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How I do Feng Shui Consultations for Analyzing Placement of your paintings and Reiki Services Offer

Feng Shui Consultations and Advice for Analyzing your paintings this post today has come up with so many emails everyday that I am pressed for time to do justice to all. With blogging since year 2010 and my Google Feng shui blog followers , Razarts followers, there are many followers who have repeatedly asked for advice to attract wealth relationships and I have done so sincerely. There are also artists and art buyers who send images of different artworks to be analyzed and I have till date done this for free but have stopped since year 2022. I have also stopped sending distance Reiki for free and writing reiki letters for free.

The process I follow is very vast and needs a lot of my precious time and knowledge. Feng shuing your home and office the right way attracts best results and opens new doors towards success and prosperity. Advice on feng shuii is free in tons on Google but must be used with caution. Feng shui seems so simple but is a very vast tricky subject and as one will work out adding simple cures there are a whole lot of links and connecting energies that will work upon your life and karma. Isn't it true that everyone would have had windfalls of money if these cures were the only aspect for success. It is always a combination, I tell everyone, nothing is hidden, I also share free energy meditation videos for so many intentions and many have and are benefitting from these free YouTube videos.

Reading books and surfing the internet for various sites will give you some idea of simple feng shui cures, and art placement suggestions. While you apply many different types of feng shui cures, its a science that has been handed over since ancient times and a not so simple one. For all those who email me, you know I share long emails with detailed advice for so many sectors. Because it is actually a bigger picture, I have to work with all combinations to show you fast results with life changing Feng shui.

The old feng shui Masters trust the laws of nature and believe that the five elements, dominating our life energy and environment are most important. Living nearer to earth helps to attract earth and ground level luck. Heaven luck can be attracted by following feng shui cures that are relevant to activate air signs and symbols. Then there is mankind luck, your personal luck factor that also affects your life source and success in every aspect of your life. So you will understand that feng shuii is not just about shifting furniture, adding few sculptures of Laughing Buddha and Horses or having a fish tank with loads of gold fishes! it is so much more. And of course not just combination, we have to find the best combinations. That is where a Good feng shuii consultant and one who is well experienced helps.

I have to meditate, that is another aspect I am facing issues being an empath is also challenging as we tend to attract negative energies sometimes which is a difficult loop to come out of. find the details of the clients, also work upon their personality lucky number, colours and best sector in their home and office. As my guides suggest I may share dates and even shirt colors for interviews! I have also been challenged by some people mentioning different healers and I have gracefully mentioned never to mix energies and advice from different healers. Then many times I get different answers where people read on the internet and ask, but my intuitions guidance may be different, so I always go with my gut !

Activating one sector of your home or office does give a small push in that particular direction but as well all realize life and all the five elements are inter linked. It is difficult to see results, drastic results by activating only one sector of your home or office. It goes down to details to each and every aspect , object in your house to see miraculous feng shui energy results. When all the elements are in perfect harmony then also sometimes there is a lack of will, self luck that can unknowingly hinder progress.

Each private consultation involves three queries and emails only.

When we talk of feng shui its a much much larger vast science and too much more than wind chimes, Laughing Buddha statues, Water fountains and Bamboo plants!

There is 33% Earth Luck , 33% Heaven Luck and 33% Mankind Luck and then the 1% yes, that is most important, it is the Universe as she wishes. we have to please her first!!! Thanking you so much with immense Gratitude!

heartfelt- At times I have responded to every email within few hours but personally this is becoming too much with many people sending about fifteen to twenty painting photos of horses and asking advice for which to buy, where to hang these and then the queries emails seem never ending. As they go window sopping they send whatsapp messages and trust me I have joined except two family groups and I do not follow many over social media too because I have dedicated my complete energy and time to making healing art. Trust me, unless you give 100% you will not see the results! Please respect my time , and hence I have stopped giving free advice about feng shui cures and consultations about feng shui cures placement and feng shui paintings analysis , sorry to mention because these people go ahead and buy hundreds of dollars artworks, have luxurious homes, and then say to me that my art is what they cannot afford due to financial crunch! Leaving aside these, I do know where genuine help is needed and will continue doing my bit till whenever possible for free. Charities and donations are given irrespective of art sales and upon every sale a amount is handed over to women and children health and empowerment. Spoil me with loyalty I can finance myself!

