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Ritual of Forgiveness step by step and video! Reiki Chinese symbols of Forgiveness

Symbols of forgiveness, when displayed can help alleviate healing. Forgiveness says you are given another chance for a new beginning. Quotes and thoughts expressed by famous motivational speakers and spiritual leaders all come down to one word, forgiveness. Buddhism and Taoism has its basis on this gentle yet very powerful energy of forgiveness. This is the most beautiful word that I have noticed helps one to accept so many things, people , situations and self. Forgiveness opens new energies for us to clear the past battles and negative blocks and opens us for a welcoming new vibrant future.

The first post of this blessed New Year I have not begun with the general wishes but with the ultimate blessing for you!

Forgive others not because they deserve it but for setting yourself free! you deserve peace

Forgiveness is a gift that you give to yourself

Forgiveness does not change the past but it does enlarge the future

Chinese symbols are special characters that are written with strokes , lines, that form an image in themselves. A simple character has a long explanation and meaning in words. Beautiful symbols help to connect the mind and brain to focus on the images. Understanding symbolism behind these helps the mind body and spirit to heal faster. A gradual progress in my art, from simple shapes to lines to symbols have brought about a spiritual healing from within and thus making me open up as a channel to spread healing. The one word changes lives. Forgiveness comes only after a long process of acceptance of every human being is going through their own battles, life journey. Holding a grudge makes you bitter, irritable and always stressful. Darkness cannot heal, only light can. It takes a really strong person to say I forgive and to move on. To respect yourself with compassion and the other and move with grace ahead.

Forgiving some one is the most difficult thing and that one barrier that stops progress. Trust me it is not easy to come out of this trap. You may feel you have forgiven but the bitterness comes up with every challenging situation and you relapse into the same mode. Forgiveness is an ongoing gradual and conscious process which you always keep choosing and prioritizing. Forgiveness does not mean that you have to become friends with those who hurt you. It is just that things don't matter so much after the heart accepts. In fact there is a different type of feeling, emotion for those who have done wrong or somehow affected your life adversely. I have come to understand and accept that each one is just playing their own role. Just what has been given to them. Its just a matter of luck some come as friends and some as teachers! You suddenly feel that the past really doesn't matter much. Forget the past but don't forget the lessons it taught you. otherwise you will keep attracting the same experiences.

Reiki has helped me a lot in overcoming my life struggles...once that I was so quiet , people notice I have bloomed into an Awesum individual! expressing yourself is the ultimate victory for self and relationships and your life in general. Art has opened up a way to heal myself and then spread the energy to those who search for it. Learning to find the right words and saying them in an assertive tone, being firm and clear in what you want , accepting self with all its flaws and diamond glowing assets, and asking for your needs without getting angry with self or others. You deserve it!

Observing and surrounding your self with symbols are a great reminder for your life journey and helps to keep focus in life.

As you mention forgiveness everyone seems to remember of some one who has done you wrong, who has let you down, who has said bitter hurtful words, not done justice to your rights, abused you or let you down in some way. What about self? think about this. One of the main hurdles is people never think from this perspective. Have you forgiven yourself? Does the mind chatter repeat about yourself being less, being incompetent, being less than others. That too is a step within that wills top you from reaching your soul purpose.

YouTube video for daily meditation self affirmations beautiful energy. Begin each day with Reiki Harth Blessings! I am enough!

Ritual for forgiveness-

1) sit in a quiet place. have at least thirty minutes of alone time without any disturbance.

2) Request the Universe to assist you with this ritual of forgiveness for your personal growth.

3) If you are a mediation person you may have connected to your spirit guides. if not, you can simply speak in soft tome, I request my spirit guides to assist me in life from here.

4) Think about what hurts' you most and makes you bitter. It may be times when you have not spoken out, taken abuse in different forms, maybe some have gone through rape sexual abuse and more violent challenging experiences,

5) If the Person who hurt you did you wrong is alive or dead, visualize the person in front of you. If you find this difficult have the photo. If that too is difficult imagine a hazy figure in front of you.

6) Look at them, let the emotions flow. It is ok to become bitter, feel the blood gushing within, feel the pulse rate increasing, feel the emotions come up and flow as tears.

7) You will go deep within and the questions coming up will be why me? why me? why me? could it have been different? is all my fault that I have gone through this? did I attract this negative experience? let the questions come up.

8) Allow the symbol Harth energy here. Self acceptance. Whatever happened was not your fault but maybe the Universe has written certain lessons in your life. Some past journeys' some past karmic lessons, past life experiences that needed to be healed in this life. I really don't know what answers you will get because each one has their own journey to cross.

9) Take a deep breath and let go. That all was the past. I forgive I forgive I forgive

10) send self and the person some pure energy white light. If the person is alive they will feel this surge of white energy, trust me on that!

11) come out of this! snap! let go!'

12) Final step move hand over your body and feel the energy of pure light into every cell moving with joy. Drink a glass of plain water after this.

The ritual is not easy and it may take you many times to come out of your pain. If you need assistance let me know, I will send free Distance Reiki to assist you with this step off forgiveness. Repeat this ritual regularly for few days. And you may tend to go into the daily rut so you will need to keep repeating this maybe in few weeks or months again. Once these blocks are dissolved you will find life flowing easily. I do not promise that life will become a bed of roses, it is just that you will have a new energy, a great perspective towards life striations and self and you will face challenges with confidence and poise.

My personal statement regarding forgiveness- Do the ritual for yourself and set yourself free. Remember those people who hurt you are on their own journey so do not try to change or correct them. And sometimes not all situations have an answer, maybe not all relationships are meant to be healed, so you may not see any changes even after regular Reiki healings, ....let go...let them be as they are. You move ahead with your life with peace and joy!

Reiki symbols that will assist you are Harth Se He Ki and of course my favorite triple coiled symbol, Cho Ku Rei.

Chinese symbol for forgiveness

Forgive , to pardon, the Pictogram, Chinese symbol of forgiveness, suggests that heart is made for forgiveness. putting yourself in others shoes, understanding and thus bringing about an energy of letting go. My healing art is always a beautiful energy combination of Reiki symbols, Sigil markings, Symbolic Colours for therapy and Chinese Characters.

Remember when you forgive you heal and when you let go you grow!

Wising You a Very Healthy Happy 2021! one with Joy!

Thank you and God Bless from Rizwana!

Your's The Red Pilgrim!



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