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Feng Huang Bird Painting Mystical Feng Shui Queen of Birds Mythology Symbolism

FengHuang is a bird from Chinese mythology,a combination of male and female this is the head Queen of Birds that rules feng shuii. Most powerful symbolism the bird brings immense goodluck prosperity and success. Associated with fire and air it brings immense family blessings.

Nobility, loyalty, beauty, majesty are some characteristics associated with this beautiful bird. Fenghuang only appears in places that are blessed with peace prosperity happiness. It has the power of renewal rebirth. It is said to be originated from the sun.

The bird has been seen in Korean Japanese mythology as well as emblems and textile patterns, gift items decorations.

The Fenghuang represents six celestial bodies. a symbol of virtue, harmony and prosperity. You will often see the decorations in Chinese ceremonies festivals with this beautiful colourful bird.

In Chinese mythology the bird is said to have lived in the Kunlan mountains ,located in western China. It is considered very auspicious because it is said to be immortal. Not going through the cycle of birth and death.

According to mystical stories and legends the bird Fenghuang was born out of fire. Male phoenix was called Feng and female was called Huang. Most ancient texts refer to the fenghuang as female form. It is often referred as Quenn of Birds. This is said to have lived for thousand years before bursting into flames and being reborn from ashes. Legend has it that the bird only blesses pious individuals. It has the ability to judge character and bestow blessings on the honorable kind. It has immense transformational powers with mystical energy. It lands only for the chosen few.

Traditionally The Fenghuang contains five fundamental colours. Black, white, red, yellow, blue.

In traditions it is paired with dragons which are considered male energy. Explaining details-the head is made of beak of rooster, the face of swallow, the forehead of fowl, the neck of snake, the breast of goose, the back of tortoise, the hind quarters of a stag, and tail of fish. It is also seen as head of golden pheasant, body of mandarin duck, tail of peacock, legs of crane,mouth of parrot and wings of swallow.

Celestial symbolism- Body symbolism-head is the sky, eyes are sun, back is moon, wings are wind, feet are earth, tail is the planets.

The inspiration came over for the collage that has base of Chinese Reiki symbols of Goodluck. The large size black card board as base ,I took white papers to paint individually small combined symbols with use of golden and black acrylic paints. Paint dripping technique brought out a beautiful white infinity. Then emerged this beautiful bird. Contemporary modern Fenguang!

This is one of my earlier artworks, year 2011 abstract bird painting Abstract bird.

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