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Feng Shuii Mistakes in My Paintings/ worst Yin Yang feng shui paintings?Long informative post

Feng Shuii Mistakes in My Paintings! yes, my artworks, after the years of symbolism and feng shuii knowledge it was necessary to correct the mistakes done in my early years of making art. 

I had done those without any knowledge of symbols, feng shuii and how art has an effect on our mind and our life. Even the Tao symbol, the yin yang was painted wrongly!

How bad are the Feng shui paintings available online, especially the Yin and Yang paintings...I feel sad, of how limited knowledge and harmful commercial interests have made artists stoop very low and copy or make any painting and term it a feng shui painting. You search for a feng shui painting you get to see what?

incomplete flowers, landscapes with horses going in different directions, angry galloping horses, lovers walking with thunder stormy seas background, and these paintings are uploaded under the heading of feng shui paintings for sale. very cheap and low priced most of these are posters commercially printed from machines or print outs of the art. And people hang these as feng shui   paintings and wait to see results, in the end blame feng shuii for not showing any changes!

Sharing here About Yin yang paintings, such a beautiful Tao symbol, has been abused by artists without any knowledge of its energy. The Tao symbol Yin yang such a beautiful Feng Shuii and available everywhere, you hang this in wrong direction it will affect your relationships with everyone. 

The Yin yang has to be hung in proper direction as it will strongly influence your life and happiness. Having the Yang energy tip on above and the Yin facing down is the best way,  yet, every room will have its own purpose, soul and energy and will need to be carefully analyzed to understand the correct way to display symbols. The Yin is deep dark passive energy. If you have this up dominating your life, it will lead to submissive nature and less motivation to work and go more spiritual. We want to be healthy and in harmony with life and not lead a life of a monk! think about this! 

Yes, you cannot just choose any yin yang symbol. it reflects different energies. The Yin side is the passive feminine energy side and the Yang side up dominates the masculine active energy, so the way you hang the Yin yang symbol will bring in that type of energy in your space and life. The Yin pointing up will bring in quiet type of energy which may be good in bedroom where you need energy to rest and recharge, but imagine this type of energy in your career sector, more so shockingly if this is in your wealth sector and you wonder why life seems uphill!

Corrected the Yin yang symbol in this old painting Feng Shuii Ship of Prosperity So in case you are feeling dull, lifeless and struggling for being creative/wealth opportunities luck,  check out in your room the objects you have placed and the wall art hung there, I will have specific pointers for your energy leaks! 

Upcycled and made right the Feng Shuii of my old canvas framed painting. Yes, after the awakening the knowledge the opening up of the soul, old art seems empty, I had loved these and so precious that they have been all along side since the year 2000 taking prominent  place on my home walls. 

While I have repainted and retouched hundreds of art done on paper since the past nineteen years the framed paintings were only varnished. The colours faded they did ask for some love softly. 

When you learn to observe art closely you will hear each artwork speak to you. Do you know which Reiki symbol is used for Harmony? writing symbol video Male Female Balance 

The visual images soothing yet incomplete, was an incomplete Feng Shuii energy.

In China, Feng Shuii,  Chrysanthemums have immense symbolism. they are one from the four Gentlemen of luck. The others being Bamboo, Plum and Orchid. Chrysanthemums are beautiful and do not dry off faster hence they are symbolic of lasting energy of wishes,  spreading fragrance and beauty.

It had a single chrysanthemum and every time I viewed it it brought strange feelings. In Feng Shuii, bedroom always needs to have the energy in pairs. I had carried these since home shifting and the old paintings were made when I did not know much about Feng Shuii. Done in Year 2009. the Single chrysanthemum was painting in soothing tones of pinks.  Painted over, Chinese calligraphy of Double Happiness and the Pair of Opposite Cho Ku Rei's for complete protection and happiness. A Feng Shuii love and happiness painting is best hung in bedroom and the Feng Shuii relationships sector, southwest. 

Year 2019, upcycling, clutter clearing and painting frames of old artworks hanging in my home studio, making list of my artworks, numbering, them, and those who have followed my blog, deleting my Instagram and face book pages,  it called over and i listened!

There is another one Pure Souls That I took over with my symbols, making Gais's Blessings 365 days of Happiness. Prints available.

Here this painting is now Feng Shuid for complete happiness love and luck,

Chinese symbols were then too, this was done in year 2009. I actually began with writing Chinese symbols since year 2007.  But they were very few basic ones. then as symbols over took me, the whole world of symbols opened up.

Bring me back my butterfly

From Reiki symbols, to glyph, to fairy symbols, symbols of elves, ancient tribal symbols, aboriginal symbols, wiccan symbols..the rest is history as I continuously strive to read and find more on symbolism, power of symbols, and how to make the energy work, what can be observed on my website soul perk^up healing art as well as in You Tube videos on my channel The Red  Pilgrim

Ready to hang these Feng Shuii paintings are fresh and full of positive vibes!  

It is very very important to correct the Feng Shuii in your room and your art hanging there.

Art on your walls will and can change your life if you just knew how to use this energy for activating your life feng shuii!

