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Reiki Purple Fire for Protection 9 Different easy ways to protect home from negative energies

Reiki purple violet fire is so beautiful energy it will purify any space and bring in harmonious energy with positive vibes. sharing in this post about Reiki fire and easy symbols and cures to protect your home and office from negativity and you will notice abundance opening up in your life. This is my first painting year 2000 with experiencing the cold fire, violet fire, large canvas abstract surrealism painting.

year 2000 old artwork Cold fire
year 2000 old artwork Cold fire

Contemporary Reiki fire painting
Contemporary Reiki fire painting

As I did my third degree with energy reiki, the Reiki violet flame was always by my side. the visual colour and fire energy, cold fire always works wonders. Every mediation and healing session had this cold fire with me and it helped me also a lot. Later years as I studied more about Reiki higher levels symbols Karuna reiki came up the Violet fire symbol. The symbol is like a leaf shape with divine balance inside. the reiki violet fire symbol has to be written as with smooth strokes in one direction flow.

ancient symbols of protection pot painting
ancient symbols of protection pot painting

Your front entrance Feng Shui is the main energy source your home gets nourishment from. If you knew how powerful this energy here is in affecting your complete life, you would pounce on it and make the damn changes now!

my entryway garden
my entryway garden(budgies don't stay here -they rule our home!)

The mouth of your home, take care of this!

outside door mirror cracked with evil eye energy
outside door mirror cracked with evil eye energy

What is negative energy?

Most of the negativity comes from the main door and can enter in any form, from people, sounds, breeze, dirt, smell or even a simple image or constantly open neighbors front door. Some people feel restless with banging while neighbors closing doors, thus creating shar poison arrows, which affects health and total happiness at home. Energy leaks are the most important cause of draining energy in all sectors especially wealth.

entrance feng shuii evil eye cures
entrance feng shuii evil eye cures

Then there may be a pillar in front of your main door, a huge tree blocking the view of your house (most dangerous feng shii) , electricity box again red alert symbol feng shui, steps and ladders going down , or concrete wall bang right opposite the main door thus blocking energy from entering your home. It can also be the view from outside that produces poison arrows like barren land, dumping grounds, funeral ground ,stp plant, recycling plants etc. . Each time you view it, it makes you feel uncomfortable and blocked.

snake plant best evil eye protection plant
snake plant best evil eye protection plant

Poison arrows are simply put things, object, or sounds that make us feel restless, uncomfortable, and thus affect our peace of mind, and in general our health , sleep, and happiness of our family. This may also be related to some one coming from outside that frequently bring in negative energy stress, quarrels or bickering. Space clearing for any space Live Reiki healing arts meditation video and this one video Quieten the evil eye negative home spirits

Sharing simple easy cures that you can follow without much expenses for protection from negativity-

evil eye tree painting The Red Pilgrim
evil eye tree painting The Red Pilgrim

May the force, light be with you! star wars movie mantra always works! While feng shui is all about harmony and balance, use positive energy to counteract negativity. It is true, positive energy is always stronger and will overcome whatever you are facing. Allow the Universe to assist you with open heart and positive intentions.

9 simple yet very effective feng shui cures for the main door feng shui shared for your benefit.

1) Some people use feng shui mirrors reflect energy back to the source, a very powerful feng shui cure for protection, but prefer to not encourage this as the positive energy also may be stopped from entering and in many case it has been seen that the extreme energy reflected back to the source, their own evil eye energy, affects them as in ill health, hospitalization and even moving out of the neighbors from the locality.

2) now for some happy energy cures, use white, color white in any form, it is the purest form of energy that can repel any negativity! color the outside panels door vibrant clean white, main door white, just see how powerful this is, very good protection for main door.

3) use strong lights, very powerful feng shui cure to repel negativity. Above your main door if you hang modern contemporary chandeliers that brightens your main entrance beautifully. Focused lighting lamps over/side of main door also are good.

This neutralizes the negative energy right outside and makes the person entering feel relaxed and happy.

4) use wind chimes they are the best to make the energy fresh and moving at your front door. Sound is a great feng shui cure. People have bells that are musical, welcoming chi, there is also what I love the antique door handles that have to be knocked by the guest and this immediately activates feng shuii chi. If you can have paper hangings/torans that move with wind and this is good to deflect negative energy.

5) Use happy symbols, a good name plate with symbols of hope love and wealth protection are really good. Go with universal symbols instead of religious symbols to welcome everyone in your life and home. some happy colorful art, smileys, happy home images, colorful wall hangings, ribbons that move with the wind, that will bring a smile from every viewer, thus neutralizing the negative energy before it enters your home. Rainbow art, healing art, religious symbols have strong protective energies. Symbols of healing when viewed , colors relax the mind, art soothes, and is a great stress buster.

Block them! reiki evil eye artwork in progress
Block them! reiki evil eye artwork in progress

6) My favorite point- and I always keep sharing about my passion for gardening on my Garden care simplified blog. use green plants, they are the most powerful feng shui tools to attract positive energy , just take care that they are green! dead plants very bad feng shui energy and may affect adversely to your home and family. I have noticed with personal experience that plants do die with negative touch and evil eye falling upon your home. So do take care of this. I hang the Goodluck Bamboo plants in wall containers so that everyone can't touch these. And please don't grow money plant outside main door entrances- if people steal- rob these money plants or they die this will affect your wealth incoming and money luck.

7) Water, another powerful symbol in feng shui and a strong feng shui cure to attract wealth, good luck, prosperity, and also acts as a protector from negative energy entering your home. A water fountain, bird bath or just a wide mouthed bowl with water can take away most negative energy and dissociate this outside the main door, thus bringing only positive energy inside your home. If you feel negative influences put a bowl of water outside your door and keep exchanging it for clean within every three days, you will see powerful water purify your space.

8) Salt -such a powerful cure. Use rock salt or ordinary crystal salt in ceramic or glass bowl, hide this from others view. this absorbs all the negative energy from any space. Mop floor with salt water or throw few crystals outside main door for protection.

9) Reiki powerful visualization and art. Rituals are also important and especially Indian do pooja and religious mantra rituals for protection from evil eye and bad times. The simplest way is visualization with Reiki symbols, reiki art, or meditating with specific intentions for protection and purification energy blessings. I have many videos on YouTube Channel and instead of wasting time you can activate life luck energies by experiencing live Reiki flow.

There is so much connection in unblocking negative energy and opening up abundance flow. Feng shui is a great energy to attract good luck, health, wealth and fame , happiness, relationships and mentor luck, knowing just the right place for the right things can work wonders to your life!

So many people email about wealth money luck cures and tips. answering every email with practical tips according to your profession, yes, each profession ahs different specific feng shuii cures to follow for fast results. People, while you do want wealth, are you prepared for wealth, do you really want wealth, as many people when I advice in detail about the feng shuii cures, some hardly read my answers and still go on repeating the same old questions, of wealth draining ,losses in businesses and past failures!

If you are willing to try Feng shui with an open mind it can create miracles! try it... it works!

Your "BUT" is the reason for the financial losses and hurdles even after feng shuing your place with simple cures. You yourself are the first reason to stop the incoming of wealth in your life. You are not convinced that you deserve wealth, so try to change your beliefs and thoughts first, the rest luck will follow.

short healing arts mediation video.

If you say, we tried this and that and that and still the problem persists, and that you can't do this, or you don't deserve a salary of "five figures dollars" per month, or you are not qualified, then you need to change the situation gradually in the way you can, the Universe assists those who try. start with clear mind and keep repeating the wealth affirmations, it works.

Evil eye protection cures have been used since ancient times and more so we require them to day to block negativity from people, environment and even family abuses and family's curses that block our progress. Simple cures do work wonders and magically open up new opportunities, healthy relationship and wealth flow.

Thank you for reading this post and your precious time, hope this post has been of value to you. Any questions? write in comments.

All the Best from Rizwana !

Your's The Red Pilgrim

Professional Reiki healing artist India

Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading Reiki energy with the world by my Reiki symbol spiritual healing paintings.



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