The Bold Yang! The Best Yin Yang Pair! Fantastic Tao symbol modern minimalist Reiki calligraphy art for love and Joy. Two modern minimlaist artwroks for contemporary Decor Rooms and especially bedrooms for the bold pair! 

There was the inspiration for achieving perfect harmony as I painted perfect neutrals. The complete collection then I did The Zentastic Pair.  Perfect Neutrals,  The Zentastic Pair, Pink Interlinked, Soul Mates,  yet the Tao symbol kept calling by and then now in July 2020 painted the Beautiful energy symbol, precious Yin Yang with its black and white energy flowing mesmerizing and bringing change while holding the harmony. 

There is the boldness of stark simplicity and the glam quotient with the popping pink hand made card paper. A combination of healing energies for love harmony and success. The aim to bring out the best in the Pair! The Best Couple! The Best Yin Yang! The Bold Yin Yang!

Two Reiki Healing Modern Tao Symbol Paintings done simultaneously. The artwork was not done in one sitting. It took time as the base was ready and then I  went with the flow and the symbol may not be perfect circle but it is full of Joy!

I drew the image but I find it difficult to follow lines, the artwork always has its own soul as it flows, so actually there is no use of planning or making sketches! Yet most artworks have a base of sketch. Free hand Tao symbol painting. Size 11.4x14.5 inches each. Acrylic on Paper and Hand made pink coloured card paper. Year 2020. Will be sold with its pair only. The Bold Yin. Price mentioned is for both artworks without frame.
Thank you for Understanding! Additional images of the art displayed in bedroom is just for representative purpose to show how the pair looks on wall together. 

Thank you for coming by Razarts!

Love Light and Joy! yours The Red Pilgrim!
Dedicated since year 2000 towards spreading Love health wealth and joy to the world with my Reiki symbol healing paintings!

The Bold Yang! Best Couple! Tao symbol modern Reiki healing artwork

SKU: 02593-02594
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  • Title-The Bold Yin! 

               The Bold Yang!

    Artist-Rizwana A.Mundewadi

    Size - 11.4x14.5 inches , 11.4x14.5 Inches

    Materials-  Acrylic on Drawing paper and Hand made card paper

    Year-    2020.

    Style-  Minimalism, Symbolism, Spiritual, Healing

    Status-  Available


    ID.No.  –02593-02594

All Paintings and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved including making prints © Rizwana A.Mundewadi

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Thane, Maharashtra, India.

*Disclaimer- Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere efforts. Reiki healing art is not a replacement to modern medicine.. 

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