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Change your life from existing to actually experiencing love!7 tips for hanging Art above your bed

This Valentines' day gift yourself pure love! when we say love, never does anyone think twice. married people say they are living happily, single will say I am looking for a partner and then love will enter my life, and those young adolescents will say their crushes are their true love! Today I am challenging you that most of you have never experienced true love, many lead their full lives and yet have actually never understood or experienced true love. Suggestions in this post for choosing and hanging Art above your Bed. This is so important to beautify your bedroom and bring in loving energy and vibes of romance love and Reiki symbols help amplify this and spread it to your life. Your bedroom says so much about your relationship as a couple. Is it unkempt? are books, clothes, bed linen seen scattered? is your spouse side table and your side table with balanced objects? read this post that will change your love life from existing to actually experiencing pure love and joy!

Displaying symbols is an important part of feng shui symbolism and the Mystic Knot is one powerful feng shui cure to heal relationships and attract great relations.

Meaning of Mystic knot- Interesting symbol flowing from one starting point continuing with its energy and ending overlapping. the mystic knot also symbolizes a snake that eats its tail.

Thus symbolizing reality of life and death a cycle of life , birth and rebirth. One of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism this one is seen in many forms and art objects. From paintings to be displayed this Mystic knot symbol is seen in feng shui jewelry, gift articles, wind chimes, clothes prints as well as daily use objects with the image of the symbol.

Mystic knot or unending knot as it is termed has immense chi, and helps to attract happiness , prosperity and peace in any space. This also can be used to attract harmony in office space by making the environment active, and energetic, between employer and employees in harmony.

The precious Reiki symbol, Yin Yang balance. This is close to me as this symbol appears in many of my healing paintings. Reiki Love energy paintings for sale.

The text LOVE also is very good to display as wall art.

Chinese symbol calligraphy of the character loves is my favorite. It has immense symbolism.

You can go wild with imagination as there are ancient symbols for love, tribal symbols, bind runes for binding love and so much that you can utilize and heal your love now.

Two birds, or doves , tow ducks facing each other all bring in beautiful love energy. Choose any symbol that connects to your mind heart and soul.

7 Important Feng shuii tips to choose Above bed art-

1) Choose red, orange, pinks, Feng Shuii has a list of colours for love sector. You can go for a modern colour or your preference from this energy list. Here the tip for you is to avoid too much of red. however much we say that red indicates passion and hotness but in actual life the first response to red is always fire. In signal on road we see red as stop. The word danger is written in red. Use it sparingly. Preferred colours in art for bedroom are pink, orange, yellows, and that too they must be soothing and calming.

Remember feng shuii energy of bedroom is Yin, passive, relaxing, nourishing mother Gaia energy.

Experience live Reiki energy in this healing arts meditation video- Healthy sexual relationships with partner.

2) choose in pairs, always. The images in the painting, be it flowers, birds or squares, must always be in pairs. Even if you choose a large painting see that the characters, subjects are in pairs and please avoid too many birds in the painting above your bed. This brings shaky relationships who always wish to fly off. Single strong character in artwork indicates one dominating spouse which is not such a good energy for your home and relationship.

3) Subject of the artwork. see that the images are clearly indicating bonding. Raging bulls and angry elephants are symbolic of fire energy. which will lead to misunderstanding, arguments, and in some cases separation. I still am confused why people like the couple in rain and thunderstorms walking under a single umbrella!! why do you want storms and challenges always in the pathway of life? experience live flow of Reiki energy in this You Tube Channel The Red Pilgrim video finding your soul mate Reiki one minute video healing arts meditation 4) If there is a single object in the painting you can choose two frames. Two flower frames, two birds, but it's best to always remember with Bedroom Feng Shuii, in pairs. Do you know hanging a single flower, single bird, or single shape painting will bring in energy of singleness, solitude?

5) No over sized huge frames above headboard. It puts pressure on the couple. Above your bed actually is above you as you both sleep in terms of symbolism. No horses in Bedroom! No Elephants, No angry birds, No bulls, No Hawks or eagles, no thundering scenes, no dark skies, no swords, knifes. No sharp pointed geometric artworks.

6) Even if your Bedroom falls in the wealth sector you will not put water paintings here. Water brings flowy energy. water never stands still where ever it gets space it moves. Water pressures flow is affected by moon. Full moon energy in increasing so auspicious and waning moon is negative low energy. Also avoid moon in the paintings above your bed.

7) If your fame sector falls in Bedroom, choose colour red or Feng Shuii elements symbol for fire. Avoid fire image paintings above your bed.

Also Avoid having candles burning images above bed. Art in Bedroom is a sure shot to cure any relationship and are strongest love cures.

Also beneficial to rekindle the passion and desire for love between couples. Couples even on the verge of separation can save their relationship with simple Feng Shuii art , advice and activating Feng Shuii correctly. Try it, it works! You can add art in Bedroom as side table art too.

This is beautiful energy to have similar sized art frames on both side tables of your bed.

Now to the main point. Love yourself first. Your body is your temple. Your body parts, your skin, hair, eyes, stomach, kidneys, lungs, hart, everything is you. Your soul is you. Learn to tame your monkey brain and exercise, do a little pampering and give some more love to yourself today! Make your heart happy, then see how the world unfolds with its true beauty magically! Allow Reiki energy art to assist you in your life journey, from you to the real you!

Begin with healing yourself, loving your self first, only then will you be able to give love to someone else. Self affirmations Reiki Harth blessings short meditation video. I urge you to Try this for just a week daily once at anytime of your day. Trust me you will experience what true joy is, you will see your partner with a new perspective, for those single in search of soul mates you will find your mate with a new perspective! With pure love!

Hope this helps you!

Thank you for coming by Razarts! Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing You All The Best! A Healing Artist selling original art @ The Red Pilgrim's Razarts You Tuber The Red Pilgrim. Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading joy, health, wealth, love and success with my Reiki symbol healing Paintings!



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