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Art as a Healing Force Understand Healing in Art! Does art heal? 3 Feng Shuii warnings with choosing

What is healing art? Does art heal?

Never gave this another thought , we buy paintings to decorate our homes and offices, there is so much power in your wall art, if you knew this it would blow our mind!! From all genres of art people find landscapes the most universally accepted pieces of art, A landscape  painting helps one to connect to the place, the scene and colours in the landscape creating a mood and taking us back to the beautiful places in the landscape. Landscapes thus heal by bringing a positive energy.

The first question does art heal? yes, art has been healing us since thousands of years and still continues to do so. Not just a object of display paintings have been connecting to out heart soul and thus bringing about healing. Why do people sit and stare at the Mark Rothko artworks and sit for hours, cry, feel mesmerized, feel drawn to them , why? it is the healing power of art.

When we see colours in abstract paintings, beautiful vibrant colours make us feel attracted to the art, some love bright colours whereas some fall in love with beautiful serene hues of colours. Colourists use colour to express emotions and every colour has its own effects on the viewers mind and psyche, thus art heals by colours.

Colours, especially bold colours have a  very strong impact on our emotions. 

There are some who love figures and portraits as this helps them to visualize and connect better to the piece of art. Portraits changes our moods, brings a connection in the figure and also helps one to enter another moment of emotions, sense and thought processes with  the image made by the artists. When a portrait painting or figurative painting brings about a happy change, and peaceful energy or emotion art is healing. We all know how people love their favorite pet paintings and portraits of kings and queens still are an important part of ancient history and appreciated by the world. 

Most of my earlier works were more geometric and abstracts and on understanding them I could relate them to spiritual geometry, spiritual cubism. The shapes of circles , squares and triangles used to fascinate me and still do. I still cherish the works. As doing Reiki changed my life and I took to my soul calling of expressing myself  through painting. All the creative juices began to flow and paints became the most important things in my life Being alone became a habit and painting in silence my passion.

Geometric shapes cubism paintings attract some who love the sacredness in shapes. The whole world can be represented by various shapes and each object thing or individual corresponds to a particular shape, be it a circle, square or rectangle or triangle. Shapes are also powerful tools in feng shui as they correspond to images for attracting energy for every elements. While a circle represents metal the energy of fire is represented by t he shape of triangle. If colorful shapes give you happiness and you are attracted to such art, Cubism art is healing

I always wondered about abstracts and how people were confused in understanding them.

Hence I felt to go in the direction of partial abstracts and not total abstracts. Here the viewer can relate to the painting in a much better manner and also understand it. I feel any painting must be self explanatory and must not need any explanation by the artist. Lines were my favorite and I did many line drawings. Then came the thought of giving meaning and direction to these lines and I came upon symbols. Since then symbols have become a part of my life. In this video writing Chinese symbol Profitable thoughts making Feng shui art for business luck/ art for office.

The Chinese characters which I love because of their simplicity and a vast meaning of single characters. Each character can express a whole lot more than even what a sentence can do.  I am not restricted to any religious symbols and use symbols that have a universal appeal.  By using symbols my paintings have an individual identity and name The meanings of symbols are viewed differently by different viewers according to their individual experiences in their life. But all of them are positive and always lead to a better harmony.

Symbols are a beautiful way to add power to your walls. The intention of the healing artist are of course there, you connect to the art with your own past experiences, emotions and soul connections.  itself is an energy that will take you places, to the right places where you connect to the soul loving art. Soul longings are feelings of emptiness that we have no words to describe. 

Art heals beautifully if chosen correctly and hung in the right place.

For me symbols always have, I do not say life is all good and a bed of roses but if you have the chance to return something to the world why not give back happiness and prosperity  good luck . What goes out comes back to you!  It will help you be a better individual with a glowing and healthy aura.

Art can be used as a strong healing force for the benefit of everyone, everything and every place.

Three Feng Shuii warnings with choosing wall art-

1) Choosing only colours abstract see that there are no formations of negative images, like a horror face, a dried landscape, or a deformed human being. very bad effects on your mind and life. The Scream by Edvard Munch is best hung in an art gallery!

2) In geometric cubism paintings avoid deformed faces and incomplete homes. We do love cubism, and with due respect to the Father of Cubism, Picasso, here with Feng Shuii we cannot hang deformed or abnormal figures paintings. Over time it will have a bad effect on the psyche of the viewer. 

3) Buying cheap art prints of famous paintings does not elevate the Feng shuii of your home. Instead if you buy original art from artist it will share more healing energy. It can be any painting of your choice, be it a figurative, landscape or bird, or galloping horses painting, choose what connects to your soul and then buy it. Just going with the trend and buying a cheaper version or art print of famous dead artists will not bring any energy to your space. 

Wall art is not just a frame to add up to your decor. It is so much more. You are going to view the paintings day in and day out every day. You will view my art for years, generations. Art on your walls need to be carefully chosen. Does art work in magical ways? try it, it works!!

Thank You for coming by  Razarts!

What do you feel when you view the painting on your wall? do share!

Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

Your's The Red Pilgrim!



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