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About my Reiki Cats Paintings and Maneki Neko Colour of Cats symbolism

In Japanese and Chinese culture Feng Shuii the Maneki Neko cat , the beckoning cat of good fortune is considered very very auspicious. How did cat enter my life? we have relatives with pet cats, Persian cats furry cute ones but personally I have pet birds only. Recently with a pet cat lost of a dear friend I started connecting sending Reiki energy to find the cat. Then as I opened up to the energy flow, cats came with their immense love spiritually enriching my life with their mystical energies. That's how i merged and felt the pure energy flow, the protection, the guidance and then it poured in my paintings. I have a limited collection of creative eight cat paintings. spiritual celestial birds and animal paintings collection.

Each beckoning cat has different strengths and attributes. Favourite Cat is the Maneki Neko and we see these white cat idols in every home and shop with its hand moving up and down welcoming luck and good fortune.

Hanging the Lucky cat painting at entrances brings prosperity to the owner as well as those who enter the shop restaurant or home.

The Japanese God of cats is Baneko, the one who has changed into a yokai. Supernatural cat, according to ancient history.

The Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility rides in a chariot pulled by two Black colour cats. In southern France, black cats are called “money cats” since they are reported to enrich their caregivers. English sailors chose black cats as their ships' mousers since the color black was said to bring especially good luck. Belief also about putting a cat in a empty cradle of newly weds to attract baby luck soon.

Best place to hang the painting- South east of your home or office. Do not hang in front of shut doors or dead ends of home. Give them happy space where you view them frequently to experience this magical love and gratitude.

Black creative Reiki cat painting in progress

White cats also are auspicious and bring good fortune. Hence the Maneki neko idols are painted white.

Cats are very good pets because of their highly sensitive nature. They are clean and do not mingle with everyone and anyone.

Reiki lucky cat painting in progress
Reiki Lucky Cat painting in progress

They sense negative energies and warn the owners. So in a way you keep your home fresh clean and energy harmonious for your cats which in turn also affects your family health happiness and blessings come your way.

Two paws raised is auspicious, one for wealth and one for good luck.

Raised paws attract energy and activate the space.

Colours of cats-

White good fortune and prosperity.

Black-protection ward off evil eye and bad karma effects.

Red cats- good for health.

Yellow, brown and gold cats for wealth.

Creative black reiki cat painting displayed
Creative Black Reiki cat painting displayed

Pink,light peachy colour cats attract love and romance energy.

Creative cats- doodles and creative cat paintings bring creative energy and are good for creative professionals. Children benefit immensely from Reiki cat paintings, and no maintenance once you frame and hang these.

Reiki activated cat paintings are beautiful arty creative cat paintings. You can also gift these unique creative Reiki cat paintings on any occasions and spread joy to the receiver.

Thank you very much for coming by Razarts!

All the Best from

Rizwana! Yours The Red Pilgrim!

Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading Reiki with the world through my Reiki symbols healing paintings!!



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