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Calligraphy Art Meaning History Where do you See spiritual words Artworks? Buying Texts paintings

Calligraphy the art of writing words beautifully. Calligraphy word meaning coming from Ancient Greek time, Kallos Beauty, graphe writing. Calligraphy means language and style of writing of words in a fashionable manner. A very famous art form since the cave men ages, it was in the Moghul era that calligraphy has come to fame when texts and poems were written in Arabic language in beautiful forms. Calligraphy can be in any language and calligraphy artists write designer words and alphabets in style to make beautiful art pieces. Special brushes and nibs are used in this art form.

While in traditional calligraphy the texts had to be neat and legible in modern calligraphy there is more freedom to explore this creative art form. Western calligraphic script involves a pattern, a geometric manner in which the text flows.

 From Bible texts in calligraphy styles to Hindu enlightened individuals, (sadhus and saints) also have written Sanskrit script , texts,  with hand on leaf and paper which are preserved till date. Right from religious texts to art paintings the Moghul era has done a lot to bring this art form in lime light. Artists that learn calligraphy use various types of pens and usually it is an art form that uses a medium of colored dinks on cloth or paper. So famous were the calligraphy artists that in olden days even the first news papers in Urdu language used to be hand written in calligraphy style. Greeting cards, wedding invitations and even notices were hand written by special calligraphy artists who would implement this art form beautifully on paper or cloth.

Calligraphy is an art form not limited to any language or medium and even today we see artist using them in artworks and paintings. From sculptures to paintings calligraphy use of design words is loved by many art lovers across the globe. Coming to my passion for writing words in my healing paintings, the Chinese symbols. Chinese calligraphy is also very famous and many Chinese artists do beautiful calligraphy in inks with confident single strokes to form beautiful pieces of art. Western calligraphy style has a more modern and free approach where there is freedom to choose colors and mediums for writing in this art. The traditional calligraphy works were always written in legible writings and had neat aesthetic beauty appeal. Usually using black or red inks and natural silks and art papers were used to write upon.

Art form of calligraphy does not necessarily involve any picture, photographs or images and is mostly restricted to texts from various languages and religions. The colored cloths, silks, satins and canvas materials are dyed sometimes and then scriptures in from of calligraphy are written over them by calligraphy artists. Messages, texts, poems , songs and inspirational quotes all are available in calligraphy style as art and paintings. Buddhist paintings and old scriptures are found with hand written texts and are preserved as important part of the art world today.

The art of calligraphy was not restricted to only materials and cloth and was also seen since ancient times on pillars, domes, and heritage structures which is till date pieces of beauty and well known around the globe as architectural master pieces. A few famous examples of Arabic texts rather termed Islamic calligraphy in stone,  the Taj Mahal in Agra which has beautiful Arabic calligraphy engraved in marble stone. So also in Delhi the Humans Tomb, Fort and Lal killa , kutub minar , Hazrat Nizammuddin Auliya Dargah Delhi all have beautiful engraved scriptures on red stone. Islamic calligraphy has been written on monuments, buildings and to mosques and prayer houses. The minute details get to your heart and soul and you will be awestruck by the beauty of letters and words.

We also see many historic monuments in India and many Sufi saint shrines which have beautifully engraved spiritual texts calligraphy all over in stone in colored inks. What was most beautiful are the hand written scriptures and texts that were so patiently written with colored inks that are in themselves great rare pieces of heritage art. Wood carvings of texts on pillars and tombs and doors are still cherished as conservation structures and places having these calligraphy art work structures have become world famous tourist destinations.

About Buddhism texts and words I had this old magazine where in popped the eight auspicious symbols with meanings, and then life never was the same! I started researching, reading and finding more and those symbols then followed in my paintings with their hidden symbolism and precious history. Cloth and canvas paintings of Buddhism culture are seen displayed in Tibet and China. The famous Tibetan Buddhism culture, usually found in colors red, vermillon and golden color these are beautiful works done on silks or canvas. Calligraphy is often provident on the Tibetan prayer wheels. With their eight auspicious symbols , Ashtamangala, still find a place as good luck symbols and have been an impart part of  my healing artworks in the past few years of making art.

