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Money Debt Job Relationship Painting! Product Review by Buyers Tried & Tested Testimonial?

Latest Product Review: The Latest in The Affordable Reiki Art Sold art. Every Buyers expectations fulfilled with great results. Complete blessings combination artworks! It’s Finally Here! The Ideal Mechanic for Life Designing! @The Red Pilgrim's Razarts

Small sized bulk paintings order successfully completed on time

"Fifteen years back bought the beautiful artworks and yet working their Reiki Magic"! I

t feels so nice to be connected with my Art buyers and their happy emails keep me striving for more faster results with Reiki art.

"Debts are cleared and we both have a stable well paying job, Thank you"

Sold paintings by Rizwana

1)Your First Impressions- we were so happy to receive the paintings before the said date. Quick shipping and delivery by Rizwana.

The artworks were really well packed and secure when we received them.

Thank you Rizwana

Have you tested the results - immediately after receiving the artworks it felt so nice. As I touched the Reiki painting it was so soothing to me and brought peace.

We have Framed the paintings and hung according to your suggestions for best directions.

2) We didn't even know before that by hanging Paintings we can attract abundance and good luck. And these artworks are beautiful original hand painted so everyone loves to view original art as it is costly, this makes us feel happy.

3) Pros and Cons

Few years back one of my recent art buyer had mentioned they are costly and can't afford at present,I immediately suggested them to view my youtube channel videos to come out of their financial and job issues and they got excited and are sincere followers of my youtube channel The Red Pilgrim.Of course within a year they have purchased a combination of Reiki healing paintings for their home and office.

With Reiki paintings there is no fear of anything going wrong or overdose of energy. Positive energy is always uplifting and acts as a best friend.

Some buyers wanted me to repeat the same art as larger painting,but I couldn't do it. I cannot copy or replicate even my paintings. So every piece is unique bespoke painting!

4) The Final Score

With more than 23 years of experience in making reiki art I have gained a lot of knowledge with Symbolism, symbols and their effect on life.

Till date the rating is 10 on 10 for results and after service.

There have been no returns of any paintings as buyers communication through email is immediately answered by me. I also share extra images or sometimes negotiate for large sized paintings or combination of many paintings bought. So if you are interested in buying more paintings together,or bulk gift painting order with framed art, then do email me.

Please give reasonable time for shipping from India to foreign countries for any specific dates and occasions.

Thank you to my art buyers and blog readers, do leave a comment, and share your experience if you've bought my paintings .

All the Best from Rizwana!

The Red Pilgrim


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