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Freedom Precious Cubism Painting Year 2000

Freedom Precious Cubism Painting Year 2000


One of my Best artworks, very precious since this was displayed in an exhibition in year 2000. Rare artwork. Ready to hang painting.

it all began with lines! Freedom, varnished and framed in acrylic is slightly less on one side and not a complete rectangle. Oil paint on canvas, Size is 23x36.5 inches. Year 2000. Framed in Acrylic frame,this artworks is varnished and ready to hang. Extra images are details close up of this painting.

An emotionally precious pair, had to let go of Possessions in year 2021, This painting has been displayed in an group exhibition in the year 2000, Kamal Nayan Bajaj Art Gallery, one of the prestigious art galleries in Mumbai, Maharashtra, first entry to the art world... abstract cubism spiritual artwork, with use of serene symbolic colors , shapes representing symbolism . A very beautiful colour , soothing, great for white walls for impressionable statement art. Here I began the journey of painting abstracts, layer by layer as the beauty emerges hiding some forms and making some come forward.The dominating color orange and green lines have the base of many geometric forms which are covered by the soothing serene lines.Spirituality expressed in the smoothness and serenity of the power of overcoming the ego and desires to a stage of enlightenment.The whole expression and experience was spiritual, innocent, raw, I loved this, lines and lines, shapes, and they emerged as such beautiful forms. The concept behind this was the spiritual pathway towards enlightenment, freedom, A more minimalist life, a more lighter feeling, and an awakened life. This painting- Colour scheme is warm, going with the colors of the Indian flag as also in "Freedom" orange, green, turquoise, french ultramarine blue. Shapes, little did I know the immense symbolism that has unfurled over the years, this was an innocent expression, but the old precious paintings still emit loads of positivity and spiritual energy as they hang in my personal space.

All the Best from Rizwana!

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