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Sophistication! Modern Spiritual cubism

Sophistication! Modern Spiritual cubism

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Abstract sacred geometry cubism painting, a symbolic artwork representing various colours along with the signature French Ultramarine blue!my favourite color, royal colour blue as the prominent color the many colorful lines seem to communicate so much .

A large sized, 21x30 Inches, spiritual abstract painting done on oil sketch paper. Year 2011. Artwork is signed and numbered and comes with Authenticity certificate signed by me. Price mentioned is for the artwork without frame. Shipping is free.
I loved doing this spiritual cubism abstract painting as the size is big and oil sketch paper has always been my favorite medium using oil paints.(done especially for an art competition Emirates Skywards Future Artists Programme).
A very good feng shui painting for the living room or office especially for the north section to invite career, money and business luck.Healing painting connecting to the crown and third eye chakra with the spiritual colours ultramarine blue and all chakra colours.
The work itself speaks volumes.
I wish to make simple colorful understandable symbolic art, art that heals.

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