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Disease Assistance Reiki art collection

Disease the term itself indicates to ease out, stop, calm down. Reiki is not a replacement to modern medicine but it has been scientifically proved to assists in healing all diseases faster. Immediate relief, immense benefits and wholistic healing happens with Reiki healing art.

Eye visions disease assistance reiki art
Eye visions disease assistance reiki art

Communication clarity speech Reiki assistance Tiny art

Gut Strength Bright Future

I embrace my sexuality

Tiny Reiki healing art cards to be laminated and placed nas bedside table art, under the pillow for maximum benefits for diseases health, can be carried in wallet /purse for continual healing benefits.

From following my heart I have painted specific intentions artworks. All art leads to happiness good health wealth and complete healing of mind body spirit. Art for Joyful living.

Welcome to my happiness art gallery, the Universe does not wish to see us in pain or suffer with diseases, you just have to tap the limitless resources effectively and correctly. All the Best from Rizwana!

Your's The Red Pilgrim

Professional reiki healing artists since year 2000. from India.



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