Correct Placement of paintings too is a important part. Hanging best feng shui painting in wrong direction or room will bring differing results and also mess the intentions. Galloping horses paintings at entrance moving out will take away all energy wealth and even the family members will feel highly stressed and spend more time outside of home. In fact most wealth losses are related to wrong placement of feng shui cures and art. If you hang three objects paintings above your bed a third person entry in relationships is bound to happen. I have seen businesses crash and go bankrupt with dried landscape and sun set paintings and eagles and vultures in galloping horse paintings as backgrounds. People have gone on verge of separation by hanging art near entrances that have nigara water falls and large water flowing scenery photos.

Analyzing the hidden symbolism hence is important. these images send messages to your brain and even one stroke that hurts your eye from the painting or a few small dried leaves in the landscape can mar all the results and can be a sore thumb in seeing good results from your feng shui painting. People have also got confused by abstract art hung in north east losing focus on goals and lacking clarity of what to do next in life. On looking at their home photos I have got shocking interpretations from photos, where people have hung dead peoples photo's framed above their bed in bedroom and even in south west sectors.

I also have become experienced now and earlier I used to wonder how come feng shui advice with simple cures is not giving results, but then I realized there is so much more. People hoard broken furniture outside main doors and blocks prosperity and growth and then wonder why wealth is not coming their way? and that why family members are always falling sick? did you know outside home junk affects kidney and liver? check out and find out yourself!

Cho Ku Rei is a seal of assurance and promise from the Universe that whatever is going on in your life, whatever the conditions, whatever the trials, whatever the environment, LOVE will win! from physical to emotional to environmental issues start with pure heart and clear intentions, All that remains is LOVE! and life will finally smile at you!

Thinking about this.. sharing my joy, can't stop saying its praises... I really don't know which came first the color pink that I painted brought happiness or happiness brought the color pink in my life but surely Rose quartz did change my life beautifully!

Rose Quartz ball Raw Amethyst and Quartz gemstoness
Rose Quartz ball Raw Amethyst and Quartz gemstoness

Pink the color of compassion and pure love brings about a change in your environment and your mind. The soul actually knows what is meant for but it is the mind that has to be quietened. A lot of heart healing paintings , mai yur ma symbol, opening the heart to give and receive love, and still I continue with these lovely awesum symbols! I love gemstones and also blog about the powers and effects of stones on my Google blog Obsessed Over Stones. A beautiful most precious healing gemstone Rose quartz comes in a soothing pink form and helps heal the heart chakra. Mine has shielded me a lot since many years taking blow after blow of negative arrows, chipped corners, yet it acts as a soothing balm and my friend for me. I keep adding necklaces, finger rings, pyramids and latest is this huge ball of Rose Quartz stone. Gemstones act as protectors and guides , especially if you find the right one, sometimes it can be your birth stone but not always. Rose quartz develops acceptance, confidence, forgiveness, and thus bring about a positive change in your life. The assurance from the Universe and spirit guides It will heal.. the soothing painting beautiful pink harth.

I Choose a Life of Joy! Reiki Harth symbol painting
I Choose a Life of Joy! Reiki Harth symbol painting

so many have found their life joy's connecting with Reiki art, have you yours? choose your intentions and get your's made now! get your customized reiki healing painting!

If you would like my online healing services email me.

1) Cost of Distance Reiki session is $150,(predecided time for fifteen to 20 minutes session)

2) For analyzing hidden symbolism of your painting and best placement advice $150, three free email queries after the report.

3) Reiki letter with your list of wishes $ 100 ( you send your wishes and I write them along with the seal of approval and send you the image photo to be taken as print out and kept in your wallet, under your sleeping pillow or your home / office drawer.

4) Predecided Distance Reiki for positive outcomes request from the universe before a challenging meeting or function $150.

5) Sending a Reiki goodluck painting as gift can be gift wrapped and sent on your mentioned address to whom so ever you wish. Give me sufficient time of twenty days for packing and shipping artwork from India if the occasion is on specific date.

6) Gift hampers of paintings are also allowed and I do give concessions on bulk orders for abstract without any symbol goodluck paintings that are framed and ready gifts. You can also share your logo or special messages especially brand and corporate gifting's, that will be stuck behind every painting to be packed as gifts.

gifting abstract paintings framed and packed-customized bulk order
gifting abstract paintings framed and packed-customized bulk order

Small abstract paintings gifts  bulk order
Small abstract paintings gifts bulk order

Thank you for coming by Razarts!

All the Best from Rizwana/Your's The Red Pilgrim!

A Reiki Healing Artist Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading Reiki energy with the world by my spiritual symbol healing paintings.

All Paintings and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved © 2000-2022 Rizwana A.Mundewadi



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