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Reiki Simplified Meaning and History of Reiki, Why Reiki Must not be Given Free

I thank my teacher for guiding me to this white light. Pure Universal life force, guiding me towards the light. Reiki blessings.

Cho Ku Rei! Power Switch Reiki Symbol
Cho Ku Rei! Power Switch Reiki Symbol

What is Reiki? - Reiki is an ancient healing technique to use hands as channels to direct the Universal life force into any other energy object or soul. This is energy transfer. Can be physically by given directly Reiki using both hands touching technique or also can be given as Distance Reiki with visualization and intentions. Reiki can travel to any distances and the energy can reach wherever the intent put up by the Reiki Master. Some Reiki Masters use symbols but it is not necessary or compulsory in this healing therapy. I love symbols and have found immense benefits personally as well as for my art buyers with precious Reiki symbols. Especially Cho Ku Rei has showered me with immense love and never let me down in any issue. Buy healing paintings.

History of Reiki-

Founded by Dr. Mikao Usui in the mid 18th century. The miraculous power of Reiki is well known and has universal appeal. The history of Reiki dates back to many centuries and was used by many to heal health and other problems. This method of healing is also termed as 'laying of hands technique' or the 'healing touch'. The white light is the healing source which is accessed from the universe. Even Jesus used this healing energy to heal lepers, which is mentioned in history.

One of the students of Dr. Usi inquired about this healing technique and he was not able to answer. Thus he went in search of this healing method and energy universal force. After travelling far east, India and many other places he came upon the teachings of Buddha, which gave him a sense of direction towards his search. He learned the teachings of Buddha which are termed 'sutras' or 'lotus sutras', and after meditation for 21 days he was blessed with  the white light , Reiki.

Getting this power in him he came back and healed beggars  for many years and then allowed them to return to the society to live by earning their living. To his utter disappointment, the beggars returned back to begging as this was much easier. hence from then he decided that never to give Reiki free of charge.

My personals experience too has been such with people transforming into harmonious beings with abundance flowing yet they fail to give credit to Reiki art, so as I began painting I too gave a few gifts of my paintings but soon realized that it goes to trash because free is never valued! So I cut them ,tear them, tearing sounds video, and the bits and pieces...I burn them, but I will never give them for free! Videos uploaded to remember the precious moments on The Red Pilgrim You Tube Channel.

Reiki is a way of life. It does not limit to those few minutes or sessions or periods of treatments. 

Thus came the Reiki principles for everyone to follow. There are five Reiki principles.

1) Just for today do not worry.

2) Just for today do not anger.

3) Honor your parents, teachers and elders.

4) Earn your living honestly.

5) Show attitude of gratitude to everyone.

These simple principles when followed are sure shot for success in this life and the next. Also healing the past karma  for the betterment of this life.

He started preaching and teaching Reiki to all those willing to learn. Lady Takata, an American women who had cancer started treatment from him and was healed. Her passion for Reiki made her learn this technique and she became a Grand Master in Reiki and spread this healing through out the rest of the world. Thus we thank all those involved in the learning and spreading of Reiki and this is a very important principle of any Reiki Master to thank all those for whom they are here.

This is a very universal energy healing method and irrespective of age, sex, religion anybody can have access to it. There is also no fear of over dose or under dose as the energy goes only to that place where required and only till that much time it is required.

Usually Reiki Teachers teach Reiki only to those who are very much interested in this. This is the actual process, where only the dedicated were handed over this ancient knowledge. But since some decades back it has become a fashion to attend Reiki seminars, but many of them have just treated it as a past time hobby, without respecting this energy, and hence are unaware of the healing they have got. A simple Reiki seminar is just for informative purposes. A teacher has to give attunements to the healer to become open to this energy life force. Only a Master can do this who has done Grand Master Degree.

How can Reiki be learnt?

There are basically three degrees in the whole process of learning Reiki.

The first degree involves the teacher teaching simple principles and exercises to open up the chakras of the student. This session on completion, the teacher guides the student to follow these principles and exercises daily for 21 days. When the teacher is convinced of the dedication and interest of the student , only then they are allowed to do the second degree. This is more difficult and requires strong will and focus. The student has to follow the exercises and chakras regime without fail. The opening of chakras is necessary for the student to become a pure , clean channel (these healers are termed as channels as they are just a medium of transferring energy from the universe to others).

Then comes the Reiki third degree where the teacher attunes symbols and guided student to use them effectively. These symbols increase the energy force many times and thus helps in healing faster. From then all healing sessions require the use of these symbols which the teacher makes the student learn by heart. As from then all healings will be done with the use of these symbols along with white light.

Then comes the Grand Master degree, very few reach here. Those interested in teaching Reiki have to do this degree. Here the Reiki Master learns to tap the potential of Ki energy. This is the energy that is latent in every individual. Exercises and attunements from the Grand Master makes the Reiki student a Grand Master, from here they can teach Reiki and pass on attunements to others.

Reiki in advanced form on a much higher level, also involves psychic surgery and aura cleansing, clearing of negativity, clearing of past karma,etc which will be discussed later.

As doing Reiki changed my life and I took to my soul calling of expressing myself  through painting. All the creative juices began to flow and paints became the most important things in my life Being alone became a habit and painting in silence my passion.Then came the thought of giving meaning and direction to these lines and I came upon symbols. Since then symbols have become a part of my life.

Why Reiki must never be given free? 

Reiki the universal life force brings out what is best for your soul. Most times it is not what we actually ask for or think we need. Reiki brings us to clarity about our soul journey and soul path. What the soul longs for and has come to life here to fulfill it must be achieved. Only then will it give you pure joy, peace and harmony a sort of positive flow in health, wealth, relationships, and abundance. 

And what happens, people ask for wealth first. they feel money will solve all their problems. But the soul feels the emptiness. Facing a life question? Reiki assisting healing arts meditation

What is essential is clarity. focus and actually a list of what you need and not what you want. This comes with pure trust to your Reiki healing artist and allowing the Universe to unfold its design for you. And not interfering or asking for your list but trusting to go with the flow of energy changes and accepting the love of the Universe. Many times when people buy my healing art they had come with different intentions and as the transformations begin gradually they start to get priorities straight and focus in life goals and they feel so blessed as Reiki directs then to the best of their higher purpose and not just a few things they asked for! 

Never give it free as people will not value it! As also I never give my Reiki art free because it may end up in dustbins or attics. What is free is never appreciated!

They do not want to be healed actually! 

yes, many people just keep complaining and never take action as they are managing with their problems and do not want to come out of them. The sickness or wealth lack is working in their favour and they may be telling everyone they want to be rich but they never take any opportunity coming by their way and are not willing to put in the effort and hard work required to achieve their goal. 

Sicknesses also are for them an excuse to draw attention and avoiding responsibility in personal and family matters. 

They do ask for healing but do not actually want to be healed. 

And if someone helps them with reiki they will not accept it and create a mental block to stop the energy flow. 

That is very important. to open the blocks to allow reiki energy to flow.

hence I never give reiki for free. Unless the person is committed and is willing to pay for it, only then are they directed. 

What does Reiki do to your life? How does Reiki work? 

As Reiki starts to work upon you, there will be immense changes in your life. perspective, actions, behavior and relationships, all will improve for better. there will be immense joy in your life and I do not promise life will become a bed of roses, but trust the Universe she will be by your side as  a true supporter and friend to shield you protect you and guide you for your best. A feel good factor actually, a Kundalini awakening! An unfolding of the soul lotus, a thousand petaled lotus!, 

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God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana/Your's The Red Pilgrim!



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