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Promote Health wellness understanding Chakras Balancing Sacred codes! prevent diseases Reiki

Wellness and complete healthy feeling, we all long for this. reading about chakra activations here explaining how every chakra influences your body and life , how you can activate each chakra, manifestations for complete health and wellness and thus prevent certain diseases having struggled with so much of migraine, leaky gut, pure empath, and personal emotional issues over the years. Make this a habit, spend some time daily and unfold the magical health! simple words, hope this helps you! Vaastu and Reiki symbols, Karuna Reiki, Seichem, Sekhem and energy work opened new energy channels easily. Sharing here sacred codes to heal each chakra. Write these on paper and place under pillow while sleeping or near bedside, write on body part, or your office room to continue the energy flow reminders.

Divine Balance Reiki symbol art in progress
Divine Balance Reiki symbol art in progress

There are many chakras ,we focus on main seven. we also have many minor and tiny chakras, our body is an energy power houses with such specific precise engineering that if we start to study we will be awestruck! So many people keep suffering health issues and even chronic diseases and so many also find it difficult to break the chains of karmic and self sabotaging beliefs and continue sufferings for full life. I wish they knew it is so easy to reorganize the chakras energy and activate beautiful health. I do not promise a life of total bliss, life would become boring is it was always an upward static curve, we need the low times too to experience the magic of joyful health and wellness.

I am not a qualified medical practitioner hence I cannot share about pathology or physiology of diseases. Nor do I claim reiki is a replacement for modern medicines but I assure you, with Reiki healing art, life will never be the same! Reiki healing arts Meditations help a lot especially myself being the visual type I need something physical in front to since my mind and focus. Hence my love for symbols!

1) I AM! Root chakra Mooladhara- all diseases related to lower part of body including leg pains and knee pans can be assisted with reiki healing. Basically put in simple words- energizes and balances all body. Here most important that you eat red coloured foods, try to add some red in your life (avoid too much red colour for high blood pressure and heart patients).

Think about disease from different perspective now.

Red coral gemstone
Red coral gemstone

whatever you are suffering from use this information. Located at base of spine you can do mild exercises available on Google search for health of this chakra and assistance from a professional Reiki master.

use mantra "Lam' to activate.

Sacred code 13 23 251

2) I FEEL! Sacral chakra Swadishthana-sexual chakra located just below your belly button. The power house, I am starting loving this orange colour, still much challenges in this field for me.

orange crystal
Orange crystal

For all diseases if you want to take the preventive approach activate this. You will notice many diseases stop emerging and even if they come the severity is reduced and you heal faster. Preventive health care for wellness =use energy of this chakra. Add orange in your life!

Use mantra "vam" to activate

Sacred code 54 28 131

3) I DO! Solar plexus, Manipura yellow and all related to stomach. All aches and pains. Fears, insecurities, hesitations. This is in fact a universal chakra to be activated for most diseases that show pain and aches. Leaky gut, constipation, rectal dys-functioning, intestine problems, digestive system issues and linked to feng shui and Vaastu too. I always say clutter free your space-home office ,mind and emotional clutter that you are carrying is affecting your health. Organize your environment and money mentality and see so many issues sort themselves.

Use mantra "ram".

Sacred code 80 03 011

4) I LOVE! Heart chakra Anahata green pink colour. Enhances health and well being. You have to focus on health in your life (even for wealth start with heathy being) begin with this chakra. Surround yourself with green plants and gemstones like rose quartz, my favorite, trust me this will never let you down!

Rose Quartz Ball
Rose Quartz Ball

Chakra Mantra "yam"

Sacred code 54 56 821

5) I SPEAK! Throat chakra Vishuddha, light blue colour. Reduces stress. mantra "ham"

Sacred code 77 74 089

6) I SEE! Third eye Ajna chakra, Indigo, Deep blue . Removal of energy blocks. mantra "om"

Sacred code 82 88 133

7) I KNOW! Crown chakra Sahasrara chakra Violet Deep purple. Increases energy and PERSONAL POWER ACTIVATION. mantra "ommmm".

Sacred code 10 01 688

Though I frankly share that all chakras need activation daily! we eat daily we breathe daily and for our body health we take this for granted. Your little efforts everyday can bring you feelings of complete health and wellness. I have more than 200 Reiki healing arts meditation videos' for specific intentions on You Tube Channel use these to begin the process of healing yourself for joyful healthy life full of abundance.

As I observe my love birds even they do the stretching's and flapping early morning to activate their body!!

Yellow pet budgie love bird
Yellow Love bird Goldie

Budgie love bird Honey Birdie eating biscuit
Budgie love bird Honey Birdie eating biscuit

Reiki healing paintings have combination energies of spiritual symbols sacred codes sigils and my pure intentions. Reiki symbol Divine Balance is absolutely beautiful use this with pure intentions and love to harmonize all chakras.

Enso green reiki healing art  displayed in modern decor
Enso green reiki healing art displayed in modern decor

Read this post and see where your diseases fall into priority of chakras. Pay more attention to those for faster results in health. Effects are not magical, you will be guided by Reiki to a healthier lifestyle gradually and you will see how the transformation happens ,for some ti takes months for some years but it does happen beautifully according to each ones soul lessons and soul journey karma.

Hope this post has been of some value to you! Thank you for reading!

Health and Wellness to you and Yours!!

Only those the Universe chooses.. find me!

The Red Pilgrim!

Professional Reiki healing artist since year 2000 dedicated towards spreading Reiki energy with the world through my spiritual symbol healing paintings. My original paintings are available for sale only from my website. Razarts



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