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Cancer disease energy reasons Reiki prayer Ritual to ease heal and improve quality of life

Breast cancer and so many different types of cancer are affecting many and the reasons are jotted to unhealthy lifestyle, stress and too much exposure to radiations and harmful air environmental and digital pollutants. From Reiki point of view cancer is linked to karmic energy and once healed there is immense improvement in quality of life.

Sharing here few energy karmic reasons with why cancer shows up suddenly in patients and how to ease these, hope this post is of value to you. *I do not promise Reiki treats cancer but surely Reiki assists in a healthy lifestyle wellness and improved quality of life. I am not a medical practitioner, just a simple soul, all information is from reading and experiencing energy effects from reiki symbols. they love me ,my symbols.

Awareness is still so primitive about Cancer, people get shocked and lose hope on knowing about the disease onset, this is not death, there is life beyond with right type of treatments and Reiki to be by your side. Many survivors have improved immensely with reiki along with modern medications and have reduced chemotherapy's sessions side effects and are living improved quality of life, some cancer free. The cancer is spreading so fast almost every day we hear about many people getting affected by some type of cancer. Oral, mouth, stomach, abdomen, brain, breast etc. Tumors form suddenly and make your body their home. It is you who have to communicate with them with lots of love and respect.

Be aware that the body never ever suddenly brings any disease.. it will warn you many times. So whenever you see a cancer patient be assured that they have neglected the calls and shouts from there body and their soul and hence repeatedly warnings going unnoticed the body finally gives up the battle to cancer and they win! These cancer cells need to be healed and that too on time. Infections, stress, hereditary history, genes, challenging situations can sometimes trigger the eruptions of tumors. check the Cancer survivor prayer below.

October month is dedicated to the warriors, the survivors and the fighters who have sprung to life and are living in the moment enjoying life to the fullest. I have seen a few ones closely and my heart overflows with so much love and respect for the survivors. The long battle against cancer is not only faced by the person but also their close ones. Its a trial and a karmic journey that all surrounding us go through with us.

While some give away and Passover ... there are many today who smile at life even with the chemotherapy and the diet and medications they do have the courage to smile back at life and spread joy everywhere. Few months back a very close relative passed away surviving years of cancer, treatments and yet the life journey was so fruitful. Along with modern allopathic medications, Ayurveda medicines and diet choices, choosing a healthy lifestyle and a healthy positive attitude surely helps in going a long way in healing any chronic disease, even battling Cancer. There are some close friends and their spirit is really admirable, giving me a question as to the inner chaos is more hurtful or the external cancer disease?. I cannot give due weight age to chronic serious diseases, mental health or unknown invisible diseases. Each one on their own spiritual journey, and it also brings out the question, do we really choose our battles? When we say we are responsible for our sicknesses, our situations.. are we to blame for the chronic diseases that we are going through? And then, why would some one choose to experience pain? why would some one choose hard trails and not pick up easy ones? The answer lies not in so much simple texts, but also in one word, karma. While reading ancient Reiki healing books, and past life experiences, how they may get carried over in next life, how energy gets stuck up, how there are energy blocks even for the most efficient and adjustable happy people, wondering and yet the answers elude me, but there is peace. Answers emerge at the right time always, never early and never late. Cancer especially breast cancer has its roots in motherhood and your mother, maternal roots. The symbol of motherhood, letting go of something so precious, Breast removal may be the only healing step many times and the trauma and change is a difficult one for any women. Nowadays the improved technology helps to remove the tumors from breast without taking off the complete breast. The later journey after surgery is also painful with social acceptance, false silicon breasts available help conceal this in social dressings.

Stomach the solar plexus chakra imbalance, sexual chakra , the root chakra and throat cancer oral mouth cancer too is related to speech and clarity of thoughts.

Mouth cancer is related to the many times you wanted to speak but kept quiet. many start addictions of excessive smoking eating gutkha and paan betel nut which obsessively eating can trigger cancer growth. Cause is deeper, not speaking with ease. Stomach cancer happens due to holding of emotions inside. Remember the acid that helps digest your food when goes excessive can even burn the lining from within and this happens with cancer cells finding home in your body due to your unhealthy food habits, that too due to stress and lifestyle issues. Brain tumors have links to past experience and incidents blockages that are embedded inside. With reiki we explain that cells have memory and this can be carried over from past life, from prenatal inside womb experiences of mother, surgery and assisted, delivery with operation, pregnancy's traumas, from early childhood traumas. Neck may show tumors due to undue unnecessary responsibilities and stress that the energy gets blocked and accumulates here and thus brings in cells growth of cancer.

Many times guilt or hurting someone, using bad language or simply taking away someone's opportunities may triggers the latent guilt energy within and start the onset of serious disease. I have seen so many reasons there can not be any specific, so i request you to stop the blaming self or other game and take change of your life. Any disease is a shout out form your body and your soul.. learn to listen.. accept and heal this while you have time, one life ,. live with joy! What is Awesome is those who accept and move ahead have such strong vibes of pure glowing aura and beauty within and out. The body is a carrier, remember this, a boat, to travel our soul journeys. Take care of your body as a temple. The soul is your God within, power within. Each one, has it within. learn to Tap it! What does a Reiki healer do for cancer Patients? Giving Reiki healing to cancer patients helps them to be at ease with self and others. Brings inner and outer self acceptance. heals the heart to convert all traumas into a totally different perspective, that of positivity and bliss. Reiki energy by the healer helps to connect to the Universal life force, the source of unlimited energy, to improve quality of life.

