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What is your pitiable story? your eye opener post

Ever heard some people keep saying the same story of failures, losses and how once they did this and that and now they have reasons why they failed and why they stopped trying! Robin Sharma the world famous life coach mentions this as a disease-excusitis! such people will share 101 reasons why they can't achieve success, check out my ebook on Amazon Kindle- 100 self limiting beliefs-I show you why the loop of suffering continues.

This is Powerful information. Surround yourself with what you want to achieve! Look at what you want your life to be to achieve your goals! Yes, this works! Manifestations magic and attracting wishes from the Universe becomes really easy when you have images, photos, paintings, symbols, vison in front of you day in and day out. Symbols are every where, just look around, your room, your house, view outside the window, you will find so many things that represent , and are symbolically influencing your life. And as a whole represent YOU. So while I am surrounded by Robin Sharma’s and other motivational books at present reading Rhonda Byrne' the Secret MAGIC'. and my Fantastic Reiki symbol paintings on every wall, as also my plants and my besties, pet budgies.

When I get an email about advice for attracting wishes, first I ask you to look at your home, with what things, what type of furniture, what aura do you and your home exude, all success and life depends upon the symbols you are surrounded with. You yourself get the answers. Sometimes with distance Reiki this opens the eyes.

Imagine broken creaking furniture, leakage dripping patchy wall paint, unkempt clothes, over flowing wardrobe, paintings and images of dried trees landscape, tip topping taps dripping water, unpleasant smell from surrounding the house(environmental factors), two angry bulls sculpture facing each other, kitchen with utensils scattered with unclean dining table, not working pen on the desk, no official work place(in case the person works from home), the list would be my point.

Surrounding yourself with motivational and positive things and symbols affects your mind, and it has been proved scientifically that every human being can change their life, provided they work towards it. Don't medals and awards, certificates displayed give us happiness and confidence whenever we view them?

Why to surround yourself with these symbols? because your brain is jumping from thousands of thoughts like a monkey and you confuse the Universe. One time you pray for things and next thought start about doubting the fulfillment or your potentials which starts blocking the blessings. You yourself are responsible if you are not achieving your dreams and goals. People then start story of pitiable conditions, environmental limitations and evil eye from others as failure reasons.

With specific energy symbols and my Reiki intentions and positive affirmations you will find attracting just about anything in life becomes so easy. The Universe loves to see everyone of us happy and abundant. She has her bounty full of abundance and she wishes to share to those who search and ask for it. The problem with many today is they ask and ask but never really wish. There are self sabotaging thoughts that break the cycle of attractions and hence people fail in manifesting.

Furniture, elements Feng shuii Vaastu activation also is so easy when you search on google and get tons of information. Basic principles are easy to understand and on specific hurdles in life you can take advise of professional Masters to break karmic cycles and abundance blocks. I actually call this redesigning your life with art. Wall art is such a beautiful opportunity to attract life goals and manifest your dream life. Just about anything from even the minor details, surround yourself and see the magic unfold!

I am surrounded by symbols, reiki energy art, specific intentions paintings and flowers plants, nature, growing green feng shuii plants, pet birds, gemstones and mystical rocks, feng shuii items cures, its a magical life as you enter my home! Thank each and every object, every person affecting your life, every one dead or alive who has helped in knowingly or unknowingly your life journey, say sorry, if you have hurt someone knowingly or unknowingly. always be in mode of gratitude, first principle of Reiki.

Try this mystical Youtube shorts energy video for ancestral blessings to get blessings from more than 3000 ancestors from your bloodline.

You have to surround yourself with symbols of hope, magic, wealth relationships, family's blessings, work job business success which continues to bless you with continual abundance. Try it... it works!

All the Best from Rizwana!

Personal power activation symbol artwork in progress
Personal power activation symbol artwork in progress

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