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The Phoenix Amar Pakshi Mystery Symbolism and Uses in Art Wish Fulfillment Bird!

Wishes have wings, literally! Wish granting bird paintings have been used to visualize and fulfill your dreams since ages by feng shui artists’. Amar Pakshi, Phoenix bird!

Feng shuii Birds Parakeet painting available for sale
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Healing art can help to attract good luck, wealth prosperity and in fact just about anything your wish as your life dream or goal.

Wish fulfillment birds are symbolic of heaven luck brings in all that can be filled up in your life empty spaces to complete this and bring your life in harmony. Healing Paintings that represent goals and dreams , ambitions, can help the viewer to visualize , each day , every time they view and also helps them to remember their life goals. This results in bringing about a change in their thinking and psyche and thus attracts more such things in life. If you visualize a healing of relationships this energy works towards this aspect of your life.

If you are not seeing any success in business or job or having difficult in keeping your job stable healing paintings can help to stabilize your life and attract beneficial energies into your life. Wish fulfillment bird paintings are the best to achieve and attract all that you require in your life to attract opportunities, confidence, harmonious relationships, mentor luck and success.

Then Reiki symbols bird paintings with their pure beauty and energy focus energy to the point where it is required. Symbols to attract happiness, good health, peace, success, fame, wealth, prosperity and in general total good luck. The most beautiful celestial feng shuii bird, The Phoenix- Absolutely magical bird, the belief still continues since ancient times, that whatever situation you are this heavenly bird will assist you to rise, if you give it love and respect!

I am so humbled by here presence and blessings, falling in love with this beautiful celestial creature The Phoenix. Rising from the ashes the mystical bird assists you in mysterious magical ways. Love her! she gives back manifolds! As I write this with getting goose pimples, the pulsating energy of Phoenix, so beautiful and strong. Once you get her blessings you will see that heaven assists you in any time. It is truly said in ancient lore that however much hardships come the Phoenix , Amar pakshi known in Hindi language, will come to your rescue. Even the most difficult debts, loans, business failures and complete destruction can rise with her assistance. in China and Japan the traditional culture with feng shuii is every home has her displayed with love. the kings used to have her and now also the Phoenix bird is displayed with lost of love and respect with the belief that it will not let the family get into hardships debts and any troubles, and even if they come she will rise to assist and protect giving you strength and help as mentors in your life to heal these energy lacks.

In ancient lore when there would be attacks and wars destroying complete villages the Kings had the special Golden Phoenix birds which gave them immense mystical powers and strength. Of course controlling their Chi and persona energy mediations and exercises were a daily ritual amongst them. The birds with their symbolism would be visible to only a rare few after lots of dedication. Cities, countries would rise from ashes to their original beauty and grace.

The Phoenix birds sculptures and paintings are displayed in every home and in pairs or single as you feel. Two sides protection birds can ward off evil eye, misfortune and bad luck from entering that space. Displaying the Phoenix bird painting as office table art will bring in protective energies and mentor luck. (Feng shuii office Table art displayed You Tube Video)

The ones who have dreams of foreign travel, foreign business collaborations and success in career abroad also can attract such beneficial energies by getting in the right educational institution, helpful guidance from mentors and good opportunities abroad. The feng shui sector for career and foreign travel is a combination of north, north west , south west ,south , south east. Thus one single feng shui cure will not show you immediate results as will a complete healing painting that will have loads of energy , all in the best combinations!

Birds attract so so so much, if you knew every home would have a Reiki feng shuii bird painting!

Hanging bird paintings correctly is also very important aspect of seeing results from art. And then what else is seen in the painting will directly influence the results too. If the landscape is barren with birds flying then it may not show you any results with people luck. If you see eagles and hawks only in the painting or vultures, remember people in your lives will eat up your wealth and opportunities. Now imagine incomplete abstract birds that have one wing or broken pieces of birds, they will bring incomplete energy and rather confusing energy in your life.

Now about where to hang bird painting? North and Northwest are best as birds love vast sky and fly soar high, so will you. Direction of display_ see that the birds in painting are flying towards your home or office and not away out. Especially be very careful with displaying birds paintings near entrance.

the red pilgrim tearing art
Gone through the inner turmoil's the journey within

tearing more.... and the process continues with me obsessively painting!

Phoenix birds are not just for wealth or work job luck. They assist you with your wish fulfillment. Be clear with your intentions and then be open to receive what the Universe brings for you with open heart! Do share your experiences if you have displayed the Phoenix painting and if it worked for you, or if it did not work for you! I will surely guide you!

I have to say the Phoenix does assist in mysterious mystical ways! Thank you Thank You Thank You!

All the Best from Rizwana!

Your's The Red Pilgrim! Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading hope beauty joy to the world , redesigning lives with art, Reiki symbol healing art!

All Paintings and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved including making prints © 2000-2020 Rizwana A.Mundewadi Do not copy for fear of karma!



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