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Why do people bully? Reiki protection assistance art from being bullied!story of why I painted that

Being bullied, most, in fact all of use remember the childhood memories of being bullied by seniors, elders, teachers, class mates, siblings, friends, and which may continue in later life at work place, in relationships, in marriage. Some may be just for fun but some could have been really heart breaking which develops so much fear and anger that may lead a person to be spiteful, angry, irritable, abusive, manipulative and what not.. In this post a deep insight into why people bully? forms of disguised bullying (which you did not know till now) , how to help or assist with healing art for both-the bully and the one being bullied? and also forgiveness energy to help heal such people to bring harmony.

By bullying I want to bring to attention that it is not only mean "ragging" those may be very cruel experiences that may have left scars for life. people facing such experiences are so fearful and broken within that they find it difficult to face real life situations and in this inner falling apart attract even more of such bullies in life.

I want to assist with breaking this though patterns now and allow Reiki art to bring in strength, confidence and the "I can overcome it" and come out of this fears to lead a happy joyful life. Why people bully? they are actually the most suffering people within. They have so much going on in their life which they can't face so this becomes an outlet for them-to bully others. This understanding is very essential to break the chain patterns of hatred and continuing to do the same to others. Yes, being bullied during childhood may affect the person himself/herself becoming a bully in later life as a sort of rebel, revenge, striking back to their past experiences. Here they don't realize that they are doing the same-scarring other person for life.

Bullying is not just verbal and physical. It is also disguised in form of comments, taunting, whispering negative talk, spreading rumors', back biting, making the person feel low and guilty of something, making the person feel incapable to face life, bringing extra challenges to make the person feel confused, and breaking their confidence. These sort of hidden demons are everywhere. This is much evolved bullying which happens in every household in relationships and especially in-laws. Nagging is also a sort of bullying.

Physically being abused will need counselling , external support, maybe medication along with regular distance Reiki sessions with Reiki healing art to work for their benefits. Here we are focusing on the emotional aspect of the bully and the one being bullied since I have deeply studied about the working of Reiki Se He Ki and Zonar, Harth symbols that help a lot.

You will notice I have been mentioning both every time, because the person who is a bully is also in deep emotional and karmic pain. If you have a person in your family remember they need healing first to break this patterns of bullying.

Children are the most soft targets and so are physically and mentally challenged people, and my heart goes out for them because they are helpless and sometimes the ones they need support and trust from, are the ones bullying them! maybe even parents, friends, class mates or relatives. As we bring Reiki energy in their life there is a push of energy to break thought patterns and bring confidence and supportive encouraging friends in their lives. Senior citizens too may face such bullying from family as well as care takers. And it can also be the other way that seniors bully their children in name of karma and religion. Reiki opens up mystical ways and I always say that Reiki is not a replacement for modern medicine but as you will notice, it works. This is a shield of protection from the Universe for your loved ones and as the energy brings transformation we notice peace, reduced episodes and when nothing changes the person is removed from your life suddenly by the Universe as she opens blessings for you. Buddha quoted" be kind for everyone is going through their own struggles which we are not aware of "

First step-bringing in karuna and compassion for the bully is very essential for you to forgive. Then the inner work continues to develop faith, trust and be open to give and receive love again. Karmic lessons continue till we heal so we desperately need to break the thought karmic patterns otherwise they continue and keep continuing for later lives. Each one is a soul and as we see children sometimes we laugh saying they are talking like elders or behaving like grand parents, this is actually true. Souls are very aged, and those children maybe some senior souls in this body on the journey of life now. Remember when you find a challenging person, think about their soul and what purpose they may have come here, you will find many answers. You begin to ease this and work upon with Reiki behind you and the Universe ready to assist you and things situations gradually begin to change for your best.

We have to bring families closer with Reiki, have healthy boundaries and develop respect for every individual. Being heard and listened is very important, so also being able to talk freely with someone. Nowadays with nuclear families there is no one to confide with and people continue to break down inside and imagine these two broken souls getting married and then bringing children-they will continue the same negative thought patterns and behaviors unknowingly or knowingly. We have to begin healing fast to bring joy to the world.

Experience live flow of Reiki energy with my YouTube video- Reiki healing arts meditation Protection from being bullied

I am just a Channel to transfer energy, a link between, the action will be on your side and things will change, trust the process and be open to receiving!!

Praying that bullies heal and we have them disappear bringing in healthy happy well-adjusted human beings that only bring joy to everyone. We have to heal families, we have to bring experiences that will spread love confidence and trust between families. We have to heal the extended circles of relatives and friends. We have to heal every bully and bring them to think why they do it and stop them from repeating such acts.

story behind my tiny art cards of intentions for bullying_ Came up with deeper thoughts of how to spread energies fast-Dining areas and family eating times are best for bonding physically as well as heal for health wealth and joy. My beautiful artworks collection Golden Tea Times for family bonding and joy.

I have been blessed with understanding family and few really good teachers who mentored me in life so also my reiki teacher who has unfolded my life beautifully then and later I got my wings that lead me everywhere to best knowledge. Creativity flows through me easily, so also reiki energy. Solitude is absolutely essential. Each one has been bullied in life, there were those other forms of bullying... that led me to make healing art. "A healer is the light she wishes she had during her times of darkness...healing takes time...

came up with this exclusive artwork- we r all a little broken.. and that's ok..that's ok...

Then I made Kintsugi-the art of golden joinery. In Japanese culture they believe broken pots are more worthy and costly. fascinated with that technique to work upon inner self- I realized there is no black and white, there is a lot of grey in every story so we have to stop judging people. We have to heal ourselves, then everything externally falls into place!!!

Kintsugi the Buddha Way-Reiki healing art for sale
Kintsugi the Buddha Way-Reiki healing art for sale

My life journey has been a more inner one. We fight demons that are invisible, walls that are invisible and follow rituals as well as behaviors that are taught without keeping in minds our best inner peace. We follow and we follow without realizing that we are breaking within.. the most graceful well mannered and always smiling face, an example for everyone, people have their own inner struggles. As I did Reiki in year 2000 my life started to change, i began realizing, unfolding layers of my self, opening up ,questioning, doubting, speaking my mind and the rest is history as art came into my life and then came symbols and the power of symbols. Deeper energy work needs a lot of guidance otherwise people go mad with the powers. Absolute grounding energy is required and so also being pure hearted and even then most healers get attacked by negativity trying to work upon someone else's karma.

People in inner pain ,I would see were like dead people walking, they were living, eating, sleeping, enjoying parties.. but there were no dreams. Each soul needs to find their soul purpose.

I dream of a world full of love and harmony as I painted the artwork My Planet of Love in year 2000...retouched in year 2015.. Artwork is in Good Condition in Year 2021..and I continue the vision...

Thank you for coming by Razarts!

All the Best from Rizwana!

The Red Pilgrim,

Healing artist India.



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