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Infinite Love and Happiness!Reiki Harth Symbol Abstract Pink painting

Infinite Love and Happiness!Reiki Harth Symbol Abstract Pink painting

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Infinite Love, Reiki symbol harth, most beautiful symbol for soul healing heart happiness sand self acceptance. Size of this Reiki abstract painting is 20x30 inches. Done using acrylic paints on canvas the painting is in Very Good Condition, signed and numbered by me and comes with Authenticity certificate. Will be shipped as roll in a tube. Price mentioned is without frame. Shipping free.

Infinite love and Compassion to harmonize energies of Yin and Yang within and bring out a well adjusted being. Positive vibes painting can be displayed in any space of home or office. symbolic acrylic painting on canvas. Basically the main intention is self acceptance and self healing…trust me on that…the rest all falls into place! Feng shui painting love luck, spiritual bliss, is a symbolic painting in the most awesum color, flourescent pinks,  as  in Reiki healing and feng shui is symbolic of love peace and compassion  and with the use of Golden color, bringing in feng shui element metal luck representing money and wealth this is a  symbolic painting great for bedrooms.

Chinese calligraphy and Reiki symbols  to promote good luck,energize this painting with positive energy.

Waves flowing in abstraction  for the infinity symbol all over the painting, I go about with directly painting with my hand to add up on the love and healing energies, a symbol of movement and the shape ,up and down, wavy pattern,  representing the symbol for water in feng shui symbolism and love till infinity.

The symbols written in proper sequence and with positive intentions always, bring about a healing energy of love happiness and good luck.

While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to paint healing art...I wish to make simple colorful  understandable art, art that heals.

God Bless and all the Best from Rizwana!

Thank you for coming by Razarts! All Paintings and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved © 2000-2020 Rizwana A.Mundewadi DO NOT COPY FOR FEAR OF KARMA!


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