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Emergence My Happy Kundalini! Reiki Kundalini Awakening Large Healing painting

Emergence My Happy Kundalini! Reiki Kundalini Awakening Large Healing painting

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Kundalini awakening with Joy! Large healing Kundalini abstract painting on canvas, size 120x150 cms, acrylic on canvas done in August, year 2016. Will be shipped as roll in a tube and comes with Authenticity certificate.

 Feeling of Awakenings, spiritual Kundalini! While the splash of white light keeps coming, feelings of warmth and burning in the back, the head, many years, hardly knew the feeling, but understood it now, its the arising of the latent energy, Kundalini. While the term is quite a large topic,  and very difficult to achieve, years go by, meditating, exercising, experiencing, yogic postures, and living a spiritually rich life! Again always going with the flow, this painting is from a collection of Kundalini Awakening paintings, I am involved in at present, and my loving Chinese symbols of Wisdom, harmony, goodluck ,wealth and freedom. 
The process , a long one, pouring bottles of liquid acrylics, squeezing lots and lots of paints! folding canvas for textures, blobbing, splashing, spattering! Abstracts are so meditative, as if I am in a trance, hardly can stop, hours and hours , go by, the feelings of high spiritual energy, as if a taking over, until the canvas finally rests! The colour scheme is earthy and has lot of colours, a mix of cool and warm colours the waves of energy coming over, soothing yet full of energy.
the Kundlaini energy makes one feel warm but it is a white sparkling energy, rising from the base, root, black to a beautiful splash of white sparks going from each chakra to the crown chakra , finally emerging in a spurt of sparkling energy, what an Awesum state, things begin to happen! 
All the Best from Rizwana!
Extra images of art work in progress added.  art display are done in an app of interior decor art display, just for representative purposes, kindly check the exact size of the artwork in Details section. Thank you for understanding!

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