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When you Suffer Use This as an Opportunity! Showing You Deliberate Minimalism pathway

"When you Suffer Use this as an Opportunity", listening to Robin Sharma videos on You Tube, very very inspiring, positive energy and full of point blank advice, workable! Since so many years coming to terms with inner and outer changes, here is a blissful life of self acceptance, confidence, self care first, loving others without expectations, peace harmony and contentment. The main goal of every soul is to be at peace with themselves. To have the contented feeling. Sharing some precious Gems here, Years since I first read his book Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, then loved it, read more of his works, Mastery over life , family, profession goals, etc. his quotes have influenced strongly every part of me and my life, when no one understood, I got all my answers here, from his books. and the rest is history! Thanks a Lot Robin Sharma, God Bless you! I cling to every book of Robin Sharma as a support system and guide even now, There is a ton of life changing information and my daily exercise time , Reiki, meditation, Thank you You Tube!

"If you are not uncomfortable , you are not doing much. Pursue discomfort. Focus, practice, discipline, grit, determination!" The many years of making art, from spiritual cubism, The red Pilgrim's journey with making healing art, striving with energy work, symbols, moving with abstracts and my precious Reiki, symbols, years of curiosity, unfurling of my inner self, and Thank you Robin Sharma for bringing this to my notice- Mozart in his early years made ordinary music, they were actually his practice years. though he was from a family of musicians, each person goes through their own emotional turmoils and lessons. , so if you notice the early works of Mozart, the beginning years of Mozart. (Robin Sharma) Success is not inherited, success is earned!

" 0.25 second window of opportunity. Choices, decisions." here is where all the fun lies! every step, each moment we keep making choices, knowingly or unknowingly. then why not go ahead and make those choices knowingly! Life over the years has been a delicate balance of choices I have made and still do. Its not easy, trust me, but its worth it!

"Deliberate minimalism", is what struck my this time and has been on since past many years in my thoughts,

"Mess Creates Stress" and going with Feng Shui, always striving each day to move closer to Zen, always questioning my thoughts, beliefs, and my surroundings, the life style of minimalism is Awesum!Working towards letting go of the many things unused since past few years, yes , even if they are good, precious, but have not been used, , so let go.

Minimalist lifestyle brings so much clarity and you will feel light ,peaceful and as if you are flying with life. I watched the water principle-those who struggle have a hard time learning to swim, once you let go, you begin to float, there is not struggle. Techniques need to be understood. I have to still learn swimming.

Emotional issues when healed help a lot to go about your day with great confidence and so also if your surroundings are well organized. My studio and my art, guess still needs to be well organized, but am sure as I am working towards this , soon everything will fall into proper place. Again this year, like last year, have burned some old paper paintings. It gives refreshing energy, helps heal the past, and also makes space for new art! I check them, clean them, refurbish some and remove some and of course inspiration continues to keep making some more healing art but have seriously need for more space, I do remember Picasso' quote- Give me a museum and I will fill it" same applies to me!

Minimalism is not empty homes, this mean each and every object placed has its need and use. If it has been unused for more than few years then remove it, give for charity or hand it to someone who may benefit from that ,instead of keeping them in your space. Remember each and every object, even a pillow cover unused takes up space in your mind and thoughts. Things left in your store rooms and cupboards may be of immense sue abnd help to someone needy. Think of the blessings you will get in return. You wonder why your life is not progressing? check those things that are decorated in your home space, not used, just requiring your time and maintenance, it is here that the blocks hold, you need to jot down these, move towards minimalistic lifestyle to experience true joy in life. Things start to change, money flows easily, career shoots up, relationships heal, try it, it works!

Inguz-Find a way where there is no way! Minimalist reiki calligraphy art
Inguz-Find a way where there is no way! Minimalist reiki calligraphy art

Marie Kondo the Kon marie technique has guided so many across the globe. Choosing minimalism and organizing every room with things that spark joy will bring drastic progress to your life. Space savers, space organizer are available on Amazon ,so many products, buy only those that fit in your home and lifestyle. Otherwise again you tend to go towards excess. Remember the mantra less is more!

Tiny home revolution brings so much beauty to the world with saving earth energies and yet giving a luxurious opulent lifestyle. Come up with tiny healing art revolution since many years, they are tiny red art cards with power-packed energy! check them here. You can place them farmed as bedside table art, wall art with ornamental frames, carry them in your purse or wallet, keep them under pillow for continued Reiki blessings.

Best bespoke art gifs ever for any occasion, Christmas gifts art #365dayschristmas, New years memorable gifts too share joy and Reiki blessings of goodluck.

Reiki energy art will take you towards what is best for you and abundant life. The total perspective to life changes, from victim attitude to leader attitude. You find your hidden power within and take charge of your life. You realize you always have a choice. Things shed as if the eagle shedding its feathers to bring out powerful new feathers wings to span even more higher levels of achievements!! take the challenge now and remove some things from your home, declutter and see what happens, share here if you need any inputs of how to start decluttering, you will be surprised at the results!

All the Best from Rizwana!

Much Gratitude and Thank you for coming by Razarts!

Hope this post has been of value to you, do share your opinion about minimalist life style.



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