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The Everyday Super Hero

Real Life is a veil hidden by social media smiling faces. Don't get confused with need fulfilment, material things, big houses and luxurious cars with happiness! Smiling faces do not always mean they are happy.

Our aim in life has to be Contentment. There is a unspeakable deep peace with contentment,a zen, bliss.

Each day people go through struggles, visible and invisible which the world hardly knows. Being a healer opens up energies of others, you see through the invisible veil,empaths have a challenging role.

Celebrate each day with your little successes. Physically

Sick people struggle to get out of bed,each movement, each step may be such a big achievement, all that most of us" normal" as we term people hardly realise.

Mental health issues also are so challenging and not even close ones or families friends know.I urge you to own unique journey and specialness of yourself. Once you take charge, life does unfold beautifully. Allow Reiki to assist you with your inner challenge.





Be Hydrated

Eat Healthy

Do something good, even if it's just removing a banana peel from the path.

Smile-its ok to fake it sometimes in beginning, life will smile, and the Universe brings more joy

Each day, each step Each action, uplifting your life, My Blessings with you!

Be your own super hero! Own your own hidden power, Begin. ... take one day at a time....Do pat yourself when you take that little step... you deserve the praise.,I know how much joy it brings.

Whoever is reading, whatever you are going through,I want you to know, everything will be fine.

All the Best from Rizwana!

The Red Pilgrim

Reiki healing artist



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