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Powerful Activation Symbol Writing Goddess energy Sigil

The Magic of triple coiled beautiful Cho Ku Rei Reiki symbol. Sharing beautiful energy symbol for bringing out your hidden power. You will feel like a Goddess. We have a lot of importance for Goddess energy in healing. This does not only refer to feminine energy or for women. Here I am stating that the chi, powerful energy, is the Goddess energy with super powers. Sometimes when you keep continuing the meditations and healings a moment comes when you feel absolutely blissful, things start moving according to your wish and those that don't you know are not meant for you. The powers need to be controlled as Kundalini awakening leads to many people having nervous breakdowns, going and, going delusional, having hallucinations, which the outside world people do not accept. The energy needs to be controlled with guided guru or good teacher.

Symbols of power especially the Cho Ku Rei is a wild horse energy symbol. You can just go from ashes to success if the symbol gives you love. Reading and researching on power of symbols, there are ancient wiccan symbols, that bring immense power surge. I have written these few symbols with my fingers directly dipped in paint in minimalist calligraphy healing artworks. Ancient healers witches, magic people, sorcerers used to write runes and symbols using blood but that is too much bloody energy for a pure soul healer like me. I choose, I want to go the white light energy way with joy. And of course the symbols have intentions and power to follow the intent put in. Spreading health wealth and joy to the world is my intent and those who search for find me.

Sigils are lines written in specific formations and clear intentions. These are of immense energy and writing sigils with clarity brings forthe wishes. Bind runes were used in ancient time's and have resurrected now again with spreading their energies around to those who search for. Special Sigils written, I usually have a combination of symbols, brings the best chi to move ahead, break karmic blocks and open up energy flow. Remember there is an energy cycle, it has to keep moving.. just like our chakras, they have to keep spinning in harmony with proper speed to bring in good health and peace. Here I write Bind runes for personal power.

Check beautiful details of this One hundred flying birds painting asmr art YouTube video Awesum feng shui power of flying birds painting can be displayed in home or office and brings heavenly blessings in form of helpful friends, good mentors guides , opportunities and career success. One Hundred Flying Birds Cubism painting buy here.

Flight of Zodiacs I Have The Aura of a Goddess!women empowerment art
Flight of Zodiacs I Have The Aura of a Goddess!women empowerment art

Sigils can be written with clear intentions by anyone who wishes to the Universe with pure heart. From money needs, relationship healing to getting dream job and good mentors ,heart soul healing, personal energy activation and disease heal faster, you can attract and ask for anything and be open to receiving. Write on paper and keep them under your pillow for wish fulfillment. Burn the paper and fly away the ashes in the wind and forget about this, allow the Universe to fulfill this. You can also write on bay leaf-very powerful method- and burn this for instant wish fulfillment.

Try it it works!!! Affirm!!! Give the symbols some love and you will get back manifolds!!

If you would like my guidance do mention in comment or email me. I would be happy to guide you with your life journey using reiki symbol art.

Much Gratitude! Thank you for your precious time here!

The Red Pilgrim



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