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Healthy Sexual Relationship Reiki

Sex is related to marital satisfaction and family happiness. Many couples face confusions regarding this energy and hence Reiki brings a understanding and good compatibility energy harmonizing love and caring between couples. Healthy sexual life starts first from self love and self healing. Reiki symbol Se He ki heals all emotional blocks and issues, Mai Yur ma gateway to soul symbol in Karuna Reiki ,very powerful symbol, opens the heart to give and receive love.

Healthy sexual Relationship Reiki art
Healthy sexual Relationship Reiki art

Healthy sexual relationship Reiki healing arts meditation video, short powered Reiki blessings for healthy sexual life. To activate the lower three chakras,Reiki healing arts meditation to promote healthy understanding loving sexually active relationship between married couples and partners. Special bonus energy at end for couples going through misunderstanding, confusion and difficulty in having healthy sexual relationship.

Physical and emotional well being and healthy sex is basic for experiencing joyful life.

Since all chakras are connected we not only heal the sexual chakra, swadishthana, but also bring to harmony all other chakras for complete happiness and success in life.

Thank you for connecting with my beautiful Reiki energy!

Your's The Red Pilgrim!

Reiki healing artist from India.

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