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Importance of Feng Shui Ba Gua Understanding the Lines in Ba Gua Map Meaning and their Symbolism

Powerful and correct information about what the Ba gua is? what Ba Gua means? and how it benefits your life. People often get confused with the elements and Feng Shui theories and more so also end up spending a lot on costly Feng Shui cures, like water fountains, Laughing Buddha, Horse paintings, yet they end up seeing no major changes or sometimes negative changes. The Feng Shui Ba Gua Map is a simple division of sectors that helps one to understand the Dominating elements in each sector of your space. With this powerful information you can place objects according to the elements theory in productive cycle and see immense benefits in life sectors.

It is better to take some advise or read about this before buying any Feng Shui cures as they have been commercially made by people who have little or no knowledge of actual Feng Shui. Really important cures that back fire are the use of water, that can miraculously increase wealth but other hand can also end making people bankrupt and alone! Water in Feng Shui is equal to wealth. Feng Shui Master used to advise people to stay near rivers , and a house near a river or pond was considered auspicious since water is required to give birth to life, food grains, trees, that help in survival of man kind. 

I have painted immensely beautiful powerful Feng shui Ba Gua Paintings, they are rare,bespoke and only one of a kind in the world!

While today it is not possible for everyone to get such a space, people go in for artificially made water ponds , fountains and Feng Shui cures. Studying the sectors helps to understand that  an element that can nourish some other elements for progress and also harm some elements. It is important to know the Progressive productive cycle of elements.

Feng Shui Ba Gua has lines- termed Trigram , surrounding each of the sectors in the Ba Gua Map.Lines are two types, complete lines and broken lines. They each have Yin and Yang energies. The complete straight lines have strong Yang energy and broken lines are having Yin energy. 

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 While we take a look at the Feng Shui Ba Gua,we see colours, each representing to activate and nourish the corresponding sector.

1) Family and Auspicious New Beginnings, base with single line with two broken lines above this, symbolizing energy force to break open two lines and bring changes. Thunder.

2) Prosperity- Two Yang over One Yin.Wind, spreads prosperity and brings luck.

3) Fame and Reputation- Two strong Yang lines and in between a Yin line. Fire- making way for fame and your path in life.

4)Relationships Marriage Sector-Most Auspicious, charged with Feminine Mother Earth Energy, three Yin lines. Symbolizing relationships, nourishment, just like a Mother.

5) Creativity and Child Luck- Two strong Yang lines below, with a single Yin on top. Water , lake, a beautiful innocent child like energy. 

6) Mentor Travel Helpful people Sector- Very strong energy, three Yang lines, representing Heaven. Very important as Heaven luck is a strong force and the Blessings are always required to see any changes in life. 

7)Career , Life Journey, Self realization sector- One strong Yang line between two Yin, representing Water. Very important for flow of wealth and opportunities.

8) Education Wisdom Knowledge Luck sector- Two Yin lines at base with a strong Yang line, representing a Mountain. Important sector for realizing life goals, and working towards that.

9) The center of the Ba Gua Map an important sector for peace and well being- The Tao symbol, Universal symbol of Yin and Yang bringing in happiness, harmony and prosperity. Fascinated with the Ba Gua, you will see major changes happening,  when things start to fall in place, and bringing about a well being feeling, going with the flow, happiness, wealth, fame, all in balanced terms, It brings a feeling of complete happiness rather than just letting life pass by! Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is Feng Shui!

All the Best from Rizwana!

(All images are my original paintings displayed, All Paintings and Content Copyright© Rizwana A.Mundewadi Do not copy for fear of Karma!)




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