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The View One of My Best Artwork!

Little did I know about cubism then..this is one of my best artworks till date ,2023. "The View" mystical, spiritual,interesting,deep cubism. The painting was a representative artwork, dreams, which actually got fulfilled, so it is really true that visionary artists exist. Those who draw dreams and make plans for future, futuristic artist. There is a sort of innocence in all of my artworks as they are made without any guidance ,in moments of solitude and quiet.

As I enter deep into each canvas or paper, the world actually stands still.

The interesting artwork is open to interpretation and is a good conversation piece for any opulent living room of home.

Sharing some close up details photos of this painting . The artwork is in very good condition in year 2023.

"The View" is an oil on canvas painting. Size is 27x38 inches. Year 2002.

You can imagine the interesting forms that will take you to an inner voyage and a world journey as well. From boats, people, fruits and dominating colour, blue symbolising the element water. The flow of water, strength and flexibility of water and my favourite birth element, being an aquarian.

At that time I also painted small artworks in a collection of five artworks-"Windows of the Soul" oil on canvas Blue. 12.5x15 inches oil on canvas

you can check few precious paintings here in this cubism collection

The view is so beautiful, it draws the viewer deep into peace and interesting forms as your eye moves from one stroke to other trying to make sense, understand, the symbolism behind the artists vision.

The painting is original, will be shipped as a roll. The price mentioned is all in one, all inclusive of packing and shipping anywhere around the globe where DHL courier ships.

Thank you for coming by Razarts!

Have a Blessed Day from Rizwana!

Your's The Red Pilgrim

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