Chinese language, characters,  with its simplicity and strokes have been an part of my healing art since year 2007 as the words are small and simple and express a lot with each words. In history Chinese calligraphy was used in seal carvings, ink stones, and ornate paper weights. Lots of symbolism and also hidden symbolism amasses the scriptures.

Calligraphy art from has been also seen in sequined artworks which use beads, colorful sequins, gemstones and colored stones and is used in many apparel and designer outfits in the fashion world today. Texts written in designer patterns on scarfs, dresses, sarees and formals all have a presence of their own. Simply written motivational positive words in English can be written in calligraphy style to make a beautiful art piece to decorate your walls.

Cursive script, semi cursive script, oracle script, bronze script, clerical script, large script, small script, regular script are examples of modern printed calligraphy styles.

The beauty of calligraphy is it is simplistic and involves texts but written with lots of care and style. It is actually a very difficult art form where strong hand finger muscle co-ordination is required to get the art from correct. The choice of right pens and nibs and mediums depends upon the end results got from this art form. Today we also have the Photoshop computer DTP programme that can bring out this beautiful art form as computer art, Digital paintings, Digital calligraphy, and many computer art artists  are also going in for this art expression. I have learned the art form and since basically I  have done a lot of Chinese Calligraphy paintings for positivity and good luck, wisdom and wealth, fame and relationships, the computer art form also cannot be forgotten to  mention as it look really great and that too with just a mouse click! I Have thousands of original Digital Symbol paintings made in high resolution when resources were limited and I didn't have paper or canvas. ( remember any art form is very difficult and requires lots of practice and years of dedication , especially Calligraphy written by hand and also Digital calligraphy is the same, needs lots of practice!)

Calligraphy is a more simple yet powerful means of communication with words. Displayed words in art from have a stronger meaning and effect on our mind. Art works with calligraphy words with positive meanings, inspirational quotes and written goals often have a larger than life appeal and also go along with aesthetic appeal of your home. Words have immense powers as they directly communicate the message to the brain.

Simply put words displayed have the power to hit the thought processes and thus gradually transform your life towards success. Language need not be an barrier in any art form and calligraphy positive words in any language becomes art. Choose some beautiful pieces of calligraphy art for your home and office, and enjoy the power of words!

Be Careful while choosing calligraphy artworks-

1) Avoid incomplete texts and incomplete words. imagine the word LOVE written as only Lov, you unknowingly are shortening the energy by one character, this will affect your life love energy.

2) Display spiritual mantra and symbols in north east and Avoid in bedroom. Example Om and Tibetan Om mani padme Hum paintings are best in North east of your living room or meditation room and never hung in bedroom of newly married couple or young couple.

3) When you choose to buy calligraphy art see that the person writing has written them with positive intentions. machine made prints have zero energy and may not work as inspirational wall art for you.

4) Choosing calligraphy abstract paintings see that the texts don't completely disappear. Calligraphy is a beautiful art form and words characters are the most important part of these paintings. Imagine the word I attract money and those words are very dull and the word money is almost invisible...what happens? no energy or even wealth going away from you. How? your brain gets an empty message!

5) choose colourful art that makes you joyful and connects with your mind and soul. Only words will not bring results. You have to be happy to display the artwork and viewing this must make you feel joyful.

Thank you for your trust and for following The Red Pilgrim's Razarts Blog.

I really appreciate the support and your choice of connecting to my Reiki energy art!

On my studio front yet organizing the heaps of thousands of paintings, inventory and listing, feels Awesum to have one of the largest collection of Reiki symbol healing paintings by a single artist in the world! The major shifting of my website provider after 6 and half years of a FASO website now the new is a Wix site , new beginnings and the beautiful energy of uploading precious art, keep checking for new uploads on my website and deals! Trust me once an artist, 24x7 an artist for life!

Take Care and God Bless from Rizwana!

All the Best,


The Red Pilgrim!

Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading love hope and Joy to the world with my Reiki symbol healing paintings.



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