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Symbolism of Harth Pure Reiki Symbol For Developing Love Compassion!

Till date with Reiki practice since twenty years my favourite and a pure Reiki symbol Harth is the best.

Pink Soothing Reiki Small Size Calligraphy Healing painting
Pink Soothing Reiki Small Size 9.5x13.5 inches Calligraphy Healing painting(available for sale)

Trust me this one symbol can miraculously change your life and allow you to experience true joy and bliss. the terms true joy, soul purpose are never understood fully. This symbol also helped me to connect with my spirit guide and once they connect you keep getting that inner voice guidance from them. (this is not easy, but you have to keep the love and respect, once they connect it is like having a magical genie by your side!) I did follow my fantasy and painted the Genie vases which I have not uploaded. Since few months I have closed by FASO website of 6 and half years old, and started a new website by wix and in process of uploading the many beautiful artworks from my limitless collections. So sign up for my new art alerts.

A little bit of how this one came into my life. I had begun painting since year 2000 and once displayed my cubism art in a group exhibitions. Then I went within. No one knew I painted and had thousands of artworks. Symbols came up after few years and then the rest is history, becoming a Reiki artist a symbolist is so healing! Harth was never seen I only painted Cho Ku Rei and Se he Ki symbols. Even now I have very few of Dai Ko myo or Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen artworks. Karuna Reiki started to flow and then followed the symbols. Harth was the first entry and she stayed and is still so by my side always. I strived to open up my chakras with daily meditations and gave free healings to anyone who emailed me through my Google blogs, so many unknown people have benefited by my free Reiki sessions that were done after my morning prayers. Then somehow this Harth came up with my art and now I have many artworks with this symbol. She came to assistance with my pure dedication and persistence. It is not easy, trust me on that to get the love from symbols. There also came up the beautiful abstract My Green Tara, the Tibetan Buddhism Goddess Tara. The abstract just came up and then later I researched about understanding why I painted this and found out her blessings. and then symbols started to come up one after another and now after practicing healing art since twenty years as Reiki Master, I continue to spread the healing energies with the world through my paintings.

I am full of Confidence! Reiki Harth and Sigil Calligraphy abstract art
I am full of Confidence! Reiki Harth and Sigil Calligraphy abstract available for sale

Try this symbol art and then you will experience life with a new lens of energy. Reiki symbols are many from basic Cho Ku Rei, Se He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Dai K Myo, that are in themselves sufficient for any life healing.

Karuna Reiki symbols are higher level symbols. A different perspective of living with Reiki flow, with Karuna, that is compassion and love for self and others. Harth means love truth and beauty. in the moment of thankfulness, gratitude and blessings of grace, all issues of the heart, emotional or physical linked to heart. This symbols helps to restore balance and brings about a healing at deeper levels. At the karmic levels this symbol can heal and remove blocks of energy and past negative karma.

This symbol is very good to heal people who have frequent mental and psychic attacks and stress in life. It helps to remove the delusions and face life with new energy.

The best use of this symbol is when you display the painting in a special room be it your puja room or private study or your bedroom where you can see the symbol and absorb its effects daily. The symbol used in healing paintings are soothing and will calm the mind of all tensions.

The symbol has to be painted with special  correct knowledge of Karuna Reiki ,directions and strokes have to be in order. With each painting stroke in sequence the harth symbol emits love and healing. It is true that all reiki symbols are very powerful but each Reiki master will be comfortable with some special ones of the total symbols. We use few symbols during healing and for special problems there are special symbols. Though it has been said time and again that symbols are not an essential part of Reiki healing I do love a few important symbols that come up in my paintings. So this one seems to appear a lot in many of my healing artworks. I have also come up with specific combinations of symbols for fast results. Check out my You Tube Channel The Red Pilgrim for more than 100 free energy videos. Reiki One minute Healing arts meditations, Daily Ritual Videos.

This one seems to be loving me more, the beautiful Harth, and has been in my healing paintings more often coming up unexpectedly. In fact I think almost in all my symbol artworks.

Harth has given me immense love and has helped me over come life struggles, inner and outer. One of the most beautiful symbols, I love her and she loves me back manifolds! Yes, a SHE, strong feminine energy and the symbol assists in connecting you with your true self. if you are cranky, irritable, angry person this one will bring you back to your original soul state, that of peace, harmony and joy. Harth connects directly to the inner motherly energies, Mary symbol is also for this purpose, each soul has and also to the Tibetan Buddhist Goddess of compassion Kwan Yin. Whatever your beliefs this will open the gateway to experience pure love and compassion. Harth assists in life journey, that which is meant for you but is blocked. Heart healing is very very important for your progress. You may have all the material things but trust me if your heart is bitter and not satisfied this will keep affecting your health and relationships.

In relationships the symbol harth brings understanding and trust. This assists in healing and growing healthy , flourishing of all relationships in your life. Get ready to activate all your chakras since every chakra needs to open up and this symbol along with other beautiful reiki symbols opens up chakras to receive bright fresh energy light. I always use a combination of Zonar, Se he Ki and Cho Ku Rei to activate best energies and they work. By self acceptance and Compassion I mean you cannot erase the past or forget it, but your perspective changes, you become more forgiving, more understanding towards others and also yourself. Over the years I have learnt that Self hurt and self anger is the most crucial hurdle in life progress. So much begins to heal once this first step is healed, and Harth does this beautifully. You understand the puzzle pieces, you understand the purpose the Universe brought some struggles in your life and you understand people come in your life for a friends or as teachers.

Untitled! Develop Love and Compassion Small modern artwork Sold to a Mumbai Art lover
Untitled! Develop Love and Compassion Small modern artwork Sold to a Mumbai Art lover

Symbols that have embedded in my life and my art are working for me and help me to spread the joy of healing around the globe. With Loads of love and Immense Joy to you, may you heal for a better and Vibrant Future!

Karuna Reiki Rays! Keys to Higher Realm Sold to Indian art lover
Karuna Reiki Rays! Keys to Higher Realm Sold to Indian art lover

Thank you for coming by Razarts!

All the Best from The Red Pilgrim! Rizwana!

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