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Everyone Has Cancer! Eye opener post

Cancer has been spreading so fast that daily we hear deaths and surgeries due to cancer. You will be shocked that everyone has cancer! very important information to prevent cancer in your life and also break generational Cancer curse with Reiki . If you already have cancer this will also guide you to improved quality of life with Reiki energy meditations, try it, free on YouTube Channel the Red Pilgrim.

Not even young children are left behind and from what earlier used to be heard only in older generations now globally cancer has spread fast virally and in all age groups and genders. We used to see that people eating too much beetle leaf, chewing tobacco, smoking excessively or taking drugs and alcohol were affected with cancer. This is not true for today. Some times there seems to be no reason for cancer coming up in one's life. then we are forced to think why? here is our lifestyles, the abundance as a curse, karmic reasons , so many things comes in our mind. Reasons being unhealthy lifestyles, being away from sunlight, sedentary lifestyle, abundance, loss of social contacts except digitally, stress, unhealthy choices of foods and weak religious beliefs. Use of disposable aluminum materials too is one of the serious reasons for cancer spread, use of preservatives in food items.

There may develop cysts, nodules, tumors that may or may not be malignant. Every person also has some cancer cells in their body. The problems comes up when immunity is compromised that these few cells take over the body parts, spread multiply fast and affect organs. Most breast cancer lumps detected fast can be completely or 99% cured by doing biopsy. The lump is removed for testing, short procedure of one day hospital visit and if it is found non cancerous then nothing needs to be done. If there are active cells of cancer and the cyst or tumor is malignant then chemotherapy sessions are started with guidance of your oncologist. Starting fast and acting fast helps prevent spread of cancer in other body parts. there are stages of cancer, early detection leads to faster healing and prevent spreading of cancer to further stages like 2,3, 4. Fourth stage Cancer is most dangerous and it means cancer has affected spread to most parts of body, yet there is hope. There is always hope. Combination therapies of strong chemotherapy radiations, ayurvedic medicines, Reiki healing, personal energy meditations, healthy diet can bring back the cancer warrior to lead a better improved quality of life and enjoy a long life span.

Cancer awareness is very much necessary to eradicate cancer.

It has been noticed that Cancer continues in families and it seems as if it is a generational curse as members keep dying from Cancer. Nowadays with latest treatment options and even the most recent hormones' therapy, and the pill has been discovered, people are taking treatments and any stage of cancer and are getting better leading a better quality of life, as a blessing.

To prevent the cancer cells from spreading one needs to be alert on first signs of lump in breast or any tumour cyst coming up on body.

Avoid too much radiations exposure with choosing healthy lifestyle. Food choice and follow eco friendly options recycling options. Have a very strong family's support systems which will work wonders in any time of crises, be it any life problem or any serious disease like cancer. Most problems can be faced with having a good support system. Healing also takes quick start when there are people by your side and having intentions to heal assist in your life journey with the disease and healing. You can cry and live or live a fulfilled life of gratitude, its up to you as life does go by.. time never stops...The cancer cells need to be communicated with lots of gratitude that they have come to teach you life lessons of self care and request them to leave your body gently with peace. They gave you the lesson and they cannot make your body as host and live permanently, talk to them. Cancer Affirmations in cancer really help.

As I read a little understood that every body has some cancer cells. It is only when these take over our healthy cells and start multiplying fast that we see cancer disease affecting body organs. Immunity strong then you will never see any symptoms of cancer but when you are stressed, weak eating lifestyle, no emotional support system, then any external force takes over, like cancer, Covid, or any mental disease. Hence I keep sharing heal yourself, you mind body spirt and lead a joyful life where you do not seek, you attract all the good things in life.

And when you meet a cancer patient, survivor, warrior ,hero, pray to the Universe that you got lucky and didn't emerge with the disease, pray for the cancer warriors strength faster healing and less of side effects during treatment, pray they get healed faster from their cancer. Always allow positive affirmations of health in your life. One second of prayer, for every health disease patient you see or hear about, imagine how fast together we can eradicate so many diseases. When you visit a hospital pray for everyone. When you visit a graveyard pray for everyone, there maybe some who are never remembered or blessed upon ..when you pay charity bless even those who are suffering ambulance siren sound and passing by is a signal from the universe so that you pray for that person and yourself be in mode of gratitude thanking for your good health and your family members relatives good health as you are saved from the hospital trip.. trust me it is really important and this works wonders.

Treatment also varies from stage to stage but nowadays it is possible to cure cancer and prevent recurrence . Only wishful thinking does not work here as Cancer is a very very powerful disease and need strong energy to burn these cells, destroy them and prevent from spreading. Hence the radiation therapy is essential chemotherapy.

There are also a lot of misconceptions about cancer treatments. Many sided effects of chemo can be controlled with other pathies and herbal medicines also practicing healing on energy level and karmic as well as emotional level.

If you have cancer or a family's member cancer hero, or going through first signs of cancer, please do share I would assist with Distance Reiki and customized Reiki healing symbol painting, these are made with my years of extensive researching and reading about symbols effects, numbers, sigils, codes and specific intention ancient symbols, I follow my guides in choosing combinations and make according to your best benefit. to bring the Universe by your side in this challenging stage of your life journey. Trust the process and be open to receiving, the Universe always wants to see us happy!

Much Gratitude and Thank you for your time reading this post.

Your's The Red Pilgrim

Professional Reiki healing artist from India practicing since year 2000.



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