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Symbols in Nature The White Hibiscuses Painting Story

Beautiful,only one of a kind! White Hibiscus flowers symbolic painting. Sharing one of the first artwroks I painted "Outstanding"

white hibiscus painting

My best inspiration is always from being close to nature from my terrace garden. Hibiscus flowers are growing happily and I have soft pink, white, yellow, orange,deep red and the auspicious layered hibiscus in my garden. Over the years of Gardening passionately I have grown many varieties of hibiscus flower plants. The layered, the shaded, the hybrid and the small size blooming Hibiscus flower plants. This love was bound to overflow in an artwork!.

Hibiscus flowers are considered a symbol for pleasing Gods and very often used as offerings in temples and religious  rites. As Red hibiscus flowers are always seen every where we have this white hibiscus flower plant, a delicate one which give absolutely breathtaking white pure blooms.As the flowers glow in the evening sky with setting sun as backdrop, I was inspired to paint them and capture the beauty of these angelic white hibiscus flowers on the canvas.

Orange Layered Hibiscus flower

Red Layered Hibiscus Flower from my Garden

Thus came "Symbols in nature The White Hibiscus " Symbols have been an important part of my healing paintings and here also in this artwork as I use color symbolism, white for purity and peace, so also I use Chinese symbols to represent happiness, longevity, wealth, good luck, wisdom, strength and love with many other symbols, on the whole which would bring prosperity and good luck to everyone. After trying so many times to use Crimson lake red here it gives an electrifying three dimensional effect with bright glowing antique copper color. 

Sharing the artwork photo and some close up images of this beautiful flowers painting.

The hibiscus against the metallic deep maroon give a somewhat glowing effect. I made a combination of reds and metallic gold, metallic bronze to get the effect. There are immensely beautiful Chinese symbols written in raw calligraphy style without any direction. The artwork is a combination of symbolism and floral art style. Immense powerful symbolism with this beautiful nature inspired artwork. The artwork is small sized but very beautiful and goes well in any urban decor home or office. Of course being a bespoke artwork it has tons of Goodluck!

Buy this painting- Symbols in Nature The White Hibiscuses also do check how the artwork looks in urban modern decor rooms displayed and close up of the painting.

Thank you so much for coming by Razarts!

All the Best from Rizwana ! Your's The Red Pilgrim!

Making healing art since year 2000 @Razarts.



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