feel bored easily and change jobs. If this is the case you have to develop hobbies, and social contacts/good friends, emotional support system, to fall back upon as stability system for this person. So that they can talk, and get guidance to judge their decision of changing job. Maybe when you list down the pros and cons of a job-they may say some person is harassing them, they have too much work load, boss is not good, or travelling is a hassle...list out and be practical and realistic while advising them to keep this job or to move to a better prospect. Sometimes their issues may be genuine, check that before arguing about every time why they make excuses and change jobs. Usually such people are rigid and overly sensitive or maybe not competent to handle the post. Hence I always lay importance on soul job and soul purposes. When you connect tot he soul job you are ready to take the efforts and trouble working as you have the purpose and enjoy it. No profession is easy and no profession comes free without any professional hazards.

Feng shuii has a major role too. The north west sector with mentor luck activated will bring you helpful guidance from known and unknown sources. yes suddenly someone advices you or suggest something and you follow it to get a great job or work and then you pause and think...WOW how did this person appear and why they advised you and they even disappeared! So many times this has happened in my life, just the right guidance at the right time! Activate the North for opportunities and career luck with horses, elephants, birds and sky paintings. The Feng shuii Ba Gua theory is of utmost important when you understand the productive cycle and harmony of elements.

If you are hesitating to change your job and feel stuck up here is a beautiful Reiki healing painting- Changing Horizon!I am open to New Opportunities. and if your thoughts are the hurdles Productive Profitable Thoughts Reiki healing painting is for you!

Which mantra for activation of Solar plexus? you can meditate on the "R" rum chanting this mantra during meditation.

Which Reiki symbols benefit maximum here? I would suggest you mediate with Harth and divine balance. Of course no doubt Se He Ki and Cho Ku Rei always come along but these two will give you immense benefits.

Reiki Divine Balance healing painting- The Yellow Symbol Yellow Flow

Hope this helps you! All the Best from Rizwana!

Your's the Red Pilgrim!

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