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Fantastic Mobile Apps for Displaying Paintings, View Online Advantages and Disadvantages

So beautiful displays of my paintings in urban modern decor rooms. You can see how my paintings will look with furniture on walls in modern homes. Creative juices flowing of The Red Pilgrim, painting over the interesting subjects of different intentions years with Reiki and Feng shui , having some more creative fun with latest mobile apps! Art of framing paintings online! Art is a powerful tool to visualize and achieve dreams. Working over this about the power of Healing art, art has immense powers to transform life!

Mobile Painting display Apps and Online Art framing apps are so beautiful and while some are free there are some programs and apps that are paid for, like exhibiting art online in a virtual exhibition of paintings. Art Rooms is a fantastic app which has paid membership with awesumly beautiful rooms where we artists can display our paintings online and share these images on social media. I have added a lot of paintings with additional images of art displayed in modern decor rooms. The best part is they have to fill up size of artwork displayed hence we get to see how proportionate the artwork will look with modern sofa ,bed and furniture. we get some perspective of the size of the painting here. Though I always make it a point to add exact size dimensions in description below every painting so that you can know how big or small the painting for sale is.

Paintings viewed in decor apps are amazing and  like we use any photographs of our family and outings we can also use these framing options to frame the images of our paintings in different modern decor images.  

Ask any artist,we would love to see all our artworks framed and on the walls!each painting is precious and made with love, and the beauty of seeing them in a rich frame and hanging on a wall of an art lover, irreplaceable happiness!Pure Joy for a artist! I always request my art buyers to share photos of framed paintings displayed in their space and it gives me so much happiness.

About the latest mobile art display and art framing apps, they have so many creative framing options. right from Vintage to classic black and white frames, to creative frames and wooden frames. This way we get to see how the paintings will look after framing and we also can choose the right type of frame and mount to bring out the best beauty in our paintings. It is also beneficial if you are an art buyer as you get to see the visual display of art online in a decor space.

Different rooms, different types of modern decor rooms and how those artworks go along or stand out in the space. I love these apps as they bring out the visual beauty of my healing art more. And its loads of fun, a creative break from paints and canvasses yet in touch with my souls passion!

Best Advantages of Framing Paintings and Art Display in Decor Apps-

1) You see the final picture how art will look after framing

2) You get to choose colors and material for framing and thus can try various combinations for the best results. No financial losses of a mismatched frame!

3) You get creative decor ideas with choosing art as the focal point in your room. Umpteen possibilities with the painting image. 

4) Enjoying the enhanced artwork look, yes framing is also a very very important part of enhancing the beauty in a painting. It suddenly looks as if well dressed up! 

5) You can frame all your art! that is So Awesum! As my paintings are so many, more than 2000, I can frame them with these online frames and present them. 

6) With modern decor you get ideas to choose your room furniture items and also ideas of how to arrange art on wall.

7) Before committing to buy any paintings you get to visualise how the size is and how it will look with furniture and other items knick knacks.

8) Wall colours can also be chosen accordingly as you see what goes well with the art displayed. Gives you an idea for your wall colours.

9) Display apps guide you as to how the painting will look, if it is small you can choose to buy combination of paintings. If large size you know there may not be space for any other art on that wall.

Disadvantages of Mobile Art Framing and Art in Modern decor Apps-

1) Its just an mobile painting framing app. Size and space is just a measure and not appropriate. So a small painting may look like a large sized artwork and a large painting may look small in the mobile app frame. Most paid memberships apps are specific with size but free apps art displays can be misleading to the buyers.

2) The reference is just a frame and decor app, so you as an artist will need to choose photos of painting that go well with that decor picture. Like the Roses and Valentines Photo framing App, frames only on romance and love will go well here! There are specific interior decor apps for art to be displayed ,choosing those helps but wrong apps will only spoil the look of your artworks.

3) Always think and see that this is just a visual virtual display and not in any way will be proportionate in size, exact colours may not be displayed in photos and also the textures and feel of original art cannot be felt in apps displays. this display is just for reference and creative fun basis, so if you love some painting do find out the correct information about the original size of the painting. 

4) From the images if you get creative decor ideas ,well that is great! But do be prepared as the results may vary with every object you add in reality.The decor app is a program and in reality the objects my or may not work out, here you will have to follow your gut feelings. Remember this is just an idea of how the painting will look in that decor and real feel may be different.

5) Sometimes the painting images in frames app, are resized and small.Yes the apps are small so we need to resize and make the images smaller,which may have an effect on the display photo of the painting. It may get blurred and also lose some colors also. In case you are an artist do try to share the digital large sized image to the buyer for better information. I usually share photos as extra images of artwork in progress so you get a better understanding of the journey of how the painting is made. Also you may see that I share images of close up details of large sized canvasses which my go unnoticed in photos and virtual art display with apps. If you are a art buyer do ask the artist and clarify about the size , backgrounds and colors in the paintings before clicking the buy now button!

No doubt the virtual art display apps are fantastic when you choose paid apps. They have fantastic furniture rooms and you can display your painting in living rooms, bedroom, kitchen, dining rooms, entrances, offices, etc. You will see I share my paintings in different decor rooms and you can choose to hang them in any room as they have beautiful reiki positive energy that attracts abundance and goodluck!

Hope this helps! Enjoy and Have Some Fun Living with My Art!

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