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If You woke up today Lucky You! Much gratitude! Many didn't!! Breast Cancer Awareness Funding

Many didn't wake up today... being alive is actually considering yourself lucky from the millions of people who wind their day and do not wake up...Beginning this year 2023 with much gratitude.. losing the most precious person in my is unpredictable.. life is a moment.. live it fully. If you have parents, a loving family, make the most of this life on earth!

My personal blessing to each one of you, if you are struggling with any life issues, allow reiki into your life, everything is really easy, wealth, health, breaking curses, unblocking financial blocks, abundance in every aspect of your life.

Every sale major part of money was used to go to health benefits, eye operations, women empowerment, the struggles of women.. now there is added Cancer awareness and funds to know and lesser known organizations. Those who do publicity do get funds but there are so many genuine organizations and individuals who are doing selfless work in many fields, we have to find them and encourage them to keep doing the good work.

As for myself I can fund my art and have been painting since year 2000 continuing my soul purpose journey with making healing art. Excluding Shipping costs and some material costs most part of every healing painting sale will be shared with known and lesser known cancer organizations, especially breast cancer in women.

Thank you so much for connecting with my Reiki healing art.

Many Blessings for a Amazing Best Year of your life, make this 2023 along with Reiki by your side!

The Universe has everything in abundance.. you just have to tap this correctly.

Health Wealth Peace Prosperity Contentment!

The Red Pilgrim

Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading Reiki energy with the world through my spiritual symbol healing paintings.



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