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How to Heal People Surrounding You- Negative People Around in Family Practical Healing Tips

The most challenging part in anyone's life, being affected negatively by family. Family cannot be changed and this is the most powerful energy support you get for life assistance sometimes people feel these are the ones hindering their progress. Healing much also at times does not heal, so at times we have to create a protective shield to maintain harmony. How to Heal People Surrounding You, one of the most important part of healing inquiry coming. Unknowingly we all feel that the other person is to blame, The other partner's energy is imbalanced or the parent is too frustrated.

It becomes difficult to heal people if they do not accept their own life, their own issues and their own karmic blocks.

In healing the first lesson we understand that nothing is separate from us, all are connected. Nothing happens without a purpose, the universe does not have chaos, everything is planned, every incident has a purpose. Some come as friends and some come as teachers. Remember for the person to bring out bad words and bitterness they are from inside suffering a lot hence the outward expression of such energy. Once you bring in compassion and understanding their perspective life a little bit smoothens out.

While in my past posts I have stressed on the individual themselves planning all incidents in the outer most template and then things happening after a few weeks or month or years. It is also true that the universal energy has the upper hand and all past life energy or karmic influences of past that may have some how been carried over in this life may be the reason in blocking your progress in all aspects of life, Reiki symbols are a way to connect to the higher power.

People surrounding you may be the cause of unhappiness, loss of wealth, ill health, anger, frustrations, fear and many more that affects the whole family. Usually these are blacks in heart chakra that lead to such bitternesses. Reiki Mai yur ma is a magical symbol to open up heart to compassion self acceptance self love and to give and receive love freely. Karmic blocks, family curses also affect your life seriously hindering all progresses. It is true that while in job or external people you can move away or avoid these situations and people but in family it is not and you keep getting exposed to the negative influences which affects your physical health and mental peace and in fact wealth and relationships too.

From medical point get them medically checked for hormone imbalances, physiological disease, and other health issues. Usually imbalances lead to anger irritability and restless behavior, which is easily treatable with modern medicines. A healthy lifestyle and good diet too may help out at times.

These simple Reiki healing energy tips I am sharing for your benefit since if you are here finding information about this. Understand that healing is a long patient process but it works.

1) Try to understand the anger, frustration, fear behind the individual concerned. Reasoning the causes and understanding their energy imbalance of chakras will help you to help them better, and also give you loads of patience in dealing with them. Try to understand yourself and your behavior.

Reiki for Cherophobia Fear of experiencing happiness Reiki healing arts mediation video You Tube

2) If this does not work for you try to sit directly in front of the negative angry irritable family member. Negative Energy or poison arrows strike in straight line, curved energy dissolves and dilutes. This tip is very helpful if you start practicing.

3) Now comes the healing part where you need lots of good karma. If you really wish to help them, Try to balance the other persons energy by visualizing that they have a golden thread connecting them to God, higher force, universe. All problems are related to Hara Line imbalance and healers are trained to balance this energy thus bringing about a well balanced energy. You too can visualize for the betterment of your family member.

4) Then another important tip to protect you from negative energy when all has failed, is to imagine a golden thread connecting you to the member from the naval, this is the seat of connection will all individuals. Now visualize that you are cutting this cord. This is the most powerful healing energy tip and you will see drastic immediate results, as they will cease to affect you negatively and you can deal with them and help them in a much better way detached.

5) Feng shui helps miraculously in making all your space in balance, elements work wonders to your personal chi and life. Heal the relationships area with feng shui cures and see the results. Centre of your home needs peace symbols and clutter free environment. Choose east and north east for such angry people to bring harmonious energy.

Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort for everything else can be healed, do not stop medication and medical therapy while beginning healing therapy. Reiki can assist in better understanding, acceptance and finding quicker ways for healing your body and your soul, thus bringing about total healing for you and the people surrounding you. Symbols used with positive intentions can unblock negative energies, visualization and viewing two powerful methods of healing your self and continuing to heal.

Physical emotional and psychological diseases and sickness, need medicines and therapy, along with emotional energy healing, get a direction for what is best medical therapy and individual opens up to the acceptance of healing themselves thus bringing about healing faster.

Do share your experiences and healing issues with negative people, maybe together we can find a way, and also how you have learned to deal with negative people, especially close ones and family.

Hope this helps!

How long does healing art take to show changes

How long will we be able to see changes after we hang the healing art?

Healing art commissioned artworks are done using specific symbols, colors and sacred geometry shapes to find the best healing pattern for your life.

While I use guidance from my personal spirit guides in making an healing artwork and it may at times also be different than textual meaning and symbolism.

The time required for changes to be seen, begins from the time you connect with me. It is the sign of the universe that you are guided to my website, something good is on the way for healing your issues. Many mention miraculous changes with even free Reiki videos I put out there for the world. The time you hang the healing art on your walls in the best direction I guide you for, the healing begins, symbols and colors begin their work. In some people who really love the symbols, healing art shows drastic results within few days.

Money wealth are the easiest I find to bring attractions with my art, the difficult healings for me are karmic blocks and soul healings that are stubborn energy. Then it can begin from third day to three weeks where you will understand the higher power and higher energies and will find a way and direction for which purpose the healing art has been made.

It is so true that with modern medicines and practitioners we never ask how long and will it show results ,we try them and consider the person qualified as authority. Healers and healing artists usually are asked for miraculous results and how long the therapy is required, how long will the healing art take to show changes, and I am game for it! My past two decades have been to strive to bring faster results with my healing paintings. these are a combination of symbols, ancient, sacred codes, sigils, cultural symbols of power strength wealth happiness home magic family's blessings, bonding's, love magic, academic, opportunities careers, best paying jobs, evil eye protection, break family's curses, healing soul, self empowerment, abundance, baby luck, and prosperity. being a visionary artists , futuristic, there is so much I have to paint and so much I have to share with my symbols and reiki energy!

Just one statement- The more love respect you show to the healing art and healing symbols the more manifolds love they give back and faster the results.

God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!

Your's The Red Pilgrim!! Reiki healing artist India.

a professional symbolist painter, healing artist since year 2000 selling original art to spread Reiki energy with the world, health wealth and Joy through my spiritual symbol paintings! Buy Spiritual paintings for Peace Happiness Health and Wealth



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