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Why do you have Teeth Throat Diseases? Reiki understanding

Why do you get teeth problems? Teeth problems , jaw bone diseases and aches and throat issues coming up is a sign that your body needs care in specific fields. Reiki energy and understanding of chakras brings to light that the mouth is a gateway to your connection to your world and the external world. You eat from your mouth and this involves teeth, you speak from your mouth and this indicates your communication bridge to the exterior world. Unless you speak you are unable to communicate your self and wishes and hence most emotional and physical chronic diseases are co related to not just physiology but also energy blocks in some chakras.

We see young children suffering from teeth problems and many have to let go of original teeth at very young age. Adolescents, teenagers too are now facing teeth problems. When you are having chronic tooth aches, tooth diseases, throat diseases understand this symbolism and why your body is reacting in such a way.

Basically people say mouth and oral hygiene is the reason. But the cause is deep rooted and the question arises why? when all are now aware of oral hygiene and we have the latest tooth pastes and mouth washes then why are teeth problems on a rise among many around the globe?

After reading a lot and studying different chakra energies and how they behave, teeth diseases are linked to chewing more than you can bite. By this I mean to say that the individual has taken a whole lot of activities, responsibilities and work which they are unable to handle easily. It simply also means that you need to eat your food slowly.

Throat diseases and especially cancer of mouth indicates what is it you are unable to swallow? as you hold paan, gutka or any food for longer and it affects your oral health, you understand what things are happening in your life that are against your will. Are you compromising too much? are you allowing others to control your life too much?

Remember we are all human beings and we all have our share of lows and highs. So we must stop judging others and start transforming our lives for better health and joyful lifestyle, reiki energy art assists you with this. I have personally experienced so much joy as you freely express your wants and needs, life also becomes easier for people surrounding you because most times your close ones really want to see you happy. If there are negative energy blocks from family members be assured Reiki transforms this to positive energy and if they are really not going to change reiki removes toxic people and toxic relationships from your life gradually. You will notice this.

Once you get tooth treatments you can begin afresh and maintain the health of your other teeth. Oral hygiene indicates that you care for your self and your body. Just like you eat, sleep, go to work, go for outings to feed your body and soul, here also it is a ritual of self acceptance and self love that will gradually erase all chronic tooth diseases from your life.

You need to spend that time with love as you brush your teeth twice, as you use mouth wash affirm that your teeth are sparkling and healthy. Your breath must smell fresh as this indicates health of your gut. Teeth diseases may also be linked to stomach problems and gut health.

Throat can show swelling, redness, tonsil stones which again is an indication of you not speaking out your mind comfortably and assertively.

So, if you have toothache think what is that extra load you are pushing yourself into? why are you eating so fast? help yourself with smaller portions of food and chew with love, you will notice your teeth becoming healthy following this Reiki lifestyle.

making specific intentions reiki symbol healing art
making specific intentions reiki symbol healing art

Earlier posts I have shared about Cancer, kidney stones and later will shared how hair fall, weight problems, aches and pains, fevers, spinal column symbolic causes etc can be handled by understanding symbolism and Reiki about your body energy. You will be surprised how your wrist pain has something totally different cause from energy reiki aspect view and your knee pain has so much to do about your behavior and beliefs rigidity! Specific intentions healing artworks do assist in helping you recover faster from any disease and health issues, be it physical or emotional.

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All the Best from Rizwana!

Professional Reiki healing artist since year 2000.



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