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Halu a Beautiful Pure Reiki Symbol For Protection and Mind Activation

Halu represents protection on physical, mental and psychic levels. This symbols helps to restore balance and brings about a healing at deeper levels. At the karmic levels this symbol can heal and remove blocks of energy and past negative karma. The symbol is really beautiful and works also powerfully. Use it for five days and see the immediate difference!

This symbol is very good to heal people who have frequent mental and psychic attacks and stress in life. It helps to remove the delusions and face life with new energy. You will also notice that your personality grows strong and you become more assertive and authoritative in your life. no one can manipulate or bully you.

The best use of this symbol is when you display the painting in a special room be it your puja room or private study or your bedroom where you can see the symbol and absorb its effects daily. You can also display the healing art in your office. The symbol used in healing paintings are soothing and will calm the mind of all tensions. Halu balances your spiritual life energy and materialistic life energy.

The symbol has to be written / painted with special directions and strokes have to be in order. watch the video. With each painting stroke in sequence the halu symbol emits love and healing. It is true that all reiki symbols are very powerful but each Reiki Master will be comfortable with some of the total symbols. We use few symbols during healing and for special problems there are special symbols. And I have come up with my special combinations, watch my You Tube Channel videos' for free Daily Ritual reiki healing arts meditations and One minute Short Reiki meditations videos for different life aspects. Though it has been said time and again that symbols are not an essential part of reiki healing I do love a few important symbols that come up in my paintings. So this one seems to appear a lot in many of my healing artworks.

This one seems to be loving me more and has been in my healing paintings more often coming up unexpectedly.

You will see the base of Halu is Zonar, this symbol is an extension of Zonar. A Karuna Reiki symbol Halu each step flows in the right direction watch this video. The symbol brings angelic blessings to your assistance. Protects from being manipulated, negative influences from people or energies and environment. The pyramid shape amplifies mental energy. It is like a cap on top of heads, ancient symbolism of the cap was protective head gear cloth to conserve and protect brain energy leak from crown chakra. Ra! Reiki Eye of protection painting for sale.

Art display are just for representative purposes, for buying please do check the exact size and details on the link.

Halu works upon the upper chakras the crown third eye throat and heart chakra. Archangel Raphael known as the angel of light assists. You can call upon the angel in situations of negativity, facing people you are uncomfortable with, or have a gathering where you feel you tend to get negative vibes. The symbol is a beautiful Karuna Reiki symbol and works wonders as protective energy. In every situation when you request symbols you also request your spirit guides as they are always by your side. If you have connected to my art remember the energies surround you to protect and allow only what is good for your future.

Here is a minimalist Reiki symbol Calligraphy Halu artwork Black Golden only symbols. "Restore balance and unfurl inner beauty in me"

For getting a customized wish fulfillment painting you can share about your dreams, visions of future, goals that are immediate that is short term and long term goals and of course the results begin immediately as you display the healing art on your walls in your space right from day one. For the success of healing art you will need the right feng shui colors, right feng shui sacred shapes, right feng shui images and healing symbols as well as the best place directions for displaying your healing art for maximum benefits soon. I also do complete total abstracts, writing the combination and then covering with paints, for those who do not connect with visual symbols.

One of my Best artworks! Halu!
One of my Best artworks! Halu!13.5x20.5 inches

The Golden hand Print! The Red Pilgrim Hand Print!
The Golden Hand Print! The Red Pilgrim Hand Print!

Halu reiki painting for sale ! 11x15 inches on art paper.
Halu! I bring happiness to those around me! 11x15 inches on art paper.

Results with healing art may vary but it sure only leads to your betterment from your past life. As some who have wanted fame are given a space where family and friends love and help them, this also is a way of the universe making you popular. Then as people strongly want wealth, wealth in healing and Reiki is not a object, not just money or cash, it is a by product where you get good work opportunities and returns from your work. Wealth is a vast term, relationships that are happy is wealth. Having a good spacious feng shui home is wealth. Having assets and investments is wealth as you are guided by healing energy to invest wisely and get long term benefits.

My original Reiki symbol Paintings in this post are available for sale.

For getting a customized wish fulfillment painting email me at

Wish fulfillment Paintings begin from $ 250 for a acrylic on 12x12 inches canvas board and can go to $ 1000 for 50x50 inches or more depending upon the size of the artwork you require and the energies, symbols needed to work towards success in your life.

All the Best from Rizwana!

Your's The Red Pilgrim! Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading hope beauty joy to the world , redesigning lives with art, Reiki symbol healing art!

All Paintings and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved including making prints © 2000-2020 Rizwana A.Mundewadi Do not copy for fear of karma!



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