Horse Paintings are Not working for you? your  Home, and why do some horse paintings not work the way you expect them to? Horse energy is the best and strongest one as in feng shui these are symbols of strength, speed, honour, success and positive energy. Horses love some spaces and when a good horse painting is hung here show great results fast here. In other places these horses in your paintings act in a bizzare fashion.

People share experiences like confusion, sudden job loss, more wealth going out of the home than coming in, arguments and tussles in the family, people talking bad behind you and many such not so good effects.  Sometimes these horse paintings are removed as last resort for the ill luck.

No hard feelings and with due respect to all artists who love to paint horses, the shapes, numbers and postures of horses in your paintings affects the energy they bring out.

A horse painting does not always bring good luck, if it is not painted correctly and not placed properly.

1) Horse is angry and in stamping posture and hung facing towards door.

2) Horse are abnormal and incomplete and in unreal colors.

3) Horses are alone.  Horse eyes look sad.

4) Horses are hung in at the end of a passage, dead end areas in home.

5) Horses are hung facing too many doors, so the energy coming is divided.

6) Horses are grazing on grass and eating up your wealth if placed in south east.

Buying horse paintings go in for simple ones and lay utmost importance on the expressions of the horse rather than the backgrounds as this is more important. Galloping Happy Horses always are safe and will never attract negative energy. 

Another very wrongly painted and used symbol 

The Mystic knot is a beautiful symbol from Tibetan Buddhism and in feng shui it has been proved to be one of the most effective in promoting harmony, love and happiness in the family. Seriously very harmful when incomplete or abnormal and hung out side the main door. 

Bedroom feng shui involves displaying symbols of dual energies, the Yin as well as the yang, only when there is a balance, does life go around smoothly for the married couple.

Most beautiful gifts for newly married couples would be to gift a healing feng shui painting along with best guidelines for displaying in the best locations to attract happiness and harmony in their new life.

Meaning of Mystic knot- Interesting symbol flowing from one starting point continuing with its energy and ending overlapping. the mystic knot also symbolizes a snake that eats its tail. 

Thus symbolizing reality of life and death a  cycle of life , birth and rebirth. One of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism this one is seen in many forms and art objects. From paintings to be displayed this Mystic knot symbol is seen in feng shui jewelry, gift articles, wind chimes, clothes prints as well as daily use objects with the image of the  symbol.

Mystic knot or unending knot as it is termed has immense chi, and helps to attract happiness , prosperity and peace in any space. This also can be used to attract harmony in office space by making the environment active, and energetic,  between employer and employees in harmony.

Displaying symbols is an important part of feng shui symbolism and the Mystic Knot is one powerful feng shui cure to heal relationships and attract great relations.

 How Do my Reiki Feng Shui Paintings Work?

1) The major problem in many homes is finances and space.

For some one trying for increasing finances cannot commit to major expenses of renovating their house that would go in lakhs of rupees and thousands of Dollars, so it is here that my  beautiful feng shui paintings work. They have all the required symbols for luck and balancing the required energy. Reiki flows to wherever it is needed and for the best of the art buyer.

2) Each painting that you like from my collections can be customized with the required lacking energy in your life. And all in all it is whole package of good luck. That is always done for each and every buyer. I meditate and always ask for assistance from my spirit guides, and this has always helped. Many times buyers themselves are not aware of their issues and simply think wealth will solve their problems-when actually relationships and support is their main issue. or getting married will solve their loneliness whereas self esteem and confidence is their energy lack. 

3) I always offer special guidance for best places for hanging the art. This is the miracle worker. Best place to hang feng shuii paintings will show you amazing results.

4) Space savers and money savers! Going Tiny with my healing art by end of 2019, following the Tiny homes revolution, I feel we must all help in saving the Earth and its resources by going tiny sustainable homes and big living principle.

it becomes difficult to add many feng shui cure objects and cures in any space as it will add to clutter in Tiny homes. Wall paintings take little space and act as great cures to attract luck and wealth. Big Dreams and Tiny Homes with tiny Art check this ebook on Amazon Kindle for sale. Power of symbols and power of wall art in Tiny homes. 

5) My Healing art , is not just a form of abstract art laid on canvas, it is though for in detail with each color each stroke made with the intention of healing. The research and study on Feng Shuii, reiki, symbols, power of wall art, energy transfer, distance Reiki healing, brain power, power of images, dreams fulfillment energies, for more than two decades has been added. 

6) Surrounding your self with my precious symbols gives the brain a continuous message of positivity and makes things happen. Repeating them, viewing affirmations, strong visual power with the flow of Reiki. View and experience live flow of energy in these one minute Reiki healing art meditations for anything in life on my You Tube Channel the Red Pilgrim.

7) Modern contemporary healing art blends well with modern decor and can be a great conversation piece! That is what i wanted to achieve! Blending with modern decor my healing paintings are a modern take on healing art. You can get a customized painting made according to your room and decor colours, I will do the best to infuse the best energy symbols in the art for your wish fulfillment. 

Need guidance to understand feng shuii in your paintings?  hidden meanings and symbolism in paintings? what type of energy does your art emit? comment below, share images of paintings on my email for complete analysis. 

 Thank you for coming by The Red Pilgrim's Soul Perk^Up Healing Art!

Your's the Red Pilgrim!



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