The Reiki healer has to be very grounded and healthy to conduct sessions as the energies are strong and aura plucking, aura cleansing is challenging task especially if the patient is strongly in negative denial anger mode. Being an empath is really very challenging, I have stopped giving direct reiki since I started making healing art from year 2000. Sometimes on special cases I do distance reiki sessions but most times I chose solitude, I attach too much negativity soon being a pure hollow channel. Some therapists give Reiki every week, some for once in fifteen days and the sessions go on depending upon each individual case and how the healee responds to the energy and achieves self direction.

Self acceptance is more than half the battle won against cancer. Once you accept, you stop blaming, you take charge of treatments and medications and you are open to receiving the energy, thus to heal. In the process of healing the healee's may undergo spiritual purge, emotional outbursts, and even times of low feelings , that is actually awareness of the present situation. How does Reiki Healing Art assist in cancer affected people? Energy healing art hung in patients bedroom or near the hospital bed is a recurrent source of repeated energy flow. Not only do the visual symbols help people to visualize the blessings coming their way but also the constant energy flow helps them feel refreshed and positive. their attitude changes from that of depression to a open minded one, they are willing to take complete treatments, they are guided to the best treatments for them, and they also take charge of their life to bring about positive healthy changes. Do not feel life will be a bed of roses, it never is even for anyone, cancer is a strong friend , talk to the cells , make friends, accept and request them to let go with ease. the journey no doubt is full of trials each day, but just look at your best friend besides you, the Reiki energy art will keep assisting you in ways unknown to our mind source. While previously the cancer patient may be depressed and giving up on life and avoiding to take medical treatments, now they will themselves have the will to survive and act upon this.

Reiki Prayer Ritual for cancer patients-

Request the cancer cells in meditation. Thank them from your heart for coming up in your body and you life to teach you serious life lessons. With much gratitude imagine a pink healing light surround your body and your soul completely transforming all anger hatred into pure love. Request the cells to be healthy and give them light from the Universe, request them to leave your body. They have taken a space in your body cells as renters and made that their home. We have to request them to leave graciously.

This works faster clearer with reiki energy art as symbols and sacred codes bring in an automated energy assistance. Harmonizing the cells with pink of health. Reiki also helps to accept yourself as you are. This is most powerful energy, to stop blaming self for the disease and to allow the Universe to heal you by being alongside and not against the healing energies. The emotional trauma after the cancer treatment/operation is also more. With cultures laying so much importance on physical body and physical body, the disfigurement many times makes a hole in their life and patients avoid social contact. here reiki art assists you with improving confidence and self acceptance. you are guided from within to look at the bigger picture of life. you find a change in perspective and begin to be in a mode of thankfulness, gratitude, in the mode of welcoming grace. Reiki energy art assists in improving quality of life and in the long run heals all other issues that you are going through. So if you have the intention put up for a cancer patient and hang the Reiki painting for this, Reiki will do that for you and the patient. but also will help to heal the patients inner fears, relationship issues, bring harmony in body and space making them more approachable, loving, understanding, and open to communicate to. While the mornings of going for treatments is stressful, you will now find new energy and assurance that all will be ok, all will be good! and yes, all does be good ! The times of convincing them to take medications will be gone, they will understand why you care for them and why they must take responsibility of their health, thus become open to take medications and modern treatments for cancer. And more so, the people caring for the cancer patients too find energy boost, confidence and are able to care for the patient with a new ease.

I am not a medical practitioner, I follow my intuitions and gut and my spirit guides guidance's and they have never let me down. have read in past years before making artworks about diseases and reiki doing my third degree Reiki was a curious step starting to find links with diseases and chakras and my teacher would smile off and now today I understand, it is not just one chakra to heal it is so much more a combined effort and energy combinations of symbols for faster results. Reiki healing art Mastery comes with practicing effects and reading about various combinations. Some cancer information about disease, physiological part, is from my husband who is a senior Ayurveda consultant Dr A.A.Mundewadi. Does Reiki heal Cancer? Reiki healing energy art is in no way a replacement to modern medical treatment. one must never stop medications or treatments abruptly or on any healer's advice. While people keep battling cancer the progress today is that after operations and removal of cancer cells many patients lead a healthy lifestyle on maintenance medications and choice of healthy diet and healthy activity lifestyle. In the long run treatments may reduce, and in the Reiki masters books with therapy sessions and past life blocks removal they have successes in bringing miraculous results. I am an amateur compared to the ancient Reiki Masters, but I do assure you, life becomes more beautiful, life will never be the same! You will find a new energy

sure, a new confidence, and live a good quality of life!

You Tube free Reiki energy assisting Asmr no sound video for Cancer patients- Cancer Reiki assistance energize every cell to optimal health One minute short Reiki healing art meditations videos for specific intentions surely help and are free on my you Tube Channel The Red Pilgrim

Most all of my healing paintings are focused to bring health wealth and success. I have specific intentions affirmation artworks also with combined symbols and energies.

Check these specific Reiki healing art works for cancer patients.

What does Reiki healing art do in Cancer disease? it will set the puzzle right! setting all the pieces together, and making the puzzle picture complete! here comes reiki as the life transformer. The best friend who knows what is good for you ,better than you know. For those who have with open heart allowed Reiki in their lives have experienced improvement faster and much better and also preventing the spreading of disease and recurrence.

You are here, thanks for your time for reading this post on Cancer and Reiki, whatever you are going through today, may you be blessed with a fresh Reiki hope booster Now!

The Red Pilgrim
The Red Pilgrim

you are too gentle dear, Walk the earth with new confidence, You are beautiful inside and out!

God Bless from Rizwana! Your's The Red Pilgrim!

Professional Reiki healing artist since year 2